The Road to Redemption Lessons from Exodus on Leadership Í eBook

During last year's fascination with Genesis Rabbi Burton Visotzky appeared everywhere from the cover of Time to Bill Moyers' top rated PBS Genesis series Visotzky's public Bible study groups were hailed by the New York Times as the best conversations in New York City Now for readers of all faiths or none he explores the book of Exodus central to Western culture for three millenniaAfter 40 years in Pharaoh's court 40 as a solitary shepherd and another 40 crisscrossing the desert Moses at last beheld the promised land; but he was never to enter it The Road to Redemption is both his story and that of a people who went from slavery to freedom from tyranny to covenant from chaos to law Blending ancient commentary with his own trenchant observations Visotzky extracts lessons that point toward our own passage to redemption as individuals and communities

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