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Thomas s book was one of the first biographies of Walt Disney, and remains a classic Thomas s style is a nice mix of chronology, anecdotes and characterization, using memories of multiple people who knew him Thomas had family approval, and could use their archives, which means that we not only get a portrait of Disney the business man, but also of Disney as a husband and a father For me as a lover of animation film the book becomes less interesting when Disney moves on to live action, television and theme parks, but that s of course a problem of any book telling the complete Disney history.Thomas s book is not without its flaws for contemporary audiences this book is too shallow on its sources, especially on Disney s earliest history With many an anecdote I wondered how Thomas knew Besides, there are some clear indications of censorship For example, the tragic story of Fred Moore is related, without revealing the animator s name Moreover, Thomas shuns an analysis of his subject his biography remains a pretty straightforward story from birth to death Nevertheless, Walt Disney An American Original remains a nice introduction to who Walt Disney was and why he was so unique and important, and it s absolutely justified that it s still in print. If you re looking for the single best and condensed bio of Walt, start here Walt Disney Is An American Hero From Mickey Mouse To Disneyland, He Changed The Face Of American Culture His Is A Success Story Like No Other A Man Who Developed Animated Film Into An Art Form And Made A Massive Contribution To The Folklore Of The WorldAfter Years Of Research, Respected Hollywood Biographer Bob Thomas Produced A Definitive Biography Of The Man Behind The Legend Of Disney The Unschooled Cartoonist From Kansas City Who When Bankrupt On His First Movie Venture And Developed Into The Genius Who Produced Unmatched Works Of Animation, And Ultimately Was The Creative Spirit Of An International Entertainment Empire That Has Enchanted Generations Complete With A Collection Of Rare Photographs, Walt Disney An American Original Is A Fascinating And Inspirational Work That Captures The Spirit Of Walt Disney Being a Disney Baby all my life, and having recently seen Saving Mr Banks, I decided it was time to delve into the full story of the man whose work was so much a part of my childhood I couldn t be glad that I did The warmth and humor that I remembered seeing in his television appearances re aired on cable for the benefit of 80 s kids like me were no persona, but a facet of the real man, and that makes me happy Thomas doesn t ignore his flaws, though he gives considerable attention to Walt s temper, particularly