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please note the age gap is 15 years the female is 16 throughout the relationshipit is a standalone novelAge is just a numberJust like he's just a boy and I'm just a girlExcept that's not true is it?Because fifteen may be a number but it's bigger than that Bigger than usIt's a number that separates usAn excuse that keeps us apart But I'm not willing to give in until I get what I wantAfter all how many other girls can bring a grown man to his knees with one little smile?

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    'Interconnected novel to The Truth about Heartbreak' This is Oliver and Charlie's story who we've already encountered in The Truth about Heartbreak After reading 'The Truth about Heartbreak' this book right here became one of my most highly anticipated reads I couldn't wait to get a copy in my hands when it arrived on my kindle life was put on holdGod where to even start with this one After a uick refresh I was gearing to go couldn't wait to dive in and be carried away on the feels train and let me tell you it was definitely worth the waitStraight away I was pulled into the storyline this author is just getting better and better this is her forte from the flow of the story to the characters made for an unforgettable uniue unputdownable kind of book Everything this author threw at me with this book I felt it Like a bullet to the heart The chemistry between Ollie and Charlie was off the charts you could feel it oozing off the pages these two were just perfect for each other Anyone who enjoys an age gap kind of book throw in that forbidden aspect then this book will definitely tick your boxes Highly recommend      

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    The Truth about Tomorrow will send you on an emotional spiral that you won’t see coming This is not your regular forbidden romance story where two people who are wrong for each other in society's eyes tries their best not to give into temptation but fails This story was so much Falling was the easy part But the aftermath and healing process is what made this stand on it’s very own Oliver James has had everything that a kid could ever want growing up Loving parents who had a successful business a best friend who was like a brother and an adopted sister whom he would’ve done anything for just to see her happy But beneath it all there was always something missing for him and he knew it was vital Making the decision to move to Chicago and be on his own instead of working for his father’s company was an adjustment but one that he has never regretted Having a good relationship with his family despite the move means everything to Ollie especially the bond that he has with Charlie But things are about to get a whole lot complicated when she moves to Chicago for a while and for Ollie and Charlie they will head into something much forbidden Finally knowing what it’s like to have a normal family Charlie Tucker now has three things that makes her happy Her adoptive parents playing music and her best friend Ollie A teenager should have a best friend who’s fifteen years older than they are right? But for Ollie and Charlie they have this unexplainable bond that solidified their friendship from the moment they met and they haven’t looked back since But that line that they’ve so carefully put in tact slowly becomes obliterated with one moment I have been not so patiently waiting for this book because I knew that this author was going to bring it when it came to the forbidden relationship between Charlie and Ollie and I was practically drooling with need She gave me than what I was expecting when it came to their dynamic and I loved the fact that she didn’t hold back in this story I felt like she was a bit guarded in the first book but she certainly threw the gloves off for this one and I was happy that she did that Ollie and Charlie's relationship was than complicated and so wrong in other people’s eyes and even our own on so many levels but there was this one big thing that not matter how hard we tried to overlook it and pretend it didn’t exist it was there like a blaring siren They loved each other and I’m not talking about that superficial kind of love These two scared the fuck out of me with their love It was dangerous because their love had the potential to destroy so many lives in that moment but you felt it You felt their heart breaking in the process you saw the sacrifices coming and through it all you held your breath because their love? It gave you goosebumps Their love showed you hope and their love was timelessIf you’re like me and you love an emotional forbidden romance then I highly recommend you try this one    

