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A Discworld picture bookAt six o'clock every day without fail with no excuses Sam Vimes must go home to read 'The World of Poo' with all the appropriate noises to his little boyA picturebook that picks up a story from 'Snuff' the brand new Discworld novel

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    When young Geoffrey goes to Ankh Morpork to stay with his grandmother he uickly develops a fascination with poo Hilarity ensuesThe World of Poo started out as a book Sam Vimes was reading his son in Snuff Smelling an opportunity Old Pratch sueezed out this nugget before his final days When it popped up on Netgalley I had to pinch itThe World of Poo is the tale of one young man's poo obsession leading to him visiting various Ankh Morpork locales and collecting fragrant specimens for his poo museum As well as being amusing The World of Poo contains many interesting poo facts the straight shit on feces as it wereIn addition to real life poo Geoffrey also collects specimens from gargoyles dragons and various other creatures I think it would be a lot of fun to read to kids or any adult you know with a fixation on fecesIn conclusion The World of Poo is not the slightest bit crappy Four out of five stars

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    This story of a boy who develops a scatological obsession in a merry ol' England setting was a delight Thus my first foray into Terry Pratchett's world was a resounding success

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    I'm not a big Pratchett or Discworld fan I vaguely remember reading a couple when they first came out but they're British humor which tends to miss my funny bone Then there were so many that it was plain crazy confusing This is #395 I believe Thankfully it is short stands well on its own It was well narrated which made it a fun diversion but most of all the blurb hit one of my many sore points the big deal people make about poo Everything does it but people make such a big disgusting secretive deal out of it Ridiculous but there you have it Pratchett poking fun at the secrecy plus getting it into conversation had to be a good thing It was also vaguely amusing at times The economics usefulness were well done Urine has been used throughout history for a number of things from tanning to washing hair Peter Freuchen's account of his first dance with his soon to be wife in Arctic Adventure My Life in the Frozen North had me laughing out loud He was tall the ceiling was low the woman he lusted after washed her hair to a gorgeous lustrous shine in baby pee which made the slow dances tough since he had his face buried in her hair She felt good but the smellStill Pratchett could have done better He didn't get much into what is really fascinating about poo even though the boy was collecting it Scientists can tell a lot about an animal from its waste As a farmer a father I've spent a lot of my life dealing with it using it as an indicator of how an animal or baby is doing despite their inability to tell me in words I know how well the spring grass is coming into the fields by the texture color sloppiness of the horse poo When my pony colicked I rejoiced when he delivered a steaming pile knew that he was better We look at the dogs' to see if they have worms or why they aren't eating often find the answer by feathers or something else that shows they're scrounging snacks We used to examine the kids' diapers to see how they were handling the change in diet as they grewAnyway I applaud his effort to bring the subject out of the closet

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    A scatological pearl from Ankh Morpork stemming from Young Sam Vimes' infatuation with all things faecal ref Snuff The protagonist a young boy urbanned out to his granny during the birth of his sister finds his interest in poo is aroused when a passing bird dumps on his head With the exception of his maid his interest is nurtured and encouraged by all concerned His highly placed and well connected granny arranges trips to the Dragon Sanctuary the Patrician's menagerie and eventually a day out with the King of the Golden River He learns about the gastro enterology of the gargoyle in a practical fashionNot detailed enough to be considered a veterinary text book this can only be seen as a light hearted attempt to depict the class struggle of the enthusiastic amateur infringing on the rights and practices of the working person the thoughtlessness of privilege literally and metaphorically defecating on the proletariat What is considered the harmless peccadillo of a moneyed child actively deprives the worker of bread or at least its end product If this situation is allowed to continue the hard pressed huddled masses of Ankh Morpork will rise and take positive action to prevent the situation continuing Ironically we can only hope that the arrival of yet another child with a silver spoon in its mouth prevents a further deterioration in this crossing of clearly negotiated lines of demarcation OUT BROTHERS and SISTERS OUT; FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS after appropriate and transparent balloting of all members of the union in keeping with Ankh Morpork law overseen by those excellent solicitors Morecombe Slant and Honeycase I am so sorry I am not uite sure who wrote that last paragraph The story is delightful the illustrations excellent and the footnotes are as much fun as the main narrative If Harry King is the King of the Golden River Terry Pratchett is the King of the Golden Spin off

