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Before there was Dexter there was Billy Knight NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Jeff Lindsay mastered suspense with his wildly addictive DEXTER series Before that however there was former cop and current burnout Billy Knight When a hostage situation turns deadly Billy loses everything—his wife his daughter and his career Devastated he heads to Key West to put down his gun and pick up a rod and reel as a fishing boat captain But former co worker Roscoe McAuley isn't ready to let Billy rest When Roscoe tells Billy that someone murdered his son Billy sends him away When Roscoe himself turns up dead a few weeks later however Billy can't keep from getting sucked back into Los Angeles and the streets that took so much from him Billy's investigations into the death of a former cop and his son will take him up to the highest echelons of the LAPD finding corruption at every level It puts him on a collision course with the law with his past with his former fellow officers and with the dark aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement Jeff Lindsay's considerable storytelling gifts are on full display drawing the reader in with a mesmerizing style and a case with dangerous blind curves than Mulholland Drive

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    I was in the mood to try some of Jeff Lindsey's fiction after bingeing my way through a few seasons of the Dexter TV sow on Netflix I figured this book would be the perfect choice since it was a fresh new story Sadly I was wrong in that assumption as this was dull Really really dull It was so boring that I uit at the 75% mark I just had no enthusiasm to read any of it I did not care about the mystery and I had not grown an attachment to any of the characters All in all I just did not care That said this book was not awful just boringI'm extra disappointed as I had high hopes for this one Rating 2 starsAudio Note Even the excellent narration of Jay Snyder could not inject any life into this story

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    This was good I really enjoy Jeff's writing and humor The storyline was good and I really had empathy for the main character Not uite as action packed as I was hoping but the ending was good and definitely makes me want to continue on with the series Thumbs up

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    Right from the beginning the author sets a fast pace with action drama horrific events and intrigueWhen a botched hostage rescue goes horribly wrong LA police officer Billy Knight loses everything It’s all too much and he leaves the force heading for calmer watersKey West is his final destination He hangs up his gun and starts over as a charter fishing boat captain Sun cold beer and the salty breeze over auamarine waters give Billy a tenuous hold on his sanitySo he wasn’t happy to see Roscoe He’d left all that behind He agreed to listen but flat out refused to get involved in the investigation of the murder of Roscoe’s son and he sent him on his wayLater Billy goes looking for Roscoe feeling bad about how he treated his friend and former co worker but he’s already grabbed a flight back homeThe news of Roscoe’s murder a few weeks later hits Billy hard No matter how much it hurts No matter how difficult it is No matter how dangerous it is Billy will not rest until the killer or killers are caught dead or aliveBilly Knight is a wounded warrior He’s been through so much than most can bear When he went back to investigate the murders I was reminded of that saying “let a sleeping dog lie” Billy woke up and did whatever he had to do regardless of anyone’s approval or cooperationThere are some guys you don’t want to get angry You won’t like them when they’re angry And Billy is angryLots of intrigue dirty little secrets and corruption keep you emotionally engaged The cast of characters go from funny to sad from boorish to just plain badThe story never bogs down The author helps you visualize places and scenes clearly And the doses of humor give you a bright spot in a dark ventureI happily recommend this book and the series to all thriller and suspense fansI received this book from Netgalley for my honest review

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    I am a big Dexter fan books audiobooks and tv series and was excited to see that Mr Lindsay has started a new series As with all first books in a new series there is a fair amount of character introductiondevelopment as well as background and scene setting but I think that this balanced out uite well with the storyBilly Knight was an LA cop Then personal tragedy struck and he ran away to Key West to be a fishing guide A year or so later a face from the past seeks him out to help him and this triggers a return to LA for Billy Soon he is back in the thick of it putting his life in danger to get justiceI really warmed to Billy right from the off He has the right amount of irreverence and sarcasm to be on my wavelength He is also deep down a really decent genuine guy despite what sometimes shows There are some really great one liners in this book as well as some well crafted banter that had me at times chuckling to myself as I read it There is uite a bit of action in this book and it is written in a very visual way I am wondering if there is any tvfilm influence in the style of writing Towards the end of the book I was able to see the action played out in front of me and I am not usually very visual with my readingThe story itself was good self contained and a good introduction to Billy and other characters and his morals methods and general personality All in all a good solid series opener and I will definitely be on the look out for the next in the seriesI received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I miss Dexter This book is so different from the author's Dexter series It kind of reminds me of old time mysteries in some instances but with a modern day setting The main character Billy Knight puts out a lot of sarcasm I chuckled out loud several times While this book started out pretty slow setting up the characters and everything I think he didn't have to spend so much time looking for Roscoe Although I did like hearing about Key West love that placeBut once the story took off it did not stop The villain in this story was on a mission and had no mercy for anyone be it kids or women I saw the lightening scene way before it happened but that was about the only thing I got right HA I think we will have to wait until the next book to see if Jeff Lindsay is able write a better book that takes off a little faster After years of Dexter I imagine it has to be hard to start all over from scratch I know I will be reading itA huge thanks to Diversion Books and Net Galley for allowing me the opportunity and for providing this entertaining book to read and review

