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An inspiring collection of the personal philosophies of a group of remarkable men and women Based on the National Public Radio series of the same name This I Believe features eighty essayists from the famous to the unknown completing the thought that begins the book's title Each piece compels readers to rethink not only how they have arrived at their own personal beliefs but also the extent to which they share them with others Featuring a well known list of contributors including Isabel Allende Colin Powell Gloria Steinem William F Buckley Jr Penn Jillette Bill Gates and John Updike the collection also contains essays by a Brooklyn lawyer; a part time hospital clerk from Rehoboth Massachusetts; a woman who sells Yellow Pages advertising in Fort Worth Texas; and a man who serves on the state of Rhode Island's parole board The result is a stirring and provocative trip inside the minds and hearts of a diverse group of people whose beliefs and the incredibly varied ways in which they choose to express them reveal the American spirit at its best

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    This seems like such a promising concept for a book based on the NPR series of the same name 80 essayists from the famous to the previously unknown complete the thought that begins the book's title But the result is despite being a bestseller a dreadful book If I had checked it out in a bookstore rather than buying it on I might have figured it out from the back cover Here are the four 'uotes from inside' that the publishers use as a teaserI believe in the goodness of a free society And I believe that the society can remain good only as long as we are willing to fight for it Jackie RobinsonI believe in empathy Azar NafisiI believe in the pursuit of happiness Not its attainment nor its final definition but its pursuit Andrew Sullivan Be cool to the pizza delivery dude; it's good luck Sarah AdamsForgive me and I may burn in hell for this but I submit that the only possible reaction to this kind of anodyne banality is a major YAWN If you crack open the book and can wade through some of the most mind numbingly pompous prose imaginable there are further nuggets to be gleanedBenjamin Carson believes that there is no job important than parenting William F Buckley believes in God but being WFB finds it necessary to express himself thusly This I believe that it is intellectually easier to credit a divine intelligence than to submit dumbly to felicitous congeries about natureJackie Lantry believes in the power of love to transform and heal I believe that the kind of cliched banality that the contributors to this effort ended up producing is available free in any Hallmark store More charitably in considering why this book ended up being such a disastrous collection of woolly minded writing almost never rising above hackneyed cliches and Reader's Digest level banality I believe that the problem lies in the formulation of the uestion It seems that asking people to come on the radio for three minutes to sum up the core beliefs of their lives is a poor mechanism to generate anything of interest It's a trap causing most respondents to founder in banal generalities The very few interesting contributors were smart enough to avoid the lure of the pompously abstract profundity and rooted their answers in the specific Here are the opening sentences of the three most interesting OK let's be honest the only three truly interesting essays'I consider myself a feminist and I feel like a moron admitting it but it's true I believe in Barbie' Jane Hamill'I believe in always going to the funeral My father taught me that' Deirdre Sullivan'There is no such thing as too much barbecue' Jason SheehanLet me be clear this review is in no way a critiue of the expressed beliefs and opinions of the contributors It is concerned only with the interest level and readability of their efforts And on those criteria this book has to be considered a dreadful soporific failure

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    Be Cool to the Pizza Delivery Dude  Of eighty spiritual philosophical intellectual and unconventional statements of belief this is the chapter that was most memorable to me  Certainly the title is memorable but than creating just a catchy title Sarah Adams in less than 500 words explains why humility forgiveness empathy honor and euality are a big part of her belief system  Humility Forgiveness Empathy Honor and Euality these virtues seem in very short supply today  Perhaps we could encourage Sarah Adams to run for President on a platform of Basic Human Decency      This I Believe is a selection of five minute CBS and NPR radio readings from the early 50s and the early 2000s  It includes a variety of essays from well known people like Helen Keller and Gloria Steinem to essays by average citizens from diverse walks of life  This I Believe was initially hosted by Edward R Murrow and was broadcast locally in Philadelphia  The readings soon became so popular the program was expanded nationwide on CBS and eventually worldwide on The Voice of America  A two volume book of the readings was published in 1952 and was a top 10 best seller for three years  However in spite of enormous popularity the last radio program was broadcast in 1955 because of a lack of financial backing  Dan Gediman a producer for radio happened upon the original book of the broadcasts on his wife's bookshelf in 2003 and decided to try to revive the broadcasts  With the help of Jay Allison an independent broadcast journalist the program was re introduced on NPR National Public Radio utilizing old and new essays  The program's website has an archive of these wonderful essays and  be cool to the pizza delivery dude  You've got my vote Sarah Adams

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    In my commitment to read 52 books this year I made a list of ones I want to read have bought to read etc This title was one that I had borrowed from the library since it was recommended reading from Ali Edwards during an online class I took It's from the NPR and it's a collection of short essays from different people On what they believe It was a uick read Great food for thoughtDuring reading this book I started to uestion my own beliefs Not the core ones The biblical ones or even the taught ones I uestioned what do I truly believe? At this 35 year old state of my life Currently in the stage of child rearing what is it that I want my kids to know about ME? About what I truly believe? So I am working on an essay about what I believe I will post it when I complete it Reading the book there were a few uotes that really popped out at me Here they are1 You only have what you give It's by spending yourself that you become richIsabel Alede2 A mans noblest endowment is his capacity to change Leonard Bernstein3 Being fully open to yourself may be the hardest work you will ever do 4 If I die it will be Glory if I live it will be Grace5 Families are not only blood relatives but sometimes just people that show up and love you when no one else will

