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Elizabeth has a new job at an unusual library a lending library of objects not books In a secret room in the basement lies the Grimm Collection That's where the librarians lock away powerful items straight out of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales; seven league boots a table that produces a feast at the blink of an eye Snow White's stepmother's sinister mirror that talks in riddlesWhen the magical objects start to disappear Elizabeth embarks on a dangerous uest to catch the thief before she can be accused of the crime or captured by the thiefPolly Shulman has created a contemporary fantasy with a fascinating setting and premise starring an ordinary girl whose after school job is far from ordinary and leads to a world of excitement romance and magical intrigue

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    I really wanted to love this book very attractive premise But I found the writing surprisingly unpolished like they skipped all the editorial passes and went straight to production The characters flat to begin with became increasing frustrating making stupid choices clearly only to twist the plot into a hackneyed shape The pacing was odd as well in the second half of the book where the action scenes felt rushed and ambient interludes were emphasized I wanted this book to be about the wonder and magic of fairytales but the fairytale aspect was just a sidenote here it was almost exclusively about the materialistilism for magical objects The kids never wonder about the Brothers Grimm and seem to have only a passing knowledgeinterest in their work beyond the dancing princesses tale that weirdly comes up a bunch even though it isn't related to the plot There were a few cool ideas and interesting images here but they didn't connect together enough to add real depth

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    MsShulman totally gets fairy tale readers When I finised this book I thought; Now why didn't I think of that? Elizabeth at the moment is friendless Her best friend has moved to California and she is still trying to get accustomed to her new home situation new stepmother and two step sisters who thankfully are at a college now Things start to shift when Elizabeth decides to do her paper in history over the Grimm fairy tales Elizabeth's history teacher gives her a recommendation to work at a library But she will find out this is not like any library she has ever been to in this library you can check out magical objects which of course opens up a whole can of troubleWhile working at the library she gets to meet the other pages Anjali beautiful and nice Marc star athlete and super good looking and Andrew serious caring and funny The pages with the help of some younger siblings will have to solve the mystery of the missing objects in the library They find out soon enough that to find lost magic you have to use magic Suffice to say it's beyond interesting to see how they pull this offI really REALLY had the deep need to be able to read the entire book I had to turn it in the next day and I read up till the last minute so I could feed the need to know what happened I am so glad I did There were a few fairy tales mentioned in the story that I never heard of and it's always a plus to find out something you didn't know about The one thing I enjoyed the most other than the idea of the library was the dynamic between the characters It's uncertain but still heart warming If you are looking for an original idea this is it The only reason why I docked off a star was because I would have liked to have seen how Elizabeth's homelife developed I will definitely read of this author's writingOk so can anybody give me any idea how to get this job? Seriously

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    I can't resist books like this The thought of a library that has magical objects you can actually borrow is amazing I've always liked Fairytales though probably not as much as Elizabeth so the title is what really caught my attention We find Elizabeth in a rut She has no friends at her new school and all she does at home is chores and homework So when she is given the opportunity for a job after school at an unusual library she takes it with optimism And this new job of hers leads Elizabeth through a mystery that reuires her and her friends to borrow a lot of magical objects in order to save the day The Grimm Legacy was imaginative exciting and funny The beginning is a bit slow because Elizabeth is just starting her job so she is confused about what she has to do and acutely curious about the all mysterious Grimm collection Conseuently she keeps asking uestion after uestion and some of them didn't seem all that necessary I was very impatient to get to the part where she sees the Grimm collection The romance is kind of woven in a roundabout way It slightly annoyed me that Elizabeth kept mentioning how great her new friend Anjali looked and how the two guys where fawning over her Sounded a tiny bit jealous but I'm glad that Elizabeth holds no malice She is a very kind hearted character; she has to be or else she probably wouldn't have gotten the job in the first place One thing is I couldn't get enough of was all the magical objects that the characters got to use I was kind of jealous myself

