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You don't really want to read this do you? The masters of horror are waiting to take you on a terrifying ride and there are 13 stopsMeet the new guy in town very handsome very sexy and very deadlyDine on sweet and wonderfully inviting confections they're good to the last breathLearn that some spells can never be brokenInside you'll find the works of 13 masters of horror Let Christopher Pike RL Stine and the rest of our macabre crew show you the beauty in your worst nightmares and the terror in your most exuisite dreams viii • Introduction Thirteen • 1991 • essay by T Pines 1 • Collect Call The Black Walker Part I • 1991 • novella by Christopher Pike 49 • Lucinda • 1991 • novelette by Lael Littke 73 • The Guiccioli Miniature • 1991 • shortstory by Jay Bennett 83 • Blood Kiss • 1991 • novelette by D E Athkins 103 • A Little Taste of Death • 1991 • novelette by Patricia Windsor 127 • The Doll • 1991 • novelette by Carol Ellis 149 • House of Horrors • 1991 • shortstory by J B Stamper 165 • Where the Deer Are • 1991 • novelette by Caroline B Cooney 183 • The Spell • 1991 • novelette by R L Stine 205 • Dedicated to the One I Love • 1991 • novelette by Diane Hoh 231 • Hacker • 1991 • novelette by Sinclair Smith 257 • Deathflash • 1991 • novelette by A Bates 279 • The Boy Next Door • 1991 • novelette by Ellen Emerson White 305 • Collect Call The Black Walker Part II • 1991 • novella by Christopher Pike 331 • About the Authors Thirteen • 1991 • essay by uncredited

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    Re read alongside ‘Teenage Scream Podcast’ who covered each of the individual stories in mini episodes leading up to HalloweenI remember having this collection but couldn’t recall a single story from it but listing along with them made for a fun revisitWhat I found most interesting was the collection included some authors that hadn’t written any Point Horror books including Christopher PikeAlways fun to have a dose of nostalgia and I’d highly recommend the podcast for those that read this range but in the 90’s

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    Taking a journey down memory laneI remember reading this as a hapless excessively wimpy 12 year old girl And then not being able to sleep afterwards It's fair to say that it's this book and others like it that shaped my future reading tastes not to mention the books I write So I was very keen to revisit it after twenty odd years yes it really has been that long to see what I thought of it now And I'm glad to report that I enjoyed it just as much as I ever did but thankfully wasn't nearly so scared this time around There are 13 tales in total as the title suggests with some in my opinion being far superior to others Christopher Pike's 'Collect Call' gets the book off to a rollicking good start with an eerie tape a deadly accident and a girl who has to make things right again or face the terrifying messages of someone who should be dead but isn't There are other stand out stories in there too Dedicated to the One I Love about a trio of friends who find out that their mutual boyfriend has been playing them for fools has a very satisfying twist Likewise The Boy Next Door has a moment of genuine surprise at the end which is always pleasing in a short storyThere were a few in there that were a bit predictable or dull though The Hacker was a nice concept but blisteringly obvious from the start as to who the serial killer was Likewise The House of Horrors goes for the over used trope of the waxworks haunted funhouse setting and fails to do anything particularly interesting with it However the good outweighs the bad and I was amused to find that I'd read the whole book in one day because I just couldn't put it down A whole lot of fun which I'll be saving for my kids when they're old enough to not be terrified by it

