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It isn't natural for you to be younger than your great grandchildren We messed around with nature and we shouldn't haveMelly and Anny Beth both lived normal lives throughout the twentieth century But in 2000 when they are old and ready to die they are selected to participate in Project Turnabout and are given an injection to make them grow younger At some point these participants are to receive another injection which will stop the unaging processBut everyone who receives the second shot diesNow in 2085 Melly and Anny Beth are both in their teens and living on their own They know they will need someone to take care of them when they grow too young to care for themselves Time is running outIn this spellbinding race against time award winning author Margaret Peterson Haddix explores a scientific experiment gone wrong and the morality of immortality

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    There’s a long afterword at the back of this book about the Real Science™ Haddix used as the basis for the story Even if there’s a kernel of truth in the premise—preventing certain chromosomes from shrinking could stop and even reverse aging—the way science is dealt with in this novel makes the ideas seem less plausible than exploding tumors Amelia and Annabeth are two senior citizens who are injected sort of without their consent with a new anti aging formula developed by a scientist who’s only tested the formula on one group of rats When the formula has some unforeseen side effects the scientist’s partner is furious that she was lied to about how many other studies were done Then two scenes later she marries him Amelia and Annabeth have no hard feelings and happily attend the wedding Okay thenAll of this happens within the first 50 pages or so but it sets the tone for the book which is full of nonsensical bizarre things happening and people reacting to them in bizarre nonsensical ways And for all that almost nothing actually occurs in the whole book Amelia and Annabeth spend most of the narrative thinking that a they are being hunted by sinister forces and that b they might be able to find some answer to their predicament By the end it turns out that a they haven’t been and b they won’t so they should just chill and hope for the best Most of the story takes place in Kentucky but Alaska may have been a appropriate setting it’s the book to nowhereThis isn’t the worst novel I’ve ever read—far from But it’s just dumb and I find myself having less and less patience for dumb books

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    I just re read a book called Turn About In this story two people come up with an experiment that can turn back people's ages stopping the people from growing any older Then the scientists after testing it millions of times on rats and other animals they decide it's time to test it on humans The most known scientists in the book are Dr Reed and Dr Jimson These two scientists go out todifferent nursing homes and ask these 100 year old or almost 100 to sign a contract of selling their bodies to science The story focouses on two women Melly and Anny Beth They have to go into their past which is now their future As they become younger they find that they will have to find someone to take care of them when they're too young One day as Melly checks her talkative computer she finds a message that asks whether Melly is related to the sender The people who had been in the experiment were supposedly dead about 89 years ago to their families as they were used to test the experiment They were not suppose to tell anyone that they were even alive But as Melly and Anny Beth grow younger they find that this relative of Melly's may be the only person who could take care of them when they are younger What do yuo think will happen in the end of this story???

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    This may be due to the fact that I'm taking so many biology classes so that entire concept of unaging is completely ridiculous especially the fact that it is now known that telomeres does NOT cause aging The only thing the two have in common is that as you age telomeres shorten but whether or not it does cause aging is completely untrue Not only that but I find that entire point of the story pointless Finding someone to take yourself is hardly a reasonpurpose to live Telling the world about how you unaged essentially getting a second life is also hardly a purpose to live as wellNot only was the plot mediocre at best but the style and syntax was mere child's play It seemed to have been written by a middle schooler even I could have written something like thisWhat's worse is that the author actually thought the book was thought provoking hoping to cause readers to think about whether or not they would want to unage and get a second chance at life But this book was hardly close to her goal I'm pretty sure most people have already thought of the answer to that uestion and even if they hadn't This book hardly inspires argumentation and discussion

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    Turnabout tells a story of two very old women one is 100 years old and the other a few months away from being 100 that take a type of injection that makes them unage The scientists expected to inject another medicine into them to make them stop unaging so they could be whatever age they wanted to be forever But something goes wrong They tried it on one man who wanted to stay around 70 and he disintegrated within seconds So now the two main characters have to deal with unaging But what will happen when they hit zero??

