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The Third In A Series Of Pocket Sized Paperbacks Answers The Question, What Would It Be Like To Walk Through Disney S Animal Kingdom Park With An Imagineer By Your Side The Imagineering Field Guide To Disney S Animal Kingdom Provides That Experience Pointing Out Details And Telling Stories, Back Stories, And Imagineering Insights Never Before Heard, Condensed Into A Portable, Easily Referenced Park Guide You Ll Never Spend Time At Walt Disney World The Same Way AgainEach Spread Contains Fascinating Textual Information And Related Images Drawings, Photos, Graphics Such As Set Up, Backgrounds, And Origins Of Each Park Land Mini Land Concept Art To Compare To The Finished Show Timeline Information Opening Dates, Previous Shows In The Same Venue, Alterations And Updates Photography Of The Details And Big Pictures Being Discussed Special Props, Design Sources, Artistic Inspirations, Nomenclature Gags

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    Of all the Florida parks, I know the least about Animal Kingdom I ve only been once, less than two months after it opened I doubt it will ever be a favorite of mine Still, the Imagineer tour is pretty interesting Compared to the other books in this series, it went into a lot detail on individual aspects of the design of the park Of course, that s because there s a lot less to talk about The footprint of the park is huge, but there s not as much for the guests to do It was interesting, sure, and would be even so for people who really love and are familiar with Animal Kingdom.

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    Having finished all the other Imagineering Field Guides to all the Walt Disney World parks before this one, I chose to dig out this book and read through it Although I did see that there was a big difference in copyright dates with older dates, little has changed and isn t really enough to break a sweat with having the publisher update the book About the only thing I didn t like here was the way this book was organized Each page wasn t devoted to attractions as they went around the park The author focused on overall setting of the park and scattered the pieces throughout the chapter if you really want to call these areas that in this book I found several pieces of Kilimanjaro Safari s in the chapter for Africa spread throughout that chapter but not grouped into a specific page or two like the others were organized , as well as a bunch of other attractions in the parks as was written in this book I m glad I took this Walt Disney World Imagineering Field Guide last, otherwise I would have shelved the book for eternity I know that Camp Minnie Mickey was closed to make room for the upcoming Avatarland which could prompt an update for the book , but I m lost in this book.

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    I love these little guides The details are truly amazing It s what makes Disney different from other theme parks.

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    Identical in format to the other Imagineering Field Guides, and suffers from the same flaws For those interested in the design of the park, this provides a great overview But for those with some knowledge of DAK already, there isn t much new to be found here The biggest problem with these field guides is their pocket size I suppose that makes them portable for carrying around the park, but it also forces some really great pieces of concept art to be printed at postage stamp size It also limits how much can be written about any one topic For anyone interested in a comprehensive look at Animal Kingdom s design, I highly recommend The Making Of Disney s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

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    I knew it took alot of people to create Animal Kingdom It s a theme park zoo, of course many people were involed But the level of detail and the thought that goes into something as simple as the paths you walk on, are amazing Animal Kingdom is joint first place with Epcot as my fave Disney theme park It s somewhere you could have a good time walking around enjoying your surroundings without even having to step on a ride I loved all the concept art and the stories behind the lands This book is slightly out of date because it includes Pocahontas her Forest Friends which is sadly no longer available A must for any Disney fan I m going to try and take in the finer details on my next visit which is in 39 days

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    If there was one in the series you didn t get to this would be the one. at least in my opinion There isn t as much to cover in this park and while as a natural history buff there were some good facts and references, it didn t have as much new information to sink my teeth into I should mention that the first chapter of each book in this series is identical giving an overview of the field of Imagineering, which is interesting, especially for anyone inclined in pursuing this field There s money to be made in Show Biz

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    I like these little books Walt Disney Imagineering has been doing there are also field guides for Epcot and the Magic Kingdom They re full of interesting little tidbits and insights into the design, development, and building of the parks, rides, and shows, and there are a lot of good illustrations though I often wish the books were a bit bigger so that the illustrations could be a bit bigger.

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    While this is obviously written and approved by the Disney company, it still contains a lot of interesting information on how they developed the Animal Kingdom and the thought that went into every aspect of it.

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    LOVE IT I am always intrigued by any behind the scenes info about Disney World, my favorite place on Earth

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    Thank you, Troy This was a wonderful Christmas present