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    A lot of reviews start by saying Billy Knight isn't Dexter And well he isn't But they're uite different characters and when reading the book I didn't even begin to compare them The dexter series is one of my favourite book series around and it is because of those that I decided to read Tropical Depression I'd recommend the book it's a light read but the story is interesting nontheless This one is written before Dexter though the next book in the series is written After which means that the setting and technology are a bit 'outdated' They struggle with reaching someone by phone for example no cellphones Not that it bothered me but it might bother someone thinking it's a modern book

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    easy read and good entertaining story

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     Tropical Depression byJeff LindsayRead August 2018I initially borrowed Billy Knight #2 Red Tide from the local library and decided to listen to the Billy Knight #1 Thriller Tropical Depression  Before I commenced the ‘thriller’ I noticed another Goodreads reader commenting that 75% of a very dull story was enough   The first chaptertrack seemed so disjointed that I had to listen to it twice  However I will concede that first listen consisted of very short drives  Listening to the beginning of new book reuires some concentration and extended periods of listening to ‘get into it’I still don’t know why we needed to hear how untidy and high the weeds were in Billy’s garden  We were also introduced to several acuaintances all of which had little or nothing to do with the story line  One such character was an Australianwith a Cockney accent  To make matters worse the narrator could not even hold the accent  Sentences would begin with a Cockney sounding accent and slowly revert to the narrator’s normal voiceAgain in my opinion there is a fine line between conversation and narrative in a thriller or mystery  I do not like either one to outweigh the other especially if it appears to simply be filling a page or chapter  When authors begin to describe the height of weeds in a garden the hues of wall paint provide in depth detailed descriptions of another character’s clothes or dust in a room it has to be relevant to the story  I find that narrative very very boringThe short version of this story is the Billy Knight is an ex cop  A friend’s son is killed  Soon after which the aforementioned friend is also killedI did listen to the whole story  Not the worst book I have heardread however certainly not the best  I will also give Tropical Depression two stars; one for publishing and one because I could not write a children’s book let alone a novel  However it has a long way to go before it is of thriller status in my opinionAt the time of completing this review August 2018 Goodreads readers have rated Tropical Depression an average of 365 stars from 172 ratings and 28 reviews 

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    I picked this book up because I absolutely wanted to marry Jeff Lindsay's Dexter series and still miss the characters A year after reading through the Dexter series and watching the TV show based on the same character it still feels as if close friends have moved away Don't judge me The reviews for this book which is Lindsay's first novel were not so great but I figured I would give it a chance while keeping my expectations low This book set in the 90s where cops communicate with the cutting she technology of pagers and payphones is about a cop Billy Knight who has recently left the fraternal brotherhood behind in LA opting to retire to fish chartering in Key West The opening pages reveal a family tragedy that was the impetus for this move Perhaps because my expectations were so low or because of my undying love for Jeff Lindsay my review of this book differs from others I did not pick it up expecting it to be Dexter 20 And I did not have high expectations I picked it up with the intent to explore Lindsay's first work before reading number two in the series RED TIDE which was written in 2015 And I really enjoyed itBilly Knight has a similar sense of humor and snark that Dexter has The book is uite different but once again Lindsay brings his masterful acceleration prohibiting the reader to put the book down with 20 to 30 pages left This book features humor a flawed protagonist angst action corruption suspense deception and even romance offering something for every readerI'm starting RED TIDE right now

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    OK book; not in a hurry to read another Billy Knight book It was good enough for me to finish it Lots of little things added up to a keep this book from it's real potential Way too many unnecessary dumb metaphors The villain was unbelievable The love story was unbelievable and flat The hero was largely depressing and his tragic background was only partially developed The big investigation started just fine but was suddenly solved with little intrigue