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The Fifth In A Series Of Pocket Size Paperbacks Answers The Question What Would It Be Like To Walk Through Disney S Hollywood Studios With An Imagineer By Your Side The Imagineering Field Guide To Disney S Hollywood Studios Provides That Experience Pointing Out Details And Telling Stories, Backstories, And Imagineering Insights Never Before Heard, Condensed Into A Portable, Easily Referenced Park Guide You Ll Never Spend Time At The Studios The Same Way AgainEach Spread Contains Fascinating Textual Information And Related Images Drawings, Photos, Graphics Such As Layouts, Backgrounds, And Origins Of Each Park Land Miniland Concept Art To Compare To The Finished Show Timeline Information Opening Dates, Previous Shows In The Same Venue, Alterations, And Updates Photography Of The Details And Pictures Being Discussed Special Props, Design Sources, Artistic Inspirations, Nomenclature Gags

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    I don t love Hollywood Studios nearly as much as I love the Magic Kingdom and Epcot But stupid hat aside, there are a lot of cool things going on there This isn t really a guidebook, though the title might give that impression The target audience is Disneyphiles, though if you ve been studying Imagineering in depth you probably know much of this anyways I always find at least a few things that I didn t know about the park when I read one of these books It would also be fun to take one along with you when you actually visit a park, and make your own behind the scenes tour There s lots of great art in here from the development of the park, which is always cool to see.

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    Considering this is my least favorite of the four Florida parks, I went into this one with a little less enthusiasm than I did the others I wasn t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did There was a lot of history about Walt included in this one, which I found interesting I also learned about some park details that I ve never noticed I m going to have to grab my camera one day soon and head over for some exploring I m so glad I got around to reading this one

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    I m not really finding anything of any real value in this book that I didn t receive from elsewhere Although the park is changing taking out pieces, so far it s not adding really anything and so an update really wouldn t help keep this book up to date much I m sorry this is the second book of the series I ve read through and this book isn t really working to keep me entertained much, but I am finishing up one book a day with these books being this short.

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    Hollywood Studios has always been my least favorite of the four parks at WDW, and this book helped me understand why In the years since Disney s Hollywood Studios was opened in 1989, many changes have occurred in the film industry and in the ways in which our Guests learn about the world that is the subject matter of this Park This is a park that was built around the idea of transporting a working animation live action studio from California to Orlando, and turning it into a theme park But what happens when that studio becomes obsolete What you re left with is a museum and half a theme park Even this book seemed to be struggling to fill all its pages The other three Imagineering Field Guides were practically bursting at the seams with park related content But this one included quite a number of filler pages basically on Imagineering job descriptions interspersed with the park content I suppose Studios has evolved into a monument for how Hollywood used to work Either that or a monument for Tower of Terror Rockin Roller Coaster Many people myself included complain about Epcot being a park that has lost its vision But after reading this book, I ve come to wonder whether Studios might not in fact be worse off.

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    This is the first of the Imagineering field guides that I have read, and I throughly enjoyed it I love the set up of these books, with the way everything is organized by park area and then by attraction This book really gave the reader a detailed tour of Hollywood Studios and all of the creativity that went into building the park For example, I really loved all the details about the differences between attractions like Star Tours and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in comparison to their counterparts in other Disney parks around the world Hollywood Studios is my second favorite Disney park, so finding out all this extra information about the park itself and its history was exciting and just a reminder of why I love this park so much

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    There isn t a lot out there on this recently added Disney Park..ok 1989, but that s recent for me So, this was an indepth look at what they were thinking as they planned designed and completed this park Fascinating to me that they go to such lengths with detail and often there are multiple layers of reference that as you learn about Disney s past and the history of the entertainment industry in general the you can appreciate the brilliance of these Imagineers PS Love that Disney made up a lot of own words because what he was creating was truly unique.

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    On the one hand, I m not a big fan of Hollywood Studios I d rank it 3rd out of 4 as far as WDW parks go So the subject matter was automatically a little less interesting to me than the other IFG s I have But, that made it a informative read for me, because it actually had lots of facts I didn t already know, which is unusual for a Disney book I think it accomplished its mission in that, next time I m at DHS, I think I will appreciate it a bit Just a bit.

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    The first time I went to DisneyWorld I fell in love with this place but the last two times I ve been less than happy with it I feel like there could be Which was why I enjoyed this guide slightly than the others because I wanted to find something that would help me love this park again I think it may have worked I m going to keep an eye on the details next time I go 28 days and try and experience some other things which I may have turned my nose up at.

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    A great addition to the series, with fascinating information about how the Studios were designed,as well as some intetersting facts about moviemaking and Hollywood history The only negative of the book is that the preproduction art is so small it s hard to appreciate the details But don t let that stop you from buying this book if you re a fan of the Disney theme parks.

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    This handy dandy guide will give you an insider s look at DHS It contains information on each attraction, as long as some backstory I thought it was perfect to read at Hollywood Studios itself And best of all, this book completes my collection of Imagineering Field guides