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    I wanted MORE One of Haddix's clever twists on the future where a pair of very old ladies agree to an experiment that will make them young again the catch being that it won't stop As they grow younger and younger fourteen thirteen twelve who will take care of them?I love the concept of this book but Haddix didn't explore as much of it as I wanted her to

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    A very interesting concept that grabbed me from the first page I feel like it could have been at least twice as long of a book as it was only 223 pages because my imagination was running farther with this idea It was of course strange to ponder and a little dismaying

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    This review is also available on my blog Read Till DawnI'm named after my great grandmother who was born in 1900 I'm actually named after two of my great grandmothers Marie my middle name was my dad's grandmother's name but it's the woman whose first name I share that really captures my fascination She grew up in a completely different time on a farm in rural Missouri She lived a fascinating life full of ups and downs and died an old woman living on the same farm she'd spent her entire adult life workingIn some ways Melly is just like my great grandmother she grew up in a rural village in the twentieth century and she was one hundred and one in 2000 so she must have born around the same time as my great grandmother The big different between the two women however is that my great grandmother died long before 2015; Melly on the other hand made it much farther than that She made it much farther than even my grandparents are going to get to the year 2085 Rereading Turnabout for the first time in a few years just as I'm becoming interested in researching my family history I can't help but obsess over how awesome it would be if I could meet my great grandmother Meeting her when she'd unaged so far that she was biologically my own age? Even cooler Just think of all the stories she could tell all of the precious anecdotes and family stories She could help me decipher my sometimes confusing family tree putting stories to all of the different faces She could humanize the past with her own personal experienceSitting here typing this I'm thinking that would be pretty cool for me But would my great grandmother have wanted to participate in Project Turnabout? I have no way of knowing it wouldn't be as simple a choice as you'd think Getting to live for twice your allotted time is great but what sort of life would you have? You'd either be an anomaly to the world living your life under a scientific microscope or you'd spend your whole life running away from anyone and anything that could make you lose your secret This second choice is the one that Melly and her friend Anny Beth make to run to hide and to lie They've spent the last eighty five years completely on their own with only the agency that initiated Project Turnabout to help them and they haven't seen hide nor hair of their descendants in all that time because they're afraid it would be too hard to resist telling them who they really wereI am a huge fan of Haddix's and it's books like Turnabout that are perfect examples of why I love her writing so much She takes an amazing story idea here it's an unaging scenario with so much potential adds compelling characters with complex backstories and convincing motives and sprinkles in some profound thoughts for the reader to chew on in this case it's aging and death and what exactly the conseuence of avoiding them would be She often also includes a really interesting setting here it's her early 2000s view of what the world will be like in the future including a scary good prediction of voice recognition software as the icing in the proverbial cake So do I recommend Turnabout? That's a silly uestion of course I do The only real uestion is one that's been haunting me since I first read it years ago could Project Turnabout ever happen in real life? And if it did would I want to participate in it?

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    2019 What if you were old? But not just old on your death bed old? And what if someone offered you a Fountain of Youth cure? Would you take it? Melly and Anny Beth didMelly and Anny Beth are teenagers For the second time They were roughly 100 years old when they took the Fountain of Youth cure PT 1 which caused them to age in reverse Now Melly is 15 again She can no longer legally drive Anny Beth is only a few years older than her which means soon they won't even be able to legally live on their own Melly even loses her babysitting job because the parent gets concerned that she is too young to watch her childThen someone a reporter starts looking for Melly They call her neighbors they call the agency eventually they even manage to leave a voicemail for Melly herselfIt's a race against time and technology Melly and Anny Beth are determined to not be caught but it's a difficult thing when everything is being broadcastIt's a really fun book I liked how simultaneously Melly and Anny Beth seemed both young and old On one hand they had the determination and tenacity of a teenager They believed that they were in the right when they ran away from their impending futures of being caught as too young teenagers on their own But they were unbelievable old when they got to Kentucky and kept seeing their lives and their children's lives and their children's children's lives in memory They could see the neighbor's kid 100 years removed chin on the face of a child They could see a friend's nose on the face of a baby The memories of their previous lives were predominant in their heads even making them forget how connected the world was with the current technology

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    I love this book it was awesome it was about how a old woman became younger and younger each year when she and her friend was about 15 they are afraid of what will happened when they are 1 years old but then a doctor found out what to do with them so they stayed 15 and continue to 1617

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    a futuristic twist on unaging if that is a word this tale was about what wasn't said GOOD it you liked the curious case of benjamin button you might like this