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It's been a wonderful eight years but I need a breakAt the Happy Sunset Retirement Community there's Ethel Myrtle Harvey and Tex And then there's Brian The retired kid He's here to escape school homework and daily choresBut retired living has its challenges especially when you're sixty years younger than everybody else

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    Between school and babysitting and soccer practice Brian is in a rut He tells his parents It's been a wonderful eight years but I need a break The next day he's on a plane to Florida There his days are filled with card games golf and afternoon naps But sometimes not having a job is not all it's cracked up to beVery cute story by Agee about exploring other lifestyles and learning to appreciate what you've got

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    Very clever Just read it to my class of 4th graders and they got a kick out of it too although they didn't agree that being a kid was a job

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    Hilarious addition to the list of the grass is always greener tropes

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    The Retired Kid is interesting because Jon Agee has a very cartoony sketchy style and a lot of the pages look like panels because they have gutters but the texts and pictures and not very integrated certainly not in the way they are in comics The very last page has large text in a speech bubble A puzzling hybrid From his official biography I took up painting sculpture lithography photography and filmmaking but the thing I loved most was sketching out cartoons and comic strips in my spare time When I graduated I hauled my pile of doodles into the offices of a bunch of editors with the wild notion that somebody might publish them When that failed I wrote a story for kids to go with my picturesI tried to find out if Jon Agee does any comics work not targeted toward children It looks like Palindromania is listed in the comic book database and could be for all ages Like William Steig another picture book authorillustrator Jon Agee also has had some cartoons published in the New Yorker

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    The Retired Kid is a great book However I feel that I would choose it for an older audience Maybe 3rd or 4th grade where students can really understand what Brian goes through at his age I love this book because it picks at the little issues of being a kid like going to school or other lessons Most kids would agree that school is a job that they want to retire from But would they really want to leave to a retirement home? This book allows for great discussions in class You could have students write about what their idea of retirement would be if they could retire The illustrations are colorful and very bold They are similar to a child's drawings and could easily be used by children as inspiration to illustrate their own images about retirementIn the end though I love how the author brought the story round full circle He reverted back to how things used to be for Brian and how he missed his life at home This is a great lesson for children Something may look good or be a good idea but it may not turn out the way you expect it to

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    Admittedly I thought adults might get of a chuckle out of this than kids So I was surprised that my six year old got the moral of this story and made connections Rockumentaries are those boring shows Pappy watches So all in all a nice book for a laugh and to pull out when junior starts to whine about how rough life is And bonus points getting to use my old man voice while reading a picture book

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    My boys were already familiar with and enjoy this book the 3rd grader brought it home from school but it was new to me They all think it's funny I think I'd like to be retired for a month especially if I could substitute some other activity for the golf

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    This is a funny story about the drudgery and meaning of our daily work whatever our age It is a bit of a commentary on the activities of retired persons and the need to feel active and useful Our girls thought the juxtaposition was silly

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    A good book to read to your child when he complains what a bore it is to go to school and do chores The language is simple but some of the humour might be beyond your child Nevertheless he'll get the message all right that life as a kid is good school and all

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    Oh what a fun book Agee is always good but I think this is book is a doozy perhaps since I am recently retired My favorite part was Brian's aversion to prune juice smoothies at the retirement home Definitely a cute read for a young reader to share with retired Grandma and Grandpa