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    Release Date August 1 2019 Genre Forbidden Age Gap RomanceThe Truth About Tomorrow has become one of my ultimate FAVORITE books for 2019 WOW What an EPIC love story This book had me rolling in emotions and left me BREATHLESS in the end I'm actually having a hard time putting words to this page because of how much it touched me This is just one of those books that you never want to put down And if you have to? You're itching to get back into it Charlie and Ollie are an unconventional couple But they stole my heart and made me think that age IS just a number and TRUE LOVE trumps all Without spoiling the story for potential readers I'll give a small glimpse as to what you get if you choose to read this beautiful love story First it's a forbidden age gap romance Some may even say it's taboo as Ollie is Charlie's uncle but since she was adopted I don't think it's as dirty as some would assume In fact I didn't care whether they WERE related blood or not because of how TRUTHFUL their love was I mean it literally OOZES from the pages You'll feel it too Trust me Anyway if you read The Truth about Heartbreak you will recall Charlie being adopted by River and Everett towards the end This isn't a continuation of that book but it DOES have River and Everett in it One can tell from reading that epilogue that there's something there a spark? between the two even if she is MUCH younger in a jail bait sort of way than Ollie This book? It SPANS that initial spark and will take you on a turbulent journey to their HEA if they get one muahaaha Some areas MAY make readers uncomfortable I won't go into details but it has to do with their age But look past that and remember it's fiction If you can't do that then this book isn't for you If perhaps you can keep an open mind and relish in forbidden love then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE You won't regret it B Celeste writes this story in such a poetic way I had a hard time putting it down And then when it finished I wanted to cry I'll certainly miss these beautiful characters but I am so looking forward to see what the author churns out next Hopefully it's as deliciously forbidden as this one I freakin LOVED IT

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    Howhow does this have so many five star reviews? I just read about a grown ass man having explicit sex with a minorwritten in a way that is so dumb and filthy and makes absolute no sense especially given she’s a victim of assault and he’s basically blaming her for being so attractive and for them having a special “bond” and like he tried so hard to fight it blah blah blah I love forbiddentaboo topics but this made me so uncomfortableShe’s a minor stop gaslighting her and go put your dick in an older woman’s pond DNF AF

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    “When you love people you sacrifice your feelings to give them what they need I think that’s what people don’t understand about love; it hurts It’s not about a happily ever after you get when the story ends it’s about the sacrifice you make to get there”My poor poor heart This book absolutely wrecked me After meeting Charlie and Ollie in THE TRUTH ABOUT HEARTBREAK I knew that their story was going to be pretty special and I wasn’t disappointed If like me you are a bit of a sucker for an “age gap” romance then you definitely need to read this book

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    The Truth About Tomorrow is a full length novel focused on Charlie and Ollie who we previously met in The Truth About HeartbreakForbidden Romance √Age Gap √Angst √Wow What an epic romance this was The Truth About Tomorrow is the latest gem from the talented B Celeste These characters stole my heart from the very first page with their playful banter and magnetic chemistry Their touching story brings out all of the feels and left me breathless in the end I'm actually struggling to find the words to express just how much I loved this book This is one of those stories that will hook you from the get go and leave you completely unable to put it down The Truth About Tomorrow was four hundred plus pages of pure pleasure to read Charlie and Ollie's story was difficult passionate and full of heart tugging emotion B Celeste breathes new life into the forbidden relationship trope with Charlie and Ollie's romance Their romance wasn't an easy story to tell and they weren't always an easy couple to root for But B Celeste's writing is addictive and she penned a gripping romance that I simply could not put down The Truth About Tomorrow easily gets 5 stars from me

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    3 stars 🌟Well it wasn't what I expected After wasting 2 days of my life on this one I've decided that this book deserves nothing from meIt wasn't that bad but god I had expectations from this one The author tried to dish out angst but it lacked heat I couldn't connect to any of the main characters or the side ones The three stars are for decent writing a semi steamy smut scene and my time gone reading this one

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    I’m gonna give this one 4 stars and NOT because of the content per se because it was too long and I got a little boredWith all the yammering about underage sexual relationships taboo and forbidden romance books I can’t believe this hasn’t been pulled from shelves as well Which might I add IS CENSORSHIP You have the choice to read what you want and it shouldn’t make people hate you or think you are sick because you decide to read FICTIONDID YOU HEAR MEFIC TIONThis is the tale of Charlie and Ollie She is 13 when they meet as she was adopted by his adopted sister River and his best friend Everett and he is 28 They have a connection that is instant As Charlie says their love happened in layers He was a friend then he was family then he was lover They begin a sexual relationship when she is 16 so if you can’t stomach that thenMOVE ON This is than a romance people This is a love on such a basic level that made my heart hurt Ollie is just as fucked up as Charlie is This is a child that is a product of abuse the likes of which should have made her worse that what she was She was in foster care for 6 7 years and was dealt a shit hand there as well When she meets River and Everett and they take her in she meets Oliver James and he is her best friend in every sense of the word He doesn’t see her damage her flaws her scars He sees a girl that is beautiful and bright and kind and funny and he always endeavors to make her happy He will always be there to make her happyOliver wants for nothing has the best childhood the best friends the best parents the best education and leaves New York to move to Chicago to work for an aspiring company He in a nutshell is miserable He drowns his sorrows in women and booze He is a sad man honestly Charlie moves to Chicago to study music which she is brilliant at and Ollie is there to watch over her This girl has never had a friend other than Ollie and he makes her life better She makes his life better Did I think it odd that he would find her sexually attractive at 16 maybe a little but you have to look at this girls past She is NOT your normal everyday run of the mill teenager This child has had every decision every first taken away from her She is mature than most her age She knew that Ollie was destined to be hers He GIVES her the choice even though he knew it was wrong he let her choose where they would go It was heartbreaking The ride that the author takes us on is both sad for the hH and for the secondary characters This family is torn apart for several years until Charlie takes charge of her life The love that these two have for each other is unbelievable The epilogue is so special and eually gut wrenching Then you move into the novella that was stellar My only gripe with this book was so much could have been cut out It was long and I lost interest and like the first book I read by this author there wasn’t enough dialogue although this one had than the first but the story was great There are triggers in this book so make sure you read the warning I think I summed it up tho Angst ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Cheating None Sexy Time ⭐️⭐️⭐️Epilogue ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Plot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Big Big Big Age Gap Dark Romance This story is about Charlie who was adopted by River Everett in The Truth About Heartbreak She was adopted at the end of the story at the age of 13 when she first met River’s brother Oliver who is also Everett’s best friend Their sexual relationship starts when she is 16 he is 31 trigger warnings for rape child abuse drug use overdose depression I admired Charlie and her witty personality even if it was a coping mechanism for what happened to her in her early childhood Charlie loves music and finds it to be an outlet for her feelings She knows that the town she lives in now isn’t where she wants to be and pushes to move to Chicago A place where she can attend music school and of course where Oliver livesI absolutely understand if the age gap could be to large Being 16 is a bit young but I thought that it was handle well with the repercussions that happened Her relationship with Oliver was built upon trust and being able to open up to each other This book was easy to get into and I found myself reading it in about a day so that I could find out if they get their happy ending or not

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    I first want to start out by saying that I didn't NOT like this book I am going to do my best at explaining all of that just very briefly because I don't feel like this book should have to have a lot of negativityThe main thing I did not like about this entire story was the length of it I'm never afraid to read a long book I was not intimidated by the size of this story at all 500 pages is a breeze for me BUTI just felt like it should have been 200 pages shorter I really liked the author's writing and the trope didn't bother me although I DO feel like if the author was going to be so explicit about it the age gap should have been way less than what it was but I have read worse but there was a lot of excessive scenes and internal dialogue that was just not needed And when I say that I don't think I am exaggerating one bit Tropes like this story teeter on two different edges People will know what this book is about read it and still hate it Even though they are very much aware of the trope I don’t think that is fair so I think that is why I really wanted to clarify that that WASN’T the reason I didn’t LOVE the book I think the book contained great writing and characters that had an immense amount of depth and feelings but the book as a whole was just too long and excessive with lots of internal droning