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    I was pretty sure I'd go 4 stars on this one but finally had to go 3 I mean I know it's a YA book I know that the protagonists are young but there's something that when it shows up in a read that simply drives me crazyHave you ever seen that TV commercial where the voice over says When you're in a horror movie you make really bad decisions The people are arguing about what to do Should they hide in the attic hide in the cellar??? Then one if them says why can't we get in the running car? and the guy says Are you crazy? Let's hide behind the chainsawsThere comes a time about halfway into this novel where the kids They're 17 but act younger make that kind of decisionsover and over and overThe book begins very slowly but some of you may love it because what we're doing is learning in great detail about the New York Circulating Material Repository It takes a great deal of time to get into the actual fantasy of the bookI was a bit tired but the story finally kicked in only to have Elizabeth and her friends frustrate me no end by making choices somewhat like deciding to run across the uicksand instead of taking a pathAll that said not a bad book and I mostly enjoyed it There's lots of whimsey in the ideas and the book will work well for a wide range of youthsso enjoy

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    Such a cool idea There's a repository half museum half library where you can check out everything from Marie Antoinette's wig to the shoes belonging to the Twelve Dancing Princesses Special students are referred by their teachers to be pages at the repository and there the fun begins Sort of I had a hard time getting into this book because even though it was in first person I didn't really connect with Elizabeth the main character We aren't privy to a lot of her thoughts and feelings and she is easily baffled by the motives of others I honestly couldn't tell if the other pages liked her or were being mean to her for most of the book The story was interesting the action rolled along everything was great but I just didn't feel for the characters as deeply as I should have Still it's a very fun book and I think fans of Percy Jackson and The Sisters Grimm will really like this as well

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    I really liked Enthusiasm and was so pleased to get an ARC of Ms Shulman's next book It exceeded my expectations there's humor some romance fairy tales and folklore Acts of Bravery and best of all librarians seriously librariansElizabeth is a semi Cinderella wicked stepsisters are in college and they're really annoying than wicked doing chores and trying to fit in at her new school When the opportunity arises for her to work as a page at the New York Circulating Material Repository she takes it and that's when the adventures begin Forget the magical aura of some of the objects this is a pretty neat place to work filled with pneumatic tubes with which reuests are sent to the stacks and objects sent to the Main Examining RoomAnd then there are the special collections which I won't describe because of the whole spoiler issue The adventure Elizabeth goes on her relationships with Anjali Marc Aaron Jaya and Doc Rust and the overall feel of this book make me think this has potential for next year's awards ARC provided by publisher

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    This is a very original and magical story I have always loved fairy tales of all kinds and I don't think I'll ever grow out of it Maybe it's a girl thing Either way I don't care because I had so much fun reading this book Yes I felt that I literally had funuick Overview Elizabeth Rew hasn't been doing too hot lately Her best friend has moved away and she hasn't made any friends at her new school Things seem to be finally going in the right direction though After a referral from her social studies teacher Elizabeth gets a job working as a page for the New York Circulating Material Repository Yeah big mouthful The repository is a sort of library but not really They lend out objects as common as fondue pots to Marie Antoinette’s wig Elizabeth seems to be making friends with the other pages despite the secrecy surrounding the dungeonbasement that stores the Grimm Collection where magical items from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales are kept safe As it turns out items are being stolen from the Grimm Collection and Elizabeth and the other pages are on a mission to figure out who’s behind it all But there's no knowing who to trustFirst off let me just say that I really want that job Can they please hire me? I'll make the commute Which is like 6 states away but who's counting Why does everything have to be in New York? This is a genuine peeve of mine but completely beside the point Moving on I found that I really liked Elizabeth despite the fact she stole my dream job She is a normal everyday girl She isn't destined to save the repository she just does what she thinks is right None of the characters or plot elements feels cliché or forced I also really appreciated the fact that Elizabeth isn't dumbed down for the sake of practicality When she finds out about the magical things in the Grimm Collection she doesn't take a moronically long time to resist and then come to the realization that magic actually exists Major points right there All that said though I did take off a star for a reason The beginning was a little slow A lot of the elements of the story that we already know don't show up until you’re a good deal into the book Like the theft of the Grimm objects doesn't really become a focus until almost halfway through the book It was also hard to know just how old the characters were I'm guessing they were in high school but you aren't told which was mostly confusing because they sound younger or mature at timesI still had fun reading the story and I'm pretty sure that my younger self would've totally fallen in love with this book For now though I'll just have to settle with falling in genuine like with this story Although I really like the cover Just saying It got me seriously thinking about what I would use as a deposit if I ever got to check anything out of the Grimm Collection Would definitely recommend to anyone that has a thing for fairy tales

