MOBI The Poodle An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet Owner's Ç

These are the books pet owners can turn to for the essential information they need to raise a four footed family member There are chapters on Feeding Grooming Housing Health care What to expect from the pet Basic training Teaching tricks Getting active with your pet in your communityThe emphasis is on making your pet your friend and the instruction is from experts people who not only know the breed of the pet intimately but remember what it was like to have one for the first time People like the internationally renowned behaviorist Dr Ian Dunbar who wrote the chapter on training People who've coached novice owners through the joys and frustrations of pet ownership and who know the conseuences of no advice or bad advice on the owner and the petThe Happy Healthy Pet guides are rich with professional uality color photos and are designed to be enjoyable and easy to learn from Pet owners need no longer scramble for reliable information on their breed Ranked 5th in 1994 AKC registrations

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