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From the minute that Jenny accepts the Hagen baby sitting job she knows she has made a terrible mistake First there is the dark and gloomy Hagen house filling her with dread and horror Then the crank phone calls start When she finds a threatening note in her bag she realizes that this isn't a harmless game

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI recently found out that a whole bunch of old YA books from the 80s and 90s are available for free on Kindle Unlimited Since I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription I thought Why not revisit some of these old gems and review them as an adult?RL Stine is basically the Stephen King of the grade school set For kids he wrote about monsters For teens he wrote all kinds of thrillers involving murder THE BABYSITTER is one of the books he did for Scholastic's Point Horror line It's about a girl named Jenny who gets hired to be a babysitter for an adorable little boy named Donny But soon she starts getting creepy notes and phone calls from a man who calls her Babes and tells her company's comingWho is this stranger? And what do they want?Unfortunately this book wasn't very fun for me because I knew who the bad guy was from the literal beginning I think I might have actually read this before but I didn't actually remember this book until a line at the end that made me go Oh wait I think part of the problem is that there really aren't that many characters in this book so the red herring doesn't workAlso the formatting for this book isn't great Paragraphs bleed out across multiple lines There are many typos Donny's name becomes Denny at one point Oops It's like when you write your final paper the night before it's due and you're hungover and then you wake up the next morning and realize you did an utterly crap job and also your spacing is all off That's what this editing is likeRL Stine churned these out like machinery so he's much hit or miss than some of the authors who seemed to put time in their work He wrote some really good books but he also wrote a lot of really terrible ones Sadly this is one of the latter and I'm not impressedPS Jenny Jeffers might be one of the whitest names I've ever heard15 to 2 stars

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    Cool reading HAZARDOUS JOBS It wasn't what I was expecting since I thought that it would be a slasher story and instead it resulted in a mystery talebut that wasn't something bad at allI thought that it would something like the movie When a Stranger Calls and since it was my first book of the Point Horror line I wasn't sure if this one would be bloodier than Goosebumps but since the book was by RL Stine I think that it was just what I should expectclever with good ambiance and one heck of entertainingSometimes readers are unfair with books or a book series since some of them have a clear style and it you take this book expecting to be something like It or The Shinning and later they gave it a negative rating well I think that it's unfair since maybe the book isn't that bad it was just that they picked the wrong book for their particular interest on reading in that momentFor me this was a very good reading since I was looking for something uick to read and with good narrativeand kept me guessing who was the villain and even fooled me So it was just what I was looking for even if it wasn't exactly what I thought firstSo if you decide to take such hazardous job like baby sitting at least you can bet that in a novel TV series or movie it won't be a simple work follow the ruleslock the doorsdon't invite friends over even less boygirlfriendsdon't answer the phoneBwa ha ha ha

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    Welcome to my horror gateway book It turns out I was an even bigger scaredy cat as a kid than I thought I was This book absolutely terrified me so much so that when the phone rang at night for months afterwards I’d hear in my head “Company’s coming” If you’re unfamiliar with this book here are the basics Jenny has a new babysitting gig for a family she’s only just met Their house should be featured on a renovation show The kid Jenny is babysitting who looks angelic has interests that range from watching Ghostbusters awesome choice kid to scaring the babysitter There’s a weird neighbour hanging around threatening phone calls and a babysitter with a big imagination who is fearing the worst Oh and let’s not forget the newspaper headline THIRD BABYSITTER ATTACK HAS POLICE ON ALERT This read was a fun trip down memory lane but the things that scared me as a child seem silly now I could have sworn that Jenny answered at least another dozen creepy phone calls and I don’t remember it being so obvious who the big bad was Note to my kid self When you’re only introduced to a few male characters it kinda narrows the field of potential male baddies I think as a kid I assumed the bad guy was going to be a stranger because it was the 80’s and we were Stranger Danger all the way It never occurred to me that you could actually know a villain so RL Stine probably didn’t even need to include any red herrings to fool meJenny who I can only assume failed Horror 101 does what all good potential victims do when they hear a strange noise in the house “Who’s there?” For most of the book Jenny lets her imagination run wild gets scared and second guesses pretty much everything She waits for the final act when she probably should be paying attention to let her guard down 80’s Nostalgia Bonus Points🎧 Jenny has a Walkman Cassettes Those were the days I loved my Walkman so much even after I learned that other people could hear me sing while I was using it⏰ Laura Jenny’s friend wears a Swatch one of the coolest accessories of my childhood📸 Flashcubes are mentioned in a description I haven’t thought of those in years It could be my memory deceiving me but I’m almost positive I got a minor burn from one of thoseI probably should apologise to you in advance There are three books in this series I own them all and I just realised that Jenny is in every single one of them I wonder if she invests in an answering machine Please don’t tell me she thinks it’s a good idea to babysit again “Hello? Anyone there?” Blog