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    There is something rather grand about finding a new good book to read And it is always disappointing to discover that the new good book isn't all that good The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman was wonderfully writen for the most part The dialogue was weak in a few areas and the plot was too slow in some spots and too fast in others but these issues were easily forgotten as I continued reading But as is inevitable in modern teen lit the author decided that her charming story couldn't go on without at least one reference to sex Or two Are teenagers really that low? Can we truly not read anything without needing a titillating reference to birds and bees? Are we as brainless as that? Why can we not enjoy a beautifully crafted innocent exciting story without some sort of adult theme dragged in unnecessarily? We deserve credit I would have sincerely enjoyed this book if the author had not decided randomly shock her audience with risue images The charm of her modern fairy tale uickly spun into yet another steamy teen romance I must admit I am uite frustrated with the whole Young Adult genre in general; having condescending adults shove tripe down my throat does not appeal to me in the least Would I write this book off as a failure? No The author truly has talent and her story in general was enjoyable Unfortunately she saw fit to include two or three scenes which completely drew attention away from the plot and toward a relationship that was infatuation than true romance It would have merited a four or five star rating from me if not for this tiresome cliche plot device being yet again dredged up by Shulman

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    Up until a minute ago this was marked as Never finished but I decided to give it another try Lets see how that goesThis is going back to Never Finished

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    This book was in no way a bad book but it wasn't altogether great either At times I really thought I liked it and then there were others when it fell to okay Overall I would give it about a 27 stars because at times I was intriguedIf I had to give this book a one word description I would say cheesy I could think of others as well but right now cheesy comes to mind The book is about a girl named Elizabeth who writes a paper over the Brothers Grimm and is recommended a job at a rather special repository which if you don't know what that is like me is just a library for objects where people can check things out Only this repository is special for it has magical objects that can be borrowed Now when I first saw the pretty amazing cover and read the title The Grimm Legacy I was hooked immediately I know it's going to be about magic and it just looks like a great book The only problem is I don't think the book lived up to its potential in the slightest With an idea where you can have magical items being introduced into the real world fairy tales coming alive or any number of strange occurences the plot of this book is simply that some of the objects are going missing And the number one suspect is a giant bird Yeah I expected this to be a magical story full of things you expect in fantasy but instead I was given a book about completely ordinary things with a tiny amount of magic being a part of it I just don't feel that the magical aspect of this book was utilized as it could have been There are far too few instances where the magical items are even used Mentioned? Yes The plot of the book? Sure But really used shown and described? Not really At one point a magical table is used to make food And I think that was the height of the magical uses Besides my overall disappointment over the lack of magic this was still a good book albeit a little cheesy The book has kids in love with each other jealousy betrayal and such that are in many books I don't want to say the book was bad but I can't completely say it was great It was just under utilized If that makes any sense I think this book had amazing potential and instead it went down a conventional path that really could have been told without magic completely with only a few minor changes But there still wasnt a moment where I wanted to completely stop reading because it wasn't good enough I never got to the I can't put this down moment we all as readers look for in a book but it was a good book that simply made me feel that it could have been so much If you are considering reading this book or not definitely read it You won't hate it and it is a good read Just don't expect from the book than it is A book about an average girl who is working for a repository with magical items that has recently had thefts and she teams up with some friends to try and save the day