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Great read Such a fun escape for a Disney fan Reads so smoothly and lots of believable stuff, had me on the edge of my seat The Key To The Kingdom and Unlocking The Kingdom by Jeff Dixon are both 5 stars book These books had me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next to Grayson Hawkes These books is a mysteries revolting around Walt Disney World Even through the books are fiction they make me want to visit Walt Disney World, I have never been there In Book 1 The Key To The Kingdom Hawkes a preacher is given a key by his friend Farren Rales, who then disappears When Rales hands Hawk the key, he tells him Not just any key,my friend It is a very special key There is not another one in the entire world that does what this one will do You are holding in your hand the key to the kingdom So Hawk is trying to find out what Rales means throughout the story He has two special friends help him, one is a Walt Disney World employee and the other you will have to read the book to find out I will give you a clue he is famous It is strange reading about all the things this preacher turned mystery hunter does that could land him in jail But oh so enjoyable also The story has rich details that describes the different scenes and places Hawk searches During the searching Hawk witnesses to one helper about his faith in Jesus, just mentions not actually witnessing but isn t that the best kind But in closing this review I have to tell you things aren t always what they seem Hawk solves the puzzle and is rewarded with a surprise In Book 2 Unlocking The Kingdom dead bodies and dead pirates keep showing up on rides But are they real The villains and the heroes are hard to figure out and that is what makes these two books so great At the beginning of Unlocking the Kingdom Hawk meets George who tells him unlock what never was, to protect what is yet to be, At the end of this book there are questions about Disney s trivia you can see if you know the answers These books would make a great movie This second book leaves you wondering if maybe a third book is coming I think a third book would be great I received this book from www.bookfun.org to read and post my honest opinion. Grayson Hawkes Learns How Imaginative And Elaborate Walt Disney World Is When He Accepts An Invitation One Sunny Day From A Trusted Friend Landing Him In A World He Never Knew Existed Innocently Driven By Curiosity He Finds Himself Immersed In A Heroic Adventure Barely Escaping A Late Night Encounter, He Finds Himself Desperately Trying To Solve A Mysterious Disappearance While Trying To Stay Ahead Of Those Who Are Chasing Him Hawkes Quickly Realizes That Unraveling The Clues Is Essential If He Is To Discover The Truth He Navigates Through The Kingdom Where Knowledge Of Seemingly Unimportant Disney Facts And Some Divine Help Are The Only Way He Can Discover The Lock That Can Be Opened By An Ancient Key His World Becomes Even Complicated When He Is Captivated By A Mysterious Woman, Causing Him To Make A Series Of Choices That Takes His Faith To The Brink Each Step Is Fueled With Heart Pounding Intensity Carrying Him Deeper Into A Thrill Ride Of Secrecy Within The Walls Of Walt Disney World Is Mystery Than One Imagination Can Contain Here Disney Trivia Is Not A Game And The Ancient Key Is The Only Way Out Jeff Dixon Was Raised In Florida And Has Always Been Fascinated With The Man Walt Disney And The Theme Park He Created Dixon Feels That Any Guest Who Would Take The Time To Look Would Discover A Story That Will Never Be Completed It Is Against This Canvas That Dixon Paints This Mystery, Adventure, And Thriller The Epic Drama Carries The Reader Across The State Of Florida To Discover Details That Most People Have Missed Each Discovery And Revelation Will Have The Reader Wondering If They Are Reading Fact Or Fiction In A Quickening Pace, The Characters Find Themselves On A Collision Course With An Unthinkable Outcome Fans Of Walt Disney Will Love The History And Tourists Will Find A Travel Guide That Takes Them On A Trip Most Guests Never Get To Take Key To The Kingdom represents both the very best and the very worst of self publishing On the one hand, it is clear that Dixon is a huge fan of Walt Disney World as am I , and that this book allowed him to create a world within the World via a scavenger hunt through the Florida resort That s the good news.The bad The book, like many self published tomes, is in desperate need of an editor When your lead female character s name is spelled three different ways over the course of the book, this is problematic Maybe this is especially egregious to someone such as myself, who is an editor by trade and is immediately taken out of a story by ridiculously easy to fox things like spelling