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Terror is still watching from inside the haunted house on Cherry Street in this second installment of the sizzling summer horror trilogy A howlingly evil welcome awaits the poor baby sitter taking care of Jason and Sally when their parents leave town For the only thing the house hates worse than kids is baby sitters

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    I teach middle school and the students I have love scary books I remember reading this series when I was younger and I was terrified by them I decided to order them for my classroom and man were they hard to find I guess you cannot buy them new any I managed to get a class copy through Abe Books and since most of my class wanted to read them they chose it as our class read aloud The book often leaves you with cliffhangers that turns out to be nothing exciting My students have grown used to this and while they enjoy this book I feel like it is appropriate for younger grades and not middle school The book is an entertaining story though there is no real depth to it the students have enjoyed it as a read aloud

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    This is a good book but it was hard for me to find In this book the house is still haunting them Bobby or Billy I am not sure of the name But the ghost boy does not like the baby sitter that the children get Katie the sitter gets torchered and she blames it on the boy Jason Even thought it was the old witch and Bobby At the end Katie goes to the emergancy room and Sally and Jason are left alone outside the house

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    uite good

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    i thought it was pretty scary

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    Loved it Was creeped out and it was freaky but a good book

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    Really enjoyed this series as a youth Good starter series for kids who can handle spooky books