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Another chilling thriller from master of horror RL Stine creator of Fear Street and the Cheerleaders seriesHe wants a ride She wants a thrill So in spite of her best friend's arguments Christina stops to pick up the handsome hitchhiker He's everything she thought he'd be And Much much Enough to thrill Christina and Terri to death

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    During a long drive back to Florida friends Christina and Terri decided to pick up young good looking hitchhiker James to liven up the journeyBut during a rest stop they witness James short temper and with news reports of a murderer on the lose have the girls made a massive mistake by allowing James to travel with them?I really liked the horror mystery as Stine really has fun with laying plenty of twists throughout the story The three main characters were all interestingly written the girls had a real spirit of adventure and it was really hard to trust JamesStine always likes to throw in a twist ending and this one completely had me fooled

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    More 'twisty' than the average Stine though I picked the twist early on or did I read this one as a teen?Anyway it should be a 3 star but I'm giving it an extra for the gory ending and the view spoiler PIRANHAS hide spoiler

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    35 Well that very twisty Also made me have to go back and think on what I thought I knew that turned out to be wrong Fucked with my mind

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    Well Bob got me This one is about the dangers of hitchhiking Christina and Teri pick up James He’s running from something but Christina is such a sucker for this bad boy Teri isn’t on board with any of this James decides that instead of staying with his cousin the girls were supposed to drop him off there he’s going back to Cleveland with them They are in Florida there is some twist and surprises in this one that I didn’t even suspect It’s a fun nostalgic read and a good reminder not to to pick up strangers

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    For an RL Stine this is a good one—up to the point at which it absolutely jumps the shark or a smaller ferocious version of one I read this for our podcast Teenage Scream which dissects the best and worst of 90s Teen Horrorhttpssoundcloudcomteenagescream

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    I'm not really an RL Stine fan I was never crazily into the Goosebumps series or Fear Street and the few I tried to read seemed boring and repetitive to me I expected the same when I started this book but wow was I surprised or what I loved the story and was surprised at various points throughout the book A great read

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    35I LOVED these and the Fear Street books growing up I still have them and thought I would reread some of them and maybe start some of the ones I never got to Rereading this one it’s so cheesy but the twists and turns are so fun you just can’t be so judgmental with it

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    In this story Christina and Terry are on their way home from Florida They have a long drive that neither girl is particularly happy to be on To spice things up Christina decides the two should pick up a hitchhiker James on the side of the road Filled with twists and turns you’ll never guess what is coming This book is a thrilling adventure and wild roller coaster that will flip everything as soon as you thought you had the characters pegged and the story figured outWell I think I know why I have such a hinderance toward and fear of hitchhikinghitchhikers I vaguely remember reading this book as a kid young adult?sometime I saw the cover at Goodwill and nostalgia instantly overwhelmed me So I guess this was the second push I needed to start my reread of RL Stine All the pieces fell into place nicely and I’m so glad they did So let’s dive right in shall we? That may have been a pun attempt based on the ending of this storyThe plot of this story was interesting and kept me reading I didn’t want to put this short book down because I just had to find out what was going to happen I uickly rediscovered why I loved Stine’s writing so much as a kid it’s easy to read and it makes you want to keep readingI loved all the ideas that were presented even if some of them were uite fantastical There’s a scene with piranhas yea have fun trying to figure out how that comes into play if you haven’t read the book yet that was utterly ridiculous and I loved every moment of it I read a review where the reader said they had downgraded the star rating because this scene was totally unbelievable I wanted to ask them what part of the story particularly was?Now that I’m older I totally understand what Stine meant when he recently said he meant for his books to be humorous as well as scary Everything I needed in a good story especially in horror was in this one – plot interesting characters with development good writing thrills chills plot twists tension –and then there was humor added into the mix Some of these happenings are meant to be ridiculous They’re supposed to be funny and strange This isn’t supposed to be 100% realistic He did this on purpose To the reviewer I mentioned above Loosen up and enjoy the storyAs I just mentioned the characters in this story are wonderful Each has their own personality and is distinctly identifiable from the others Most of them are the characters you love to hate They’re delightfully horrible However I’ll give you fair warning – Be careful who you sympathize with And that’s all I’m gonna say about thatThis short story is packed with tension thrills and twists that are bound to keep you reading I honestly think this book can be enjoyed by all from ages 13 and beyond uick Disclosure There is uite a bit of gore involved in this so be mindful of that if gore really isn’t your thingOther than that I highly recommend this book It’s a lovely read for horrorthriller fans as well as scary story junkies like myself If you’ve been hesitating to reread RL Stine worried about ruining your childhood memory like me or to pick him up for the first time don’t be This was marvelous and I can’t wait to read Review originally published on my Wordpress blog Dreaming Through Literature

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    FUCK the first word that came out of my mouth once I finished reading the last chapter I was emotionally paralyzed for a couple of minutes I couldn't believe it RL Stine is a genius All the time I was thinking and fearing the supposed antagonist when in fact Tsk I couldn't believe I was fooled And I'm sure as fuck that all who have read this novel feel the same way too Let me expound why I gave it 5 starsThe PlotA lot of things were really happening in the story And I like how the plot is in a way caused by the supposed protagonists Terri and Christina I mean the characters weren't being spoon fed with horrible things They have their individual contribution of what was plaguing them which to my opinion is really good That way it makes the image of the characters seem solid and realThe CharactersI'm not an expert or anything but I learned the most important thing about the characters in stories are their developments at the end of the novel And in The Hitchhiker I witnessed that Christina turned into a frightened control freak that she would do anything to make her and Terri's secret stay buried forever James realized at the end that he had done things in his past that hurt people pretty bad And TerriI don't know what she learned other than to fear hitching when traveling The SuspenseI'm going to give this one to the author RL Stine made us look like dumb schoolchildren in reading this novel Clearly he wanted us to think that Christina and Terri are going to be the helpless victims and that James is the antagonist His brilliant narrative style built this kind of suspense The ConceptI always think hitching is a very dangerous deed and that hitchhikers are scary I wouldn't want to give ride to strangers along the road But well anyway that really won't happen since I don't have a carThe EndingCouldn't have been better I felt hopeless when Art the real antagonist revealed that he already took care of Terri because she is my favorite character And I jumped to my feet when she was resurrected Well not resurrected the way you're thinking it No not resurrected like Jesus Anyway it turned out she survived from the starving piranhas in the lake since she was a good swimmer And Christina who isn't died instead Terri and James after all are the survivors which makes them as our protagonists as wellI ran into a few holes that I found very acceptable and forgivable just the same that's why I gave it 5 stars I would definitely recommend this to my friends

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    I could see part of the twist coming yet aspects of it still surprised The characters grew on me throughout By the end I liked James uite a bit and even Terri regardless of her wrong actions Nice atmosphere The piranha pond rivals most Fear Street demises The prose here was also comparatively strong; sentence fragments were sparse the text fluid Nothing literary of course but I feel Stine's prose has regressed probably because once he started series his writing load increased significantly Even compare Hitchhiker with his first adult novel Superstitious the disparity in sentence uality is starkStrong story