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Another great book about Epcot, and this one has the benefit of being extremely recent, published in 2011 The author definitely comes across as being an old school EPCOT Center fan, as evidenced by the 30 pages dedicated to Horizons, a now non existent ride However there s a lot to learn about the various pavilions at Epcot in this book with trivia to satisfy both the vintage and new school Epcot folks.I just wish the author had given this book to a few friends to proof read There are tons of typos, which can become really grating after awhile. A good and informative look at Epcot If you re a fan of Disney World and Epcot, you will likely enjoy this It reveals lots of details and information about the park and its attractions that many visitors even frequent visitors are probably not aware of.The author s bias shows prominently in some chapters For example, his chapter on Horizons goes into extensive almost excruciating detail about the attraction, while other attractions get a quick cursory description That may be due to the amount of information that s available about the attractions, but it seemed to me that it was to do with the author s personal tastes Note that there s absolutely nothing wrong about this, but it does result in a somewhat uneven picture of the park.I would have liked to have seen an overview of each major portion of the park Future World and World Showcase that explained the original design intent of each and how the development of each either held up or abandoned that intent over time and I think the author would definitely have an opinion on this The book would have benefited from some additional editorial work, as there are several odd or grammatically incorrect sentences throughout the book, and slight changes in the organization of the content would probably help the book flow better.These comments aside, I enjoyed this book, and would like to eventually add a physical copy of this to my collection of Disney books. The Epcot Explorer S Encyclopedia Serves As A Loving Tell All Look Into The Most Magical And Magnificent Theme Park In Existence From The Minutiae Of Future World To The Farthest Reaches Of World Showcase This Guide Covers It All In Intimate Detail No Stone Is Left Unturned, And No Legacy Tile Left Unmocked With A Little Bit Of Wit And A Whole Lot Of Heart You Ll Be Led Through The Splendorific Sprawl Of The Most Endearing Monument To Humanity That Has Ever Been Created Highlights Include A History Of Each Pavilion And The Forces That Shaped Its Existence Or The End Thereof Insight Into The Inner Workings Of The Park What Makes It Tick And Why Things Happen The Way They Do A Scene By Scene Analysis Of Horizons, Quite Possibly The Most Beloved Attraction In The Company S History And All Of The World Disney World Resort These past few months we ve been seeing and self published books by fans and Cast Members about the creation of all things Disney From in depth looks at the creation of Walt Disney World to memoirs about years spent working for the Mouse, there is a Disney book for everyone nowadays.One such recent release is The Epcot Explorer s Encyclopedia by R A Pedersen I ve been following the book s progress on Pedersen s Twitter account for the past few months, and now here it is, a book unlike any other, probably the most in depth guide to Epcot that you will ever find.One of its main selling points is right in the title it s an encyclopedia, and that is the best way to describe this book Actually, that s not entirely true The author coined the phrase epcyclopedia to refer to his book, and I want to kick myself for not coming up with that clever moniker first.Jeff ExplainsThe Epcyclopedia is is not a book to help guide you through EPCOT it s an intense history lesson about everything in that park, divided into chapters, one for each attraction and pavilion The first two thirds of the book covers Future World, past and present, while the final third is about the World Showcase.Each section on Future World deals with its various subjects quite well Pedersen provides a fairly in depth history about each pavilion, including a scene by scene breakdown of almost all of the attractions Based on intense research and various blueprints and construction plans for each ride, Pedersen takes us through each attraction as a sort of written ride through, commenting on each scene and offering historical facts and trivia.Where applicable, multiple ride descriptions are provided for the various updates and upgrades done over the years This proves true also for such famous lost attractions such as Horizons and World of Motion There is a heavy dose of nostalgia in the book, and the author has a clear love for the EPCOT of yesteryear, which is not a surprise considering the amount of time and detail he spends on the various attractions.The sections on the World Showcase are very similar to those of Future World, though truncated I would have liked to have seen a little details in the World Showcase chapters, as it is my favorite part of the park These chapters, unfortunately, are significantly shorter than the Future World chapters, and some are only two or three pages long, not really long enough to provide than an overview of the pavilion.I m not sure if the information just wasn t readily available or not as heavily researched as the sections on Future World However, Pederson does his best to give a bit of history for each pavilion, including a recount of the trials and tribulations of their creation.Jeff CautionsI mentioned that calling itself an encyclopedia was a good selling point, but it can also be a bit of a downer At certain points, the book reads like an encyclopedia Some of the information presented is a bit heavy, and may only appeal to hardcore EPCOT historians.Unlike other books on the history of the parks, this is not presented as a story, but as a fact book Casual Disney fans looking for a breezy read may be a bit put off, but Disney aficionados will appreciate the attention to detail.A major nitpick I had is not with the information presented, but is one that applies to a lot of self published books There were quite a few spelling and grammatical errors, some of which made me have to go back and re read sentences before I understood what was being said The book would have benefited greatly from having a second set of eyes, or an editor, give it a once over When the information being presented is this fact heavy, spelling and grammatical errors make it harder to read and understand It shouldn t put you off from reading it, though, as the information it contains is worth the effort.Jeff ConcludesOverall, I definitely recommend the book Though it s not without its flaws, it is still a good read for those looking to learn about what EPCOT used to be and currently is Again, while it may not be the best for the casual fan, if you re reading this website, chances are you will enjoy the book and the information