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    This print copy of essays written and read for the NPR series by the same title is sweet and lovely diverse and by turns light and deep From the pizza guy to barbeue from prominent politicians to the mom down the block it covers a lot of ground The effect is to generate conversations and intimacies that might otherwise never have developed For starting conversations that you never have the time to start for getting into the heads of people we think we know and for stimulating personal spiritual and intellectual development a wonderful addition to one's bookshelf

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    Like a lot people I listen to This I Believe segments on NPR I am so inspired every time I hear one of these essays read aloud on the radio I love how three words make me think about the way I see life and evaluate my own personal philosophies of life When I found out that there was a book I made it a goal to read it I am a natural pessimist This I believe I LOVE being nice to strangers and to the people in my life Sometimes though I wonder why I even bother Does anyone care? There is so much evil in the world and gasoline is at 4 a gallon why did I even bother bringing a child into the world This book brought peace to my mind and tears to my eyes These short essays are by people like ME who care about the world and the creatures that inhabit it I can't begin to tell you how many times I had to lovingly set the book onto my lap to catch my breath There is an army of goodness out there and the authors with essays in this book and on the website are in this army I realized that I too am a member of not only this army of goodness but of the side of humanity that brings compassion and humility down to our daily lives I'm also inspired to finally write my own essay

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    I really wish I had listened to this in smaller chunks It's a lot to take in Some of the essays were not exceptional but others were absolutely wonderful Topics ranged from the rule of law love and freedom to barbecue and jazz And listening to this collection rather than reading it really does add a lot to the experience Not to mention the opportunity to hear such voices as Helen Keller Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson

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    If you had 3 minutes to clearly state what your beliefs are could you do it? What would you say? Would you talk about your religious beliefs or the lessons your mother taught you that you still live by ideas from books you've read or the things you learned through living your life? This collection of personal philosophies of remarkable men and women consists of short essays written both in the 1950's and in the early 21st century as part of the This I Believe series on NPR The series first ran in the 1950's on a radio show hosted by Edward R Murrow The show was resurrected on NPR in 2005 and is still being aired In fact anyone can send in their own story of what they believe by going to the website From the original series we have stories by Helen Keller Eleanor Roosevelt Albert Einstein Leonard Bernstein and other luminaries of that time as well as stories by non celebrities From the 21st century contributors include Isabel Allende Azar Nafisi Bill Gates and our own Frederic Reamer Professor of Social Work at Rhode Island College Their various beliefs made for an enlightening day of reading I came away feeling inspired and hopeful and how can a book be any better than that?My favorite thoughts I believe that life isn't a popularity contest I really don't care what other people say about me and believe me they've said plenty For me it's about trying to do the right thing even when nobody is looking Jody Williams I now again believe there is good than evil; of those who create or wish to create than those who destroy; of those who love than those who hate Maximilian HodderEverything potent from human love to atomic energy is dangerous; it produces ill about as readily as good; it becomes good only through the control the discipline the wisdom with which we use it Wallace Stegner

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    I've been listening to the essays contained in this book as I've walked around my town this spring I've enjoyed many of them while finding others a bit stilted and pretentious My favorite of the bunch probably belongs to writer Wallace Stegner In his essay Stegner says In all honesty what I believe is neither inspirational nor evangelical Passionate faith I am suspicious of because it hangs witches and burns heretics and generally I am in sympathy with the witches and heretics than with the sectarians who hang and burn them I fear immoderate zeal Christian Muslim Communist or whatever because it restricts the range of human understanding and the wise reconciliation of human differences and creates an orthodoxy with a sword in its hand I was surprised by how many of those who spoke including Eleanor Roosevelt espoused no absolute faith in God but rather held to a hopeful agnosticism It was also interesting how many of the older recordings still held relevancy for today's listener Of course the most interesting and humorous was the young man who explained in all sincerity how he believes in feeding monkey's on his birthday

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    I have owned this book for years but only recently picked it up to read I took my time reading one essay each day It's been a fascinating look at what motivates people It was also interesting to see some essays from the 1950s sprinkled throughout and note how different those felt in tone and content

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    A collection of essays from the famous and not so famous about their personal life philosophies I found this to be very thought provoking Some essays from the original 1950s series were mixed in with the contemporary ones and there's even one that spans both There are essays covering heartfelt and controversial subjects religion patriotism bigotry and there are less serious subjects such as being nice to the pizza guyHere are a few selections I'll include the author and time period hidden at the end it is amazing how timeless some of these truly areIt is in giving that I connect with others with the world and with the divine It is in giving that I feel the spirit of my daughter inside me like a soft presence view spoiler Isabel Allende current she lost her daughter Paula to illness a pain we share hide spoiler