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Pity pity Laura ChasePretty hair and pretty faceIsn't it a sorry fateShe won't live to graduate?Somebody has a morbid sense of humour at Wetherby High School The yearbook has been sabotaged and nasty poems have appeared next to some students' photographsDavid Kallas thinks it's just a sick joke until his friends start disappearing one by one And when he finds a dead body he realises that something far sinister is going on

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    Most of the Point Horror’s seem to have a familiar formula this one really jumped out as it’s just so completely differentInitially I found it uite odd reading from the male perspectiveSeventeen year old David Kallas agrees to join the yearbook after a series of earthuakes David soon discovers a dead body Taking it upon himself he soon learns a similar event happen in 1950 with numerous murdersCan David stop history repeating??This is such an odd entry in the Point Horror series i wonder if they were trying to branch out with other writers and ideasI know that Lerangis's has also written Drivers Dead for the range so I’m really curious to read that one nowOverall a good solid enjoyable story As the mystery was so different to the other books I was slightly surprised in the way the story ended

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    This was a really fun book uite different from the typical Point Horror style I really enjoyed reading our protagonist David's perspective other than his leching over Ariana that is Ew But he has a dry and sarcastic sense of humour which definitely made me chuckle from time to time and the story moves along uickly through his voice The story was really clever and also uite silly at times which made for a great combination An interesting cast of characters and a wild story involving something strange going on in David's home town

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    People liked this? It was terrible Craziness

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    Ahh high school senior What a blissful year for some For me it meant freedomAnyway David Kallas had a crush on Ariana Maas And because of that he decided to join the Voyager a group that is involved with the making of the school yearbook Everything was going smoothly until that fateful night David discovered the body And to make the mystery exciting David had a dream of a boy named Mark from someplace in the future I presumed2016 22 1994 44 1950 88 1862 176 1686 352 1334 704 630 778 BCUhm yeah you have to read the story to know the meaning behind the set of numbers

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    In 'The Yearbook' David is in charge of proofreading the yearbook Unfortunately this simple task turns into a nightmare when the yearbooks end up being sabotaged by someone Featuring gory images and disturbing poems the yearbook is only the start of true horror When David finds a body he realizes that he could be nextThe premise was undoubtedly interesting I liked the idea of a group of students getting killed off one by one However the poor execution ruined the book's potential to deliver spine chilling horror It took forever for the best bits such as the discovery of the body to arrive By the time they did I had already lost interest To make things worse the pacing was completely off It was too slow at first and later it was the opposite As a result there was no suspense or any build up to the climaxAll of the characters were boring forgettable and painfully one dimensional Although several students were mentioned the author only focused on David and his love interest Ariana Despite that neither one of them was fleshed out I felt neutral towards David whose entire life seemed to revolve around the mystery of the yearbook and Ariana not necessarily in that order Meanwhile Ariana was just the token pretty girl with no personality It was hard to root for characters that you just don't care aboutThe horror could have been better if the author had shown what the victims experienced prior to their death instead of explaining their deaths in a few sentences The answer to the mystery did somewhat make sense but the long windedness of the story was really off putting Besides that the police were unrealistic as they had no ualms about sharing information on the case with David the one who found the dead body Logically he'd be at the top of the suspects listOverall 'The Yearbook' was a disappointingly dull read filled with scenes that went nowhere flat characters and ineffective writing

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    David Kallas is seventeen and pretty much obsessed with classmate Ariana After a mild earthuake brings them momentarily closer David finds himself agreeing to join the Yearbook staff in order to spend time with ArianaDavid is on his way to the printers one night when he comes across a dead body he freaks and flees home where he has a strange dream about someone named Mark He begins to dig around for information and realises that in 1950 a similar earthuake sparked the beginning of a spate of high school murders Are his classmates in danger? Can David find out what's going on before he or Ariana are put in serious danger? And what do his dreams mean? I liked this a lot I liked David's voice he was sarcastic uick witted and funny The actual plot was completely daft but this is Point Horror not Stephen King so that can be forgiven I couldn't have told you how this would end in a million years so there's no way you could ever say this was predictableI did think one thing was really funny but I'll put it in a spoiler so I don't give anything awayview spoiler When we get back to Mark in 2016 I actually laughed out loud at the guy saying we'll fax you over a holo of the man right away there's a missed opportunity if ever I read one Bring back fax machines hide spoiler

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    Definitely not my favourite Point Horror It was all a bit too weird And as is common for these books it took too long to get going and went too fast at the end

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    I liked how snarky he wrote for the main character I wasn't impressed by the ending it left too much lacking I was going to keep hold of this for my son but since the end was so lame of it goes

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    Weird mashup of King and Lovecraft but nowhere near as good obviously Honestly the protagonist is a difficult one for me I spend the first half of the book thinking we were supposed to be disgusted by him I certainly was he was written as a nasty perverted incel creep character and I was honestly getting 'The Collector' vibes off of him so yeah was a bit off putting when it dawned on me 'oh wow this is our hero' Must be a 90s thing the main character made my skin crawl than any deep ancient one could