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    Jenny finds Donny Hagen about to fall in the water fountain at the mall Mom Dad no where in sight When they do finally find Donny Jenny hanging out they offer her a babysitting job No uestions ask Also babysitters have been getting attacked But Jenny takes the job Almost immediately she starts getting threatening calls encounters a weird neighbor and spaced out like you would never believe There’s no way I’d trust spacey Jenny to watch a child She only makes 1 smart decision in the whole book She annoyed so much that’s why I gave this only 2 stars

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    Jenny starts her new job babysitting Donny but with a Babysitter attacker being reported in the news it makes her even nervous on her first dayStine really has fun with the jump scares here most of the cliffhangers are weakly resolved but that’s the fun part with these booksAll the classic tropes are used with creepy anonymous phone calls a cat jumping out at Jenny and the obnoxious young boyI really enjoyed revisiting this one

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    175Jenny was very annoying and I wouldn't trust her to watch a kid Constantly imaging things that aren't there and panicking at every little thing She also made no sense like sure let's make out with the guy we think is stalking us That makes perfect sense I liked Chuck after awhile anyway at first he was obnoxious and couldn't understand when to uit he was kind of adorable being shy and a class clown to cover up the shy ness The thing with Willers at the end also kind of bugged me but I can't say why for spoilers And it was very predictable

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    1755 starsI did not like the female lead at all She just panics for every single thing even before she gets the creepy phone calls Also who in this world kisses someone who they think is stalking and trying to scare them?? Oo Makes no senseThe story is messy and overall not realistic but still it was bearable since it's a uick read

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    This is such a throwback read I remember I used to read these books while babysitting I'd get so worked up and freaked out I'd practically run home I never said I was a smart teenager 😂I love that Stine makes everyone look shady as feck aside from the person who ends up being the bad guy

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    I found the books in this mini series for cheap at Half Price and decided to read them now that I have all of them This was just an 'ok' RL Stine book It was creepy but nowhere near the best I've read I actually liked the cast of characters Jenny was a fun main character and I liked how she was always so paranoid about things going on It reminded me of myself since I have an overactive imagination The little boy Donny that she babysat was meh He got on my nerves a bit and made me remember why I never wanted to watch other people's kids I had a love hate relationship with Chuck At times he was cute and I felt bad that Jenny was being mean and rejecting him Then there were times where I wanted to punch him in the face for being obnoxious and I didn't blame Jenny for getting irritated at himThe buildup of suspense with the creepy phonecalls and stuff was really good but the ending was what killed it for me I just didn't like it much and I felt kind of let down I wish that there would have been of an explanation about view spoilerThe Hagans backstory what exactly happened to their baby hide spoiler

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    This has got to be the most famous of the Point Horror titles and I'm amazed it hasn't been made into a movie yet Come on at least even a made for TV movie Stine creates a likable lead in Jenny Jeffers who starts a babysitting job around the same time as babysitters are being attacked A lot of the scares Jenny creates for herself as she has an overactive imagination But there is a strange neighbour creeping around and she is receiving scary phone calls which are really uite sinister Stine doesn't waste any words on unnecessary extraneous details as the suspense builds slowly but surely to a tense climax making this still today one of the best YA psychological thrillers out there