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Valentine York kept his life safe simple and easy to deal with He liked it that way liked knowing everyday would be like every other day He had his life planned out the woman he'd marry they home they'd share Until his sister and her family are killed and his fiancé dumps him and his plans fall apartGavan Maddocks' life is complicated It takes skill to balance his days between work and his boyfriend oh and his half crazy cousin Tristram too Trist is an unstable handful but the cousin's lives are entwinedWhen Val stumbles across Gavan and the controlled chaos of his cousin Trist one rainy cold night truths will be spoken and answers will be forced from darkness into light

10 thoughts on “The Lies We Tell

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    One of the best Payne stories I love all the characters especially Val and Trist I love the depiction of their personalities and history The struggle comming to terms with your secuality I even liked the mystery It was far fetched and unrealistic but this is a world depicted with real psychicand what would happen if you had a religiouspolitical organisation after said psychic

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    35 great fantastic storyline and characters This one was not nearly as tight as some of SA's other work and that is why I kicked it down Editing and inconsistencies but overall a fantastic read

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    The story itself was very interesting and dynamic but spoilt somewhat by too much sex and cheesiness

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    MOARRR This is a good example of psychic done well I can't think of any part that seemed overdone and nothing pulled me from the world because of its psychic aspects It works Val was sweet and adorable I didn't want to do the I'm not gay routine I generally dislike those portrayals; this one is one of the better ones But I found it hard to believe Val's occupation at times However I was okay overlooking it; he was essentially on vacation the entire time anyways What I wish? An epilogue an extension moooooar please Val Trist sitting in a tree k i s s i n g Please?

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    Dear SA Payne1 Learn how to use a spell checker and a grammar checker while you're at it2 EDITOtherwise reading your work is something of a painCharacters blah could not like no matter how hard I triedStory interesting but the characters and the shoddy writing drag it to unreadable levels

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    I love SA Payne but I wouldn't have started the story had a known the book involved psychics I can suspend my belief for all kinds of other paranormalfantasy stuff but I just can't do it with psychics

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    How did this get that good reviews? MehToo much too sweet Not my kinda bedtime story

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    A very good story The romance was so sweet it made teeth hurt and made me cry I liked it

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    Loved it

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    DNF too messy sorry