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    Let these horror masters take you and do their worst with their best Collect Call Part I Part II by Christoper Pike About two girls who drive home after a party except they get into an accident and one of them dies Then the remaining girl starts receiving messages on her answering machine from the dead girl Pike's a wizard at chronicling the soft underbelly of the high school social scene The first part is better but the second is necessary to completely understand the storyLucinda by Lael Littke 16 year old girl and her older brother return to their hometown to investigate the six year old death of his girlfriend I really liked the original setting; it gives the whole story a remote ghost town uality The Guiccioli Miniature by Jay Bennett Set in Venice Italy a young college student is approached by a poor painter to buy one of his copies of the Guiccioli miniature This 8 paged story is not your typical horror fare; it kind of sticks out because of its intelligent horror and open ending Blood Kiss by DE Athkins Elizabeth and her two girl friends fall for the new boy who everybody thinks is a vampire The one story in this entire anthology that seems like it was written down to its audience Hated itA Little Taste Of Death by Patricia Windsor A genuinely original idea but imperfectly developed Restates the obvious Never take candy from a strangerThe Doll by Carol Ellis After moving in to her family's new home 16 year old Abby finds a doll in the attic that tries to harm Abby's friends and family House Of Horrors by JB Stamper This falls into the fairly narrow subgenre of wax museum horrors either the wax coming alive or the living turning to wax I won't tell you which this is but there are plenty of chills nonetheless Readers will certainly be able to relate to Mark's claustrophobia Where The Deer Are by Caroline Cooney to school one day with her four friends Tiffany has a premonition that Nature which consists of the nearby deer woods and cliff known as Dead Kid Curve has decided to claim one of them after 25 years But who will it be? This story might be better if made into a short film The Spell by RL Stine A young girl's boyfriend gets interested in hypnotism and uses his new talent to get even with his friends who had teased him about itDedicated To The One I Love by Diane Hoh One by one three friends hear a radio dedication to them made by their three timing ex boyfriend Richie and one by one each girl has a tragic accident This one gets better as you read; there's a twist halfway through itHacker by Sinclair Smith A young student becomes a serial killer's next victim when she starts receiving messages from him on her class computer This one was rather disappointing because of how easy it is to guess the killer Deathflash by A Bates Has a vague eerie telling combined with the pseudo scientific premise Implausible ending The Boy Next Door by Ellen Emerson White A young girl working in an ice cream parlor during winter of all times is robbed and threatened by one of her childhood friends It's suspenseful and has an unexpected endingBook Details Title Thirteen Thirteen Tales Of Horror By Thirteen Masters Of HorrorAuthor Christopher Pike RL Stine et alReviewed By Purplycookie

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    I will never ever forget this book I was ten years old when my mom bought it for me at Barnes and Noble Back then the cover was different Blood oozed from a partially lit brick wall The cover of the paperback was sort of 3D with the bricks and blood pressed from the inside of the cover so they had texture When we were walking through the parking lot to the car my mom said You should feel special That book is for teenagers See? It says thirteen right on the cover I knew she was full of crap but for some reason that memory is burned into my brainI coveted this book I must have read it ten times and brought it with me everywhere Periodically I'd check the internet to see if I could find it again and buy a new copy for my daughter now that she's getting old enough to enjoy it I'm so glad I found it and hope to be able to snag a version with the original cover Seriously I highly recommend this book

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    I was reading this book called Thirteen 13 Tales of Horror by 13 Masters of Horror This book is written by RL Stine This book had thirteen short stories that is good for reading at night and could really get you creep out at night This book is also a book that will really make you think and hate the endings cause they do not end right When you reach the end of these short stories it will make you wanna write a better ending to it and have the story keep going on because as I said earlier you will not like the ending and you will want to keep writing so it will end better and also so that you could find out who killed who or who did what and even why they killed them selfs In one of the short stories Lucinda this girl by the name of Lucinda and a couple of her other friends go camping the day before they walk across the stage to get their daplomia So when they all figure out that she has gone missing they all start too go around and look for her So when Lucinda told them that she was going for a swim in the lake they all went to the dock with herand saw her go into the lake because they really made her mad They watched her as she swam away and then she went under the water and did not comem back up for awhile so they jumped in to try and find her but no sucess When i first read this book i was like okay maybe she has a little secret spot in the water that she hides in or maybe she got dragged under by some other sprit So then after awhile all her friends saw her red graduation gown floot to the top and thought she was dead Then after that I was thinking that no she cant be right Later on in the story it gives you some signs that she is still alive cause she was talking to her old boyfriend But after awhile you will start to make since when you get indebth With the rest of all the stories is pretty much all the same