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    Disclaimer ARC for the American Edition via Netgalley This is a book about poop or poo or whatever other term you wish to use to describe what ends up after we digest things Some people call it other things I’m looking at you Count Dookie sorry Count Dooku This is a book about poo for children so at no point is the s word used in case you were wondering If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett and have kept up with the Discworld books you will know that the World of Poo by Miss Biddle is a favorite book of young Sam Vimes the son of the elder Sam Vimes and Lady Sybil This means for those of you who don’t know that World of Poo is like the books that Rowling put out that were used by the students in her Potter books Or if you prefer PBS it’s like a cook on Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs putting out a cookbook If you are not familiar with Pratchett Harry Potter Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs I don’t think I want to talk to you No offense Whoever designed this book with Pratchett or if it was Pratchett himself deserves I don’t know what Something The design is impressive because it even has signed message for Sam Vimes from Biddle as well as a list of other works by Biddle All the titles are rather well one book is called the Wee Wee Men for crying out loud The illustrations are uite lovely as well The story is about Geoffrey who discovers that he is uite interested in poo and wants to start a Museum of Poo He then goes around collecting poo from all sorts of things That’s the basic plot But since this Pratchett you know that the book is far than that Pratchett was the man who took a story about a god being a turtle and turned into a wonderful look at tolerance Pratchett takes a werewolf and dwarf and deals with racism and other isms He doesn’t do sparkly vampire stalker tales And so packed into this book is an elephant patty’s worth of information about the history of waste disposable While Geoffrey gets poo from swamp dragons the facts about poo like night soil are real world It’s a sly gross jokey way to actually teach about history and science Seriously every science classroom should have this book And importantly beside a book about poo and history of its uses and disposal as well as all sorts information about different species’ poos it is also a book about supporting a desire to learn While his grandmother is not overly thrilled at Geoffrey’s interest in poo she does support it The most moving and it is moving aspect of the story is how the adults respond to Geoffrey They think he is crazy but since he is willing to learn since he is in the uest of knowledge they support him They don’t suggest he play football instead They don’t try to interest him in tea They actually arrange to further his knowledge That is so awesome If you have never read Pratchett before this book will give a taste of his style Because the critics are right – Pratchett writes for everyone The only difference between a “child’s” Pratchett book and an adult one is the age of the protagonist The book takes place in the Discworld but you don’t need to know anything about the Disc to follow the story you might miss one or two inside jokes but that’s it This book illustrates Pratchett or Biddle’s depth of knowledge as well as his humanist spirit It’s about time it was available in the US

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    This was definitely one of the stranger things I’ve read in recent years The World of Poo is a Discworld based children’s book that is referenced uite a bit in the previous Discworld book I just finished Snuff The main character Geoffrey develops a fascination with poo and starts collecting samples from various creatures he encounters some of which are fictional Discworld creaturesThe product page lists it as being geared toward ages 8 through 12 12 seems a little old to me but I guess 8 sounds about right in terms of the simplicity of the story and language On the other hand there are a few snide comments aimed at adults that seem likely to raise some uestions I’m also not sure the average younger child would fully appreciate the Discworld setting and be able to confidently sort through the mish mash of real and fake facts unless they’ve read some of the novels Anyway it was a cute and very uick read and it was a fun little tie in to the main books I may even have learned a thing or two from it although I don’t expect those things to have any major impact on my life

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    A story about a young boy with an interest in poo As an accompaniment to Snuff it's uite a fun little book but I'm not uite sure who it's written for with both the young and the old being short changed in an attempt to cover all the bases I personally found it too basic actually hoping for detail into the world of poo we find out it's used in tanning but not how I want to knowGenerally it's amusing rather than funny though kids should enjoy it The footnotes we all love are present and correct and usually the funniest parts and it's nice to spend some time exploring Ankh Morpork another reviewer mentioned reading it with the map side by side and that sounds like a greatgeeky idea Simplicity aside as a big Discworld fan it's pretty much essential The design of the book really does appeal a fantastic small hardback with cloth bound feel marbled end pages and lovely inked illustrations throughout evoking books of old WonderfulProbably most amusing was chatting with the lady in the book shop who said to me 'oh I had a flick through that and it looks fun have you seen the names of some of the other titles? She's written so many but I've not heard of her before' Ha ha I didn't have the heart to tell herFun for the fans and those with kids Now I need to go and find a book about the use of poo in industry

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    I'm a 100% sure I'd never visit a poo museum but I appreciate the educational value From the safety of my poo free bedroom ;

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    I found this one dull I wasn't interested in all the poo and the humor didn't work with me On another hand I enjoyed to see some of the Discworld characters and it was fun to discover some new animals Because of the Discworld background I'm not sure who is the target of this book It seemed aimed at kids but with all the creatures having a fantasy knowledge seemed necessary As a story for adults people interested in poo would probably enjoy this but it wasn't the case for me The art was pleasant to look at and worked well with the story

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    In Snuff Young Sam Vines had moved on from Where’s My Cow? and his new favourite book was The World of Poo Because Sir Terry Pratchett his awesome once again he has brought Sam’s fictional book to life in a charming story all about pooI’m not sure the plot really matters Geoffrey is staying with his Grandmother in Ankh Morpork and he starts up a poo museum in the garden shed after he’s told that being pooed on by a bird is good luck The story follows his adventures round the city as he collects different types of poo and even visits Sir Harry King master of all things pooI can see this being a huge hit with small children even if parents might want to deter poo collecting as a hobby Geoffrey is encouraged to wash his hands a lot so there is a positive message in there too The line drawings by Peter Dennis are charming and add a little extra to the story; I especially liked the ones illustrating his trip to the zoo And in true Pratchett style there are plenty of footnotes to keep the adults entertained though personally I thought the whole thing was amusingThere’s a lot of moaning on about the formatting on the Kindle edition I can see how it might have been difficult with the illustrations and footnotes but there’s a bit of me that thinks this book deserves to by a physical thing The hardback has a lovely feel to it and at the very least it’s an interesting conversation point for visitors to your home