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Russian heiress Tatiana Rostova thought that her 'happily ever after' would be with her beloved fiance However the people she cared about most betrayed her and left her for dead Saved by a handsome Italian duke a plan of revenge bloomsTatiana Rostova took it upon herself to seek revenge on the two people she loved the most after their betrayal left her half dead even if it meant she had to sell herself to the devil especially since the devil is in the form of the handsome six foot two silver eyed Italian duke named Lucca Cavelli This wallflower vowed to take everything that is rightfully hers But in the process of her revenge will she be willing to risk her heart again?

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    35 Enjoyable on a guilty pleasure read kind of level Stumbled on this on Wattpad by coincidence I liked seeing how far Tatiana would go but honestly as much fun as it was to read I really did feel like I was wasting time reading it Hence guilty pleasure read And something I'd probably read every once in a while or maybe never unless I'm in the mood for smexy hot billionaires who are possessive demons in love and the women they fall in love with generally over some kind of other reluctant scheme or another and eventually have a baby with The romance was expected had my eyes rolling a lot there but I liked seeing the revenge parts the most The ending though kind of fell flat for me oddly As expected harleuin

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    This book was amazing I started reading it yesterday and now I'm finished I can't believe I scrolled pass this book ever so often but never thought to read it It was a good read very well written I like the language and 'vibe' of the book The language was good without becoming monotonous It contained the right amount of romance without being too vulgar It possessed that certainspark that many books now a days lack I'm glad I took the time to read this book But that's just my opinion

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    This is one of the best story in Wattpad for me I really like the way the author narrates the story Finished the book version on October 15 2015

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    I happened to read this series in a very haywire manner But all the books were enjoyable The women characters are strong on this series

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    After reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven I was really so down Not because the story was bad actually it was way beyond awesome but because of what happened to its characters huhu The last few chapters of the book keeps circling in my mind and I can't help but get teary eyed So to cheer myself up I decided to visit my wattpad account because actually I've got tons of reading list there and I am dying to read them all My first choice was to go for a Jonaxx story but decided to give other authors a chance so woolah This story just came upAside from love hate relationships stories about revenge also perks me up And reading the sypnosis above this story didn't gave me any chance to think twice and just go with it At first I really thought this story is going to be written in Tagalog because the author is from the Philippines but to my surprise it's in English I was in the mood to read some Tagalog romance story at that time but I gave this story a chance until I find myself finishing it in just one sittingThis story is just a wattpad version of the book so obviously the published version is much better and improved I am not recommending anyone to read this instead of the published version but either way I'm sure you'll enjoy both versionsAs stated above this story started when Tatiana Rostova was left to death by two of the most important people in her life at the sea After claiming her second life she planned for a revenge Sounds interesting eh? Having said that I was really expecting a lot from this story The story was fine but I was really expecting some action pack revenge thingy from Tatiana but it wasn't what I expected The supposedto be intense revenge thingy isn't that intense it was a bit light for my tasteWell you can't blame me my thinking is way evil when it's about revenge hahaWhile reading this story I can't help but noticed some cheesiness in it But I think it wasn't that annoying because I was able to finish it haha The story line was amazing but I think the execution of lines and scenes isn't that effective enough which I hope the published version was able to correct that The guy's character I think was ok but there are times that I think they sounded gay Also the make up part of the two sisters I'm sorry for that bummer geys wink here is somewhat too easy considering how grave the other sister did But I have to say that I didn't expected the turn out of the real bad guy in here though I still think it's a bit uestionable in my part One great thing about this story though is that most of the characters here have their own POVs but I don't think it's necessary to repeat each scenesThe main characters in this book was fine for me I guess Lucca even if how many times he's being sold out here I still can't find myself suealing for him He's fine but I guess dukes aren't my type haha lol Tatiana on the other hand was ok for me I love the transformation of the wallflower Tatiana to this beautiful and eye of the party Tatiana I still can't fathom how easily she went to bed with Lucca considering how defiant she was to him at first lol And lastly I think the idea of Tatiana just dropping off her plotted revenge was so sudden and it wasn't that convincingly writtenAside from the two main characters I also got my eyes hooked to this pair that is uite interesting Who are they? They're Marco and Francesca So yeah it's not gonna be my last time to read a story from the authorI am giving this story a three star rating but I will not deny the fact that it entertained me I also love that the author included epilogue and special part in its wattpad versionHave you read this story too? Please share on the comments below what's your reaction about it To read of my reviews book news and updatesMain Blog Blushing GeekFacebook PageSubscribe to mailing list

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    Probably one of the best stories I've found on wattpad so far The characters are well developed and the plot was well structured there were no filler chapters which was a nice change as everything had a purpose I thought the ending was a bit abrupt and I agreed with the duke when view spoiler he said that she forgave her stepsister too easily hide spoiler

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    I read the Wattpad version It wasn't the grammatical issues that I struggled with but the lack of character development It was a great premise and had real potentialperhaps the published version made some adjustments

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    One of my favorite stories on wattpadThis is well written and I love the twists in the story Not typical I must sayThe author made sure that the readers will surely love every page of this bookThis is a uick read and I'd like to recommend this to everyone

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    Overall pretty good The only thing that was off for me was the time lapse