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What would you get if you mixed SEX AND THE CITY with AMERICAN PIE This hilarious and cute book.I ve just stayed up half the night to read a book, and even though my eyes feel like they ve been rubbed with sandpaper, I don t regret a second of it THE BEST LAID PLANS made me giggle, grin, blush, and snicker like the awkward teen I used to be Keely, Andrew and the gang are charming and real, and bursting with hormones and convictions about life, as teens usually are.Speaking of Andrew I usually prefer the hate to love trope but Lund might ve swayed me into the friends to lovers trope Okay, sway is a weak word I now need to find friends to lovers books Recommendations I loved THE BEST LAID PLANS and urge you to one click it Intended for older teens. I read a sneak peek of this on BookishFirst a couple days ago, and it is legitimately all that I can think about now Every time I pick up another book I stop and think, I wonder what happens with Keely and Co Which honestly isn t so bad, because it releases in 3 months But it s also the worst, because I have zero patience skills and now I HAVE TO WAIT 3 MONTHS Anyway If anyone from Razorbill Penguin Teen wants to enable an impatient person by giving her an advanced copy for review, then I would be very happy to remain impatient for life.Thank you, and let s skip FebruaryMarch, bye. High School Senior Keely Collins Takes On Firsts, Lasts, And Everything In Between In This Sweet, Sex Positive Rom Com For Fans Of Meg Cabot And Jenny HanIt Seemed Like A Good Plan At FirstWhen The Only Other Virgin In Her Group Of Friends Loses It At Keely S Own Eighteenth Birthday Party, She S Inspired To Take Things Into Her Own Hands She Wants To Have That Experience Too Well, Not Exactly Like That But With Someone She Trusts And Actually Likes , So She S Going To Need To Find The Guy, And Fast Problem Is, She S Known All The Boys In Her Small High School Forever, And It S Kinda Hard To Be Into A Guy When You Watched Him Eat Crayons In Kindergarten So She Can T Believe Her Luck When She Meets A Ridiculously Hot New Guy Named Dean Not Only Does He Look Like He S Fallen Out Of A Classic Movie Poster, But He Drives A Motorcycle, Flirts With Ease, And Might Actually Be Into HerBut Dean S Already In College, And Keely Is Convinced He Ll Drop Her If He Finds Out How Inexperienced She Is That S When She Talks Herself Into A New Plan Her Lifelong Best Friend, Andrew, Would Never Hurt Or Betray Her, And He S Clearly Been With Enough Girls That He Can Show Her The Ropes Before She Goes All The Way With Dean Of Course, The Plan Only Works If Andrew And Keely Stay Friends Just Friends So Things Are About To Get ComplicatedCameron Lund S Delightful Debut Is A Hilarious And Heartfelt Story Of First Loves, First Friends, And First Times And How Making Them Your Own Is All That Really Matters This has huge potential to be the biggest mess but I shall remain hopeful. He can t know you re a virgin because then he ll think of you as only a virgin Suddenly that s what it ll be about He ll just want to take it Your virginity won t be yours, it ll be his Guys are experts at making everything about them.The misogyny in this book was huge Like the whole book was just men and women hating women And to top it off there was so much slut shaming and bullying The only reason it got a two star was because the drama was delicious and Danielle was a true villain She was everyone s antagonist, she didn t discriminate She was awful to everyone And I loved the vegan parents The main character Keely and Andrew were frustrating And even though I found their relationship to be sweet and cute I needed of that I didn t feel like they really loved each other because I never got to see that Maybe the side drama with all the gazillion high school friends took up too much part of the story I don t know I just wanted of them together I wanted those sweet times cemented so I could be sure of their love As it stands their relationships was very toxic and full of intentional hurt with intentional lies I don t care why they lied, they lied I just needed cute. This is a funny, cute and really enjoyable book I loved this book than a pizza It is perfect for all YA romance lovers It is a book we want to read again and again and every time it is as amusing as it was the first time All the characters are lovable and so relatable I was a little nostalgic and was remembering my high school days while reading it We all had such a group of friends and classmates in high school.This book is about Keely who is a high school student and her best friends are Andrew and Hannah The senior year in high school is all about stepping into adulthood We envy our classmates and are a little conscious of ourselves I could relate to Keely and I loved her innocence She is so much like me when I was in high school Andrew is such a wonderful friend and person and Hannah is Keely s support system The story was wonderful and all in all, it was a great read I will definitely recommend this book if you like YA romance I could fly through it and it exceeds my expectations. 18 year old Keely, a high school senior, is determined to lose her virginity before heading to college in the fall After meeting Dean, a college guy, she is determined than ever But, will he still be interested in her after he finds out she s a virgin To calm her fears, she decides that maybe she should sleep with her lifelong best friend, Andrew, first Sounds like a solid plan, right I m sure nothing will go wrong or will it Find out in this fun, sweet, and entertaining Young Adult romanceLove is when your weirdness matches up with someone else s weirdness This was a bittersweet read for me since it looks like my high school senior son will not be going back to school this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic As much as I enjoyed the characters antics, it also was sad for me knowing that he might not have a prom, end of year senior activities, an honors awards night or even a graduation But please don t let that stop you from reading this rollicking, romantic debut about first love Location Prescott, VermontI received an advance copy of this book from BookishFirst All opinions are my own. Love is when your weirdness matches up with someone else s weirdness When you re comfortable being exactly you 4.5 stars Well this turned out to be an adorable, heartwarming story that had me grinning like a fool I absolutely loved the mature YA feel and how it addressed sex I feel like too often YA books shy away from it but I really thought this one did a great job of making it realistic and relatable even at 29 I went in telling myself I d just read a couple chapters and the next thing I know I m 100pgs from finishing It was such an easy book to devour It was playful and sweet.Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes but it s been a while since I ve read one and this one was perfect It had all the angsty, butterflies feelings I was definitely frustrated with them both at times but in a understandable way I loved Keely and Andrew s friendship This definitely felt very highschool at times but not really in a bad way The overall plot was one I ve read and watched before in movies but yet it still felt special and different It was also super cute how pizza played apart in this story and definitely made me crave some Overall, I absolutely adored this sweet story of friendship and first loves It s definitely one I d recommend if you enjoy a mature YA romance with all the wonderful friends to lovers vibesThank you so much to penguin teen for this gifted copy in exchange for my unbiased opinion The quotes mentioned did come from an uncorrected proof Who among us hasn t asked our best friend to take our virginity so the cute boy we ve been making out with won t run away when he learns we re a virgin I had the pleasure of reading an early edition of this book and I m so glad that I did This is one of the best rom coms that I ve read in a long time It s funny when it wants to be, cover your eyes cringey in the best possible way at times, and really thoughtful about the way we talk about sex virginity relationships This should be required reading for sex ed classes after they finish showing all the STD slides Moreover, Lund completely nails Keely Collins voice our 18 yr old MC in a way that doesn t sound like a parent parroting kids speak or retrofitting older characters into YA Keely is 18, with 18 yr old problems I love this book than pizza, it should be on everyone s 2020 TBR PS This is a niche pet peeve of mine, but the party scenes are also super accurate, not the Project X style stuff that always seems to spring up YA I liked this But also, it was lowkey questionable I read this book in one day In a couple of hours if I m honest I started in the late afternoon and between washing dishes, drying my unmanageable hair, and making diner, I finished at 1am.I didn t even feel the time flying by The book is quick and easy to read, with decent writing and likable characters And yet, I never felt truly engrossed in the story.I also had a lot of problems with the way that virginity and sex, in general, are discussed.In case the title and the synopsis weren t clue enough, this book is about one girl s journey to get laid She believes that she s the only virgin left in her senior class and this is an issue that she needs to immediately rectify So, what better way to get rid of her pesky virginity than by losing it to her hot, college junior coworker, Dean Simple plot Pretty straight forward Pretty problematic, I think.In this book, being a virgin is like having a disease That s actually a quote in the book being a virgin in college is like having a disease It s something that Keely wants to get rid of because she feels that she must, and that point of view isn t changed or even really challenged.This is a YA novel and I think that we need to remember what Young Adult really means, and who the target audience really is In the back of the ARC I got it says, Ages 14 up Why is it ok to tell 14 year old girls, or any girl in general, that they can t possibly be a virgin by the time you graduate high school because that s just not cool If you want to be a virgin, be a virgin Sex is not a rite of passage nor something that should do, just to get it out of the way so you like a good life.And yes, in the end, we find out that Keely isn t the only virgin in her class, but that doesn t really change Keely s ultimate goal, it only changes who she wants to lose it to.I don t want it to seem like I m against Keely having sex I m not Although, this book probably lowkey does There is so much slut shaming in this sex positive novel And the worst part, the shaming is mostly done by other women All the guys in this book were horrible people And what pisses me off is that none of them face any consequences for their actions People either let their actions slide or their mistakes are inconsequentially forgiven They were all oblivious, sexist jerks All except for Andrew of course, because he was a love interest Which brings me to the romance.I didn t like Dean But it s ok, he wasn t meant to be too likable so let s not talk about him This isn t really a spoiler because we ve all read YA contemporaries, we know how this goes Let s talk about the best friend, Andrew.They were good friends and had great chemistry But like, was it me, or did they never act like they were in love I believed their friendship 100% Their romance Questionable at best.I would have wanted of their interactions and seeing them slowly come to terms with their emotions.All of that said I really enjoyed reading this book It was pretty cute and kinda funny and very easy to read I liked Keely and her friends I also surprisingly really liked Danielle, who was a mean and horrible friend, but still strangely likable Overall, I liked this book I flew through it I am definitely looking forward to whatever the author decides to publish next.Follow Me Here Too My Blog Twitter Bloglovin Instagram Tumblr Pinterest