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    These are a bunch of very uick bites from a baker's dozen of Point Horror authors in the 80's One takes them like a draught of cool spring water straight up bottoms up since they're straightforward satisfying and very easy to readMost of them adhere to a tried and tested seuence Just have a scary but uncomplicated tale to tell put all these violent and gory details that are stark and brazen enough to horrify their target audience maybe put a small twist in the end et voila you have a nice little retro YA horror story And no I'm not being glib here There really is something cozy and even nostalgic in unexacting thrillers like theseThe standouts here are The Collect Call diptych by Pike which explores a necromantic love triangle where one diabolical party pulls all the strings; The Guiccioli Miniature by Bennett which is about a possibly cursed trinket bought from a doomed and desperate wretch; and The Boy Next Door by White a tale about a budding psychopath's first potential thrill kill The last one is by far the most interesting piece in the entire bookI'm rating this 6510 or 3 stars out of 5

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    Thirteen is a novel comprised of 13 short stories foretelling tales of horror by 13 authors who are masters in this genre Although there are many themes in this book one that stands out the most is panicking in the worst case scenarios wont help you In these 13 short stories you will read about calls from dead friends the disappearance of a girl in a lake stolen paintings a new guy in town who actually is a vampire candy both addicting and deadly a killer doll a haunted wax museum frightening deer hypnosis on your friends songs dedicated to the one they love from the dead a hacker who leaves death notes on the victim’s computer deadly flashes and neighbors that can be serial killers These short stories were very interesting dark and twisted My favorite scene in the book is from the short story “Collect Call” when Caroline receives a phone call from Janice who is dead and tells her she wont call Caroline back because the flesh from her arms have burned off in the car accident that she caused when she slapped her in the face My favorite character was Bobby Walker because he’s a mysterious and charming horror film fan The book was very descriptive especially when it came to the killing scenes and I was able to imagine what all the characters were going through in these intense situations The characters most vivid to me were Janice Caroline and Bobby because of their uniue personalities given to them The scene most vivid to me was when Janice went into the morgue One large world issue this book relates to is how dangerous it is to drink and drive I would recommend this book to teenagers into dark and twisted tales of horror who would love to stay up reading it late at night just waiting to get a fright Although I haven’t read any other horror novels similar to this one I have seen plenty of horror films containing some elements this book has So if anyone is a big horror movie fan than this is the book for you

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    Not that I enjoyed the simple not so complex writing but the read was comforting It reminded me of better days when I first picked up books to escape reality rather than be reminded of itRL Stein of course being the only author I've read as a kid his Goosebumps novellas were my introduction to the awesome world of reading I was reintroduced to familiar names that filled the shelves of my female cousins Namely Christopher Pike whose Slumber Party cover always reminded me of a young chick lit gone awryIt's a four star read for any adolescent wanting to take a stab of horror at their reading level or for the adult who wants to reminisce about their childhood However the book is a little dated cassette tapes probably have the Myspace generation scratching their hands on that one Why not use a CD and leave it on loop rather than having to rewind the song?or better yet what's a CD? The advent of electronic mail made me smile how crazy were we in the year 1991?

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    I had mixed feelings about this book of short stories Some of them are pretty creepy something fun to read when your home alone one night but most just didn't cut it for me Some were just weird and I'm still trying to figure out what's supposed to be scary about them and others are laughably stupid One actually tries to make you scared of deer DEER I mean I give the author credit for their effort and creativity but seriously I'd have to say that my favorite by far was collect call and its seuel The Black Walker Admittedly it was pretty predictable and some parts were stupid but it was one of the creepier ones I would also recommend The Doll House of Horrors and The Spell While I didn't find it very creepy I do give kudos to A Bates for Deathflash which is probably one of the most creative stories I have ever read Oh and I think Lucinda was a pretty good one as well

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    Reading this completely took me back to my teenage years I devoured lots of Point Horror books when I was a teen I have read this collection before and revisiting it was just as entertaining Great short stories just perfect for dipping in and out of I enjoyed the collection