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Strange Things Happen At Midnight In The Town Of Bixby, Oklahoma Time Freezes Nobody Moves Except Dark Creatures That Haunt The Shadows And The Few People Who Are Free To Move At Midnight, Midnighters Their Different Powers Strongest At Midnight Are Seer, Mindcaster, Acrobat, Polymath All Changes When Jessica Day Comes To Bixby High With A Hidden Power I LOVE this series Although the Uglies Pretties Specials Extras series is popular, I actually like this series better It s about five teenagers who are the only people that can move during the secret hour , when everything else in their town freezes at midnight Although a bit weird, the story is very exciting and the characters are well developed Scott Westerfeld is one of my favorite authors, and these books did not disappoint me. What a cool concept For one secret extra hour each night, a small group of teenagers is able to move about freely even though the rest of the town around them is frozen in time What s going on Why is the town like this What do the evil darklings want with Jessica Day, the new girl in town I really enjoyed this book The idea is incredibly intriguing, and I liked the descriptions of focus out of focus, the kids purple eyes, the wondrous flying, the injections of humor, and the beautiful night when Jess sees the frozen world for the first time, with the air filled with suspended raindrops The author does a great job of gradually weaving the story together though much of the book is spent on setting up the concept , and it ll be interesting to what everyone s motivations are and how certain powers will be utilized.A couple of quibbles while I like all the characters so far and don t really mind the multiple narrators, I think reducing the number of POVs would have made the narrative stronger In such a short novel it s already hard to get to know the numerous characters, so spending time with just a couple of them might ve tightened things up a bit Since Rex is turning out to be a mysterious figure and it seems that Jess is actually of the central character, I would also have flip flopped the POVs for Chapters 1 and 2 so the book starts off from her perspective Could be the author had a reason for doing this deliberate misguidance, perhaps , but if so I thinktime with Rex would have made this stronger.I also have to mention that the town s name gets useda lot I noticed this happening so many times within the first 7 pages that I decided to keep a tally as I was reading The grand total in 274 pages 18 mentions of name Bixby High and 95 mentions of Bixby itself This was so unnecessary at page 194, do you really need to explain that the sheriff you re referring to is the one here in Bixby and intrusive, and I m surprised that an editor didn t catch this repetition throughout the book.Still, the little things I d fix are minor and my enjoyment was huge The story set up reminded me a lot of William Sleator s young adult sci fi in a very good way, and I m very much looking forward to seeing where the story goes in the next installment of the series Splendiferous The Secret Hour , the first book of the Midnighters series, is about Jessica Day who just moved to the small town of Bixby, Oklahoma Of course she has to worry about the average teenager things fitting in and making new friends, adjusting to the atmosphere of the place, and even avoiding some new gossip However, things get even difficult when she realizes that every day actually has 25 hours, not 24 The secret 25th hour takes place at the stroke of midnight, and for an extra hour only she and four other teens in Bixby can move freely and use special powers without the disruption of others because they are all frozen in space and time It s not all fun and games in the Secret Hour though because there are these disgusting, vile creatures called Darklings monsters that thrive in the secret hour Usually they don t bother the humans that can roam in the night, but recently they ve been growing restless ever since Jessica s arrival Could she have triggered something in the darklings Or is it that she posesses an ability that they fear of, so their only option is to destroy her Hmmm this was a good book I was expecting somewhat a lot because I read Westerfeld s other series the Ugly series, which was totally amazing I liked a lot of things in The Secret Hour too, though The characters, although at times just a little stereotyped, were pretty unique and just your average dysfunctional teenagers The plot was pretty interesting, it totally reminded me of the heartless in Kingdom Hearts Besides the character s individual power the thing that interested me the group was their interactions with one another the conflicts they went through were interesting and I really want to check out the next book to see how the group dynamic goes.A few reasons why this book got four stars instead of five include well first off at some moments the author forces the teenage dialogue too far, it seemed forced a few times Also at some points the plot slowed down or sped up seemingly randomly it lacked the really smooth storytelling I saw in Uglies However, I m definetly going to check out the second book in the series because I still cannot wait to see what happens next. Well, the description on the back was far intriguing than the actual story inside I was left pretty unimpressed by the story and the characters It was not awful and it was easy to read and a nice original idea but it was missing the kind of spark that takes a book from okay to compelling for me It mostly just lacked any sort of focused The story just felt very jumpy and bitty to me It was also packed full of YA clich s such as the new interesting girl moving to the tiny high school but it was easy enough to ignore those I m not completely turned off the series and will definitely have a read of the second book as I think the story definitely has potential, especially now that it s hopefully moving away from the mundane descriptions of every action taking place inside the school. Non proprio malaccio come inizio, ma la verit che mi aspettavo qualcosa di meglio Sono capitata per puro caso davanti a questo libro e quando ho letto brevemente la trama ho subito voluto leggerlo Voglio dire una venticinquesima ora che scatta a mezzanotte mostri scuri e un solo gruppo di ragazzi che pu combatterli ehi, Persona 3 uno dei miei giochi preferiti da quand che diventato un libro Solo che di Persona questo libro alla fin fine ha ben poco L idea di base buona appunto, i personaggi davvero troppo poco approfonditi non sappiamo praticamente niente di loro, e il fatto che come libro non sia lungo non una grande scusa dato che nessuno ha obbligato l autore a scrivere cos poco e le uniche cose che sappiamo davvero della protagonista che la classica belloccia da far paura che con un p di trucco fa svenire ogni ragazzo che la addocchia e che quindi si avvicina pericolosamene al mio concetto di Mary Sue Non so se legger il prossimo, ma se lo far spero che sia migliore di questo. Some of the kids here, especially girls, having been reading this Midnighters series Not bad for kiddie fantasy, but not much meat A bit Twilight ish Good for me to know what the kids are reading and be able to talk about it, but not something I d recommend to adults unless you re looking for some reluctant reader material or another fantasy series for those who have gone through everything else you can think of. I ve got to give props to Westerfeld, this was definitely an original idea A hidden hour that lies directly at midnight that only a few can see Can you just imagine The clock strikes midnight and the world around you freezes, but you can still move among it Really cool.Meet the Midnighters, a group of teens who were born exactly as the clock struck midnight thus allowing them to see the blue time the space in between But it s not all fun and games Other things lurk in the blue time ancient things And these ancient things want to get back into the real world For the most part, I enjoyed this book It s really hard to come across a completely unique story line now with how many YA books are out there, but Westerfeld managed that I found that I wanted information though about their history and their purpose both the kids and the things in the dark It almost seemed like this book just barely scrapped the surface of the lore.As for the characters themselves, well, they were okay I really liked Jonathan and didn t understand everyone else s aversion to him Jessica was a little naive, but I don t know if it was because of her being the new girl or if that s just her, Dess was very juvenile, Rex was ok but seemed a little controlling, and then Melissa I just flat out didn t like Sorry that your talent kind sucks for you but that doesn t give you the right to treat other people like shit I would be interested in seeing where this series goes and if the characters mature and plots get flushed out. Just finished this trilogy and I really liked it It s premise is that there are actually 25 hours in each day but only those born on the stroke of midnight can live in that secret hour To everyone else it passes in an instant Those who live in that hour are born with special abilities to help combat the various nasties who also live there Fun read If it was a movie it would be PG 13 for language No F word, no sex but swearing than I would prefer. Guys, this is now just.99 for the Kindle version, and it s really good.