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Childhood memories and poetry of earlier times by an author born and brought up on tiny cay with a population of under a dozen in an island group with a population of about 8000It revives buried memories of the lives and times of Virgin Islanders long ago It records traditions and good old fashioned values handed down from generations past Old forgotten reminders of the culture of the islands and the once treasured mouthwatering dishes

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    Totally magical book about growing up in the 60s on a small island population about 8000 and an even smaller cay population just the family This is possibly the ultimate Caribbean book of its time It is beautifully written with wonderful photographs and a real feeling of what life was really like The author is a very talented writer and I feel that if the book had a professional editor it might be a bestseller among travel booksIf you see this book about and are interested in 'how it was' before the tourist and cruise ships went to the Caribbean this is the bookHighly recommended