errors or sentences that are obviously missing a word, examples of which litter Dixon s work Style wise, the book is wildly repetitive, especially when it comes to the various clues our hero follows in order to solve the mystery which is the heart of the story What lies at the end of the trail is beyond ridiculous and yet will, for many Disney fans, be the very definition of a dream come true In all honestly, the only thing that drove me to finish this book was my unshakeable completion issues As it was, I wound up skimming many pages when plot points were being endlessly repeated As I said earlier, I am a huge fan of the Disney theme parks, which was what drew me to this novel in the first place Unfortunately, most of the passages which describe the parks and attractions sound as if they are lifted directly from travel guides or corporate literature Worse, this is Disney as seen through the eyes of someone who seems determined to praise at all costs all things Disney Even folks who make annual pilgrimages to the House Of Mouse such as myself have complaints about the resort but our hero and the author take their Disney worship to a level that feels like fear of backlash for an honestly stated criticism I wanted to love this book, and dove in excitedly Unfortunately, I walked away disappointed than a kid whose told they re one inch too short to ride Space Mountain. I m a bit conflicted on this While I love anything, and everything Disney, I was not expecting the Christian undertones to the novel I m not sure if they felt out of place, or if I didn t realize this was a faith based novel There was a lot of fun Disney trivia, and I enjoyed unlocking the clues as they appeared and guessing where Hawk had to go next However, I could tell this was an independently published novel The sentence structure was generally short and choppy, and there were a bunch of editing errors that this English teacher nitpicked about.Will I pick up Book 2 Probably But, I m not in a huge rush to do so. Fun, light reading Enjoyable, but a little on the cheesy side at times Filled with lots of real trivia from the parks and about Disney in general. Truly exceeded my expectations Highly recommended to all serious Disney fans as it will really make you see the parks in a whole new light You may even start a journey of your own to find the key to the kingdom Fun read, and now I want to go back to WDW If you love Disney and WDW, you ll enjoy it Silly but fun. I have to admit, I wondered what The Key To the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon would hold The book, based on the dreams of Walt Disney and actual facts Disney trivia, had me wondering if this could possibly be an exciting novel, and after ripping through the book in about 2.5 days it was an adventure I m glad I took Grayson Hawkes ventures off the beaten path to meet a long time friend in a dark cottage which inspired the movie Snow White , where he is given a mysterious key and a message to use the key wisely That night, his friend disappears and Hawk must use his knowledge of Disney trivia along with a string of clues left behind by his missing friend Farren Rales to bring him back Hawk, a pastor of a local church, finds himself running all hours of the day and night trying to find the next clue It s an adventure extreme, as Hawk lands behind the scenes, searching for clues where visitors are not allowed to go Somehow he has to determine who is helping him, and who is against him As the cover says, In this world, Disney trivia is no gameand the ancient key is the only way out I could not put the book down If I had taken the Evelyn Woods speed reading course I would have certainly applied it here The only hope I had was to drink coffee and to stay up late, just so I could get to the next chapter I even read while I was driving Don t worry, my husband had a hold of the wheel Dixon does a great job of incorporating Disney facts while adding in a flair of his own brilliant imagination to make The Key To the Kingdom come to life What I loved the most is that it was a mystery full of suspense that is written in such a clean form that I could pass the book on to my pre teens And I love how the story kept twisting and turning, right up until the last page This is a must read for anybody any age who loves Disney facts, and for anyone who doesn t Disney..if you are listening this book should be your next big adventure movie and theme park ride I find that I am planning my family adventure to Disney World, just so I can see what is real and what is not I am instantly fascinated beyond my limited knowledge of how the parks were created, WHY each themed area was created, and how each intricate detail of the park has a story to tell.Nice work Dixon You may have just landed yourself a new movie and ride