presented.Review originally posted at Watch out for the copious amounts of grammar errors in this one This is what happens when you self publish a book with little outside help Pederson got particularly lazy towards the end That said, I need to quit reading things with Encyclopedia in the title and thinking that they will be interesting This book spells out every little detail of Epcot Which is great, but it s not really the juicy factoids you are hoping for It s how each ride works at Epcot, and each past and present incarnation of each ride and pavilion of World Showcase Come to think of it, I was going to write a Disney related book, and you re not supposed to give away the trade secrets of how the rides work even if it is an old incarnation of the ride, I would presume Anyway, that s on Pederson This book took me longer than I would have hoped to get through, so I am happy to be done Epcot is actually my least favorite park, but in my overzealous excitement at heading to Disney I scooped up every Disney related book I could find I m happy to move on to interesting things Suffice it to say If you reallyyyyy love Epcot, you will surely find something to like about this book Otherwise it will read like a rather clinical examination of Walt s greatest dream The imagination ain t found here. An enjoyable trip down memory lane, especially for those of us who had the opportunity to see Epcot during its glory days But this book is perhaps better suited for readers newer to the park, wondering how things have gotten to be the way they are I very much appreciated the conversational tone of Pederson s writing Reading felt a bit like reminiscing with a friend about the good old days It was that quality that was was lacking from Walt and the Promise of Progress City However, as other reviewers have pointed out, there is an abundance of typos in this book enough to make one question if there was even a proof reader Also, I would have preferred the book include less description of the park in its past and current configurations, and commentary, behind the scenes info, etc While the descriptions are good for jogging one s memory about how things used to be, I was really hoping for some insight into what made Epcot so special when it opened and why it has faltered in the past decade.For those with nostalgia for Epcot s early days, I highly recommend you check out Martin s tribute videos on some of its extinct attractions Also, for a Horizon s fans, Mesa Verde Times is an absolute must. Solid 4 starsGreat history of Epcot and the rides and attractions of the past Well edited and presented, will read again before my next journey to Epcot I will also look for any other WDW books from the author.The reason it s not a five star book is that it really needs diagrams, photos, and illustrations I couldn t quite follow in some areas where the author was referring to and I ve been to Epcot yearly for the past four years, plus 3 trips between 1986 2000 At least give a general overview of the entire park with the names past and present on it so the reader can visualize where the past attractions were.If the author updates the book, I will certainly check it out. As a huge fan of EPCOT I was really looking forward to reading this book I was a little worried it would read like a text book but instead it was fun and fast moving and very interesting I already knew a lot of the information but I did learn a lot, especially on how EPCOT was supposed to be when it was designed and first built and how things ended up and changed over the years The chapter on Horizons was the best part, that ride was always a favorite of mine I highly recommend for anyone who is a Disney fan sOne thing I felt was missing was some of the entertainment over the years such as the Tapestry of Nations Tapestry of Dreams Parade Also I remember as a child seeing daytime entertainment on the water in World Showcase, I would have liked to hear about that. I m a big Epcot fan Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book The very detailed information about each pavilion was truly fascinating, and if I were to rate on that alone this would get 5 stars I am very impressed with the amount of research that must have gone into this However, there were a couple of things that irked me about the book 1 The typos tons of them and lack of editing proofreading Hopefully this will be corrected in the next edition, because it was majorly distracting.2 The book has encyclopedia in the title, but it s far from a neutral accounting There were strong opinions expressed in certain sections the finales of Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy, for example , which felt inappropriate for this kind of book, even when I agreed with the sentiment Free Dreamfinder 3 No pictures I m assuming this was a matter of copyright royalties, but it is odd to have a book like this without even a drawing let alone a photo As a fan, I could mentally picture just about everything discussed, but it would be very hard for someone less familiar to follow along.4 This one is very minor no mention of the Coral Reef restaurant Every other eatery in the park, even the carts, got at least a name drop The omission stood out, especially since it s such a fun restaurant 5 Also relatively minor the Pepper s ghost effect was mentioned about four times, but never explained I know what it is, but most people even Disney people probably don t.So that reads as a laundry list of complaints, but I do want to say again how impressed I was with the actual factual content of the book I did learn lots of new trivia, and overall I m glad I read it. This was an engaging but now rather dated book Although being a dated book with old facts from before many redos of many of the attractions on both the Future World and World Showcase sides, having myself be an enthusiastic reader of all things Disney Parks, this book definitely was very informative for me From the last time I was there, this book talked about many of the things I did and didn t know about the park But again, it s last update was in 2010 and it s now 9 years old How about change the details to include only the last 2 most recent updates to the rides, and if the rides portrayed in the book haven t existed since a date oh, let s say ten years ago perhaps it s time to scrub these chapters If I hadn t know any better from having been on two rides Horizons and World of Motion , I could have been a reader that hadn t been around and known about this Perhaps you could even add some addendums to cover this but stick to the updated chapters of the updates at Epcot.The author s what seemed like research only explanations were very vivid in places, and the fact that he gave information about the parking lot and Epcot loop road around the interior of the park, made this book all that informative to me.Perhaps if this author ever chooses to write books about any of the other Disney Parks, I might buy those too, myself However, get this book updated pronto