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Mention the name Bill Phillips to any of the million people from all walks of life who are now transformed as a result of the energy inspiration and knowledge shared in his #1 New York Times bestseller Body for LIFE and watch their faces light up with appreciation and pride Now Bill Phillips is back with the book that goes beyond 12 weeks and then some TRANSFORMATION How to Change EVERYTHING Within these pages Phillips delivers on the title's promise In a uniue fusion of art science common sense and the wisdom of the life experience itself TRANSFORMATION illuminates the right way to making significant meaningful and healthy changes Specifically Phillips guides readers step by step through his 11 Transformation Tenets which when practiced daily energizes authentic and lasting change beginning deep within your heart and then radiating out into every aspect of your life and are reflected in everything you see do feel and experience Truly the Transformation is the way to change everything beginning within your Self but only beginning there

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    Pretty amazing book I doubt the people who rated this book so poorly even bothered to complete the assignments in the book or participated in the online support community

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    Absolutely brilliant book Bill Phillips takes his tried and tested Body for LIFE fitness and nutrition instruction and creates a transformation challenge that's even powerful by exploring the mental emotional and spiritual issues that may be causing us to not live the full life we deserve to live He encourages a lot of soul searching and answers from your heart to help you transform from the inside out When our insides are good our outsides will show it I LOVED this book and have already started back at the beginning and am reading it with even care the second time through

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    Very deep thoughtful read Inspiring In this book Bill Phillips goes beyond Body For Life and teaches a system of transformation that is by no means easy but definitely do able This isn't one of those uick read self help books it asks the reader to do some heavy heart and soul searching but it's worth the effort Whatever you're willing to put into these exercises will come back to you multiplied Great book

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    Attempts to be a combination of his previous excellent work BODY FOR LIFE and THE SECRET and succeeds at neither A banal and pedantic read I wouldn't waste your time

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    Almost finished to the end Didn't get uite there This is a self promotion book but and I say but cautiously it does have some good sound judgment in it that Bill shares Since my current book is on transformation it helped me eliminate a number of things I had on my to write list Narrowing down the list is uite nice actually Thank you Bill For those looking to make any type of transformational changes in their life I do recommend reading this book Actually studying it is a better objective I didn't purchase this book I read the library copy Normally if I find the library copy to be good I purchase for my personal shelf This one I'm playing Humpy Dumpy with at the moment with any decision I have decided though to allow time to pass no than a week before I doing another review and decide whether to purchase for my shelf or let it go for now

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    It's justbad This isn't Body for Life and Phillips goes on to make such crazy claims as if you think healthy thoughts while cooking your food it LITERALLY makes the food you're cooking healthier Skip this one Buy his Body for LIFE book While BFL offers REAL advice on nutrition this offers silly metaphysical advice about imagining balls of light etc Bill had a lot of credibility back in the day because BFL really worked for a LOT of people most of it was a ploy to buy a supplement from his supplement companybut that was fine It was a small price to pay for a product you can physically use The problem here is that there is no direction no instruction just tips and facts and figures from uestionable studies I had high hopes it would be BFL 20 and was really excited about the release but the house of cards has fallen

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    I really like the book an everything about it There are so many forms of help ways to be a better person and think outside of the box Ways to be healthier and gain a better understanding of the deeper parts of you to help you learn who YOU are I love that it is not just another diet program or fad it teaches you how to live each and every day with whatever changes may happen Successful online support boards with others who have faced the same problems and do each day Accountability for your actions letting go of the past planning progress not perfection changing your lifestyle Fail to plan plan to fail So many inspirational words and advice It was the book that made a light go off in my head

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    Phillips goes beyond his Body for Life ideas by delving deeper into the why we do what we do and how we can overcome those inner battles we have with ourselves Our body transformation is than what we eat and how we exercise but how we think what kinds of things we are holding onto mentally how we feel emotionally etc It was a good read pretty short I read it in an hourThe web site is probably the gem of this whole book The support there is tremendous and well worth it

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    The com crowd trashed this book yet it's a great introduction to the topics he covers like forgiveness concealments nutrition and other basics for mental and emotional transformation Do the exercises at the end of each chapter because the book is well worth the read as an introduction You don't have to join his Transformation community online by the way I checked the book out of the library where I work The library is the source of most of the books I read Yet as an introduction to the topics the book would be OK to buy

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    The book was an amazing find for me Bill covers so much territory that is currently on my mind my heart my to do lists in life Lots of practical advice and very pointed in inspiring you to take action on the things you know you should be doing for yourself It's much than just a book about dieting and exercising It's about total health and wellness as a person Filled with emotional spiritual and social implications Will definitely re read this one slowly Highly recommend it