The Voluptuous Vegan More Than 200 Sinfully Delicious Í Epub

There are many great reasons to eat vegetarian meals   they're low in saturated fat high in fiber and chock full of nutrients But the considerable health benefits aside gourmets often scoff at the likes of seitan and tofu while vegans despair of dull uninspired offerings Until now In The Voluptuous Vegan Myra Kornfeld introduces creative mouthwatering truly voluptuous recipes that inject this incredibly healthy cuisine with a much needed dose of culinary mastery including full balanced menus with appetizer main course and side dishes a luscious array of soups and an ingenious selection of desserts invaluable information on terms ingredients and techniues a culinary world tour including Latin America Asia Africa and the Middle Fast as well as Europe and the United States

10 thoughts on “The Voluptuous Vegan More Than 200 Sinfully Delicious Recipes for Meatless Eggless and Dairy Free Meals

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    Delicious but no pictures I hate that so muchAlso this is not a novice's cookbook Most of it is fairly complicated and some recipes reuire hard to find ingredients Kornfeld provides sample menus which is something I really like Overall this is a great book for planning special events or making a meal that will surely be remembered because of it's tastiness and the effort it took to make

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    If you are not a vegan and not really interested in meat substitutes this is the vegan cookbook for you The focus in this book is on really incredible tasting food that uses vegetables and spices from a variety of ethnic cooking traditions It contains a glossary that has been indispensable to me and every procedure is explained in detail The ingredients are best purchased at stores that cater to the recipe's particular cuisine Asian Indian Latino or you will end up being frustrated at the prices and the difficulty at finding ingredients Natural foods stores are often suggested but if you're on a budget and if you are buying something that seems unusual like bok choy or serrano chiles you will notice that the correct store will peddle such a bulk of these items that you will end up being pleasantly surprised at the pricesAlso I probably wouldn't use this as an everyday cookbook unless you really have time to cook every day or you get really accustomed to the advanced recipes It's worth checking it out though even if you're a beginner you will learn things about not just vegan cuisine but cooking in general

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    So far the introduction grabs me in with phrases like we all need to feed our souls which is the first line We start at the grocery store natural food or organic foods is good for the body Green markets which I will be researching for those againsplash love into your food and ready to see what ideas I can use in my new lifestyle and way of eating I've read various books on raw diets vegan vegetarian and some of the shakes or foods I've tried were mediocre or pretty good I don't like bland or not so good foods no matter what diet I follow I'm about flavor when I cook Easy and affordable tooSadly the homemade recipes seemed a bit difficult since I don't do pies homemade per se and nothing sounded interesting or good to cook I liked some of the ideas for ice cream but not familiar with arrowhead powder and not sure how it will come out I'll just go get soy ice cream at a whole food store like Trader Joe's or Outpost Milwaukee WIGlendale

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    I'm not a vegan but I like to mix it up and eat a variety of healthy meat vegetarian and vegan dishes I liked this cookbook the recipes sound amazing The butternut suash sage and pecan stuffed raviolis made with red chile pasta dough and topped with a pureed white bean and garlic sauce makes my mouth water just thinking about itMy only problem is that the recipes seem to be pretty complicated and time consuming Being a mother of a small child it doesn't fit my lifestyle right now but maybe one day I'll come back to it The really cool part about this cookbook is that the author includes tons of general cooking tips and recipe specific ones too For example she suggests using tapioca flour to thicken berry fillings in pies instead of tapioca pearls as my grandma taught me because the pearls can harden sometimes There are great tips sprinkled throughout it

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    I just picked this cookbook up from the library for inspiration and WOW this one has some seriously delicious sounding recipes I haven't made many of the recipes yet since the heat wave has made the idea of cooking food less than appealing but I really want to try several of them I think I'll be buying this one to add to my cookbook library for when it cools down a bit If you are interested in vegan cooking and want to go beyond the bland rice and beans this would be a great book to read

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    Mmmmm I never buy cookbooks but I had to after reading this I haven't tried any of the recipes yet but just reading them make my mouth water As Kalem and I plan to have many dinnerbrunch parties in the future I plan to put this to good use It thrills me to know vegan food can be utterly sinful and decadent It appears that most of the recipes will take a lot of time and ingredients that aren't normally in our home I'm learning about all kinds of new grainsproduce My lasting impression is that this will be a fun book to use but in moderation or for special occasions

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    The stews and soups are my favorite recipes out of this book I cook one up every two or three weeks to last for a couple of days The flavors are always perfectly balanced and I feel like Popeye post spinach after having a bowl It also contains great recipes for tofu creams YumThat being said these recipes are in depth and often expensive to make Only brave chefs need embark on preparing a full menu and you had better purchase certain items in bulk

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    I've made several recipes from this book and while they were good the time invested in making them just didn't make it worthwhile And I'm not someone who completely shies away from complicated recipes it's just to put that much effort it the results have to be awesome I don't think this is for the beginner cook at all Lots of instruction and lots of ingredients that aren't so called everyday

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    I like the idea of this book but I rarely use it because of the use of expensive and hard to find ingredients I love the layout of the recipes they are arranged in menus with an appetizer main dish side dish and dessert It's a nice change from the usual I have had lots of luck with the leek tofu uiche with sauteed mushrooms wow So very tasty

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    Occasionally like for my best friend's birthday I'll cook a full menu out of this book and it comes out perfect in terms of balance portions timing presentation and that warm party in the tummy not too full just full enough feeling that comes from a perfect meal This has happened twice in the eleven or so years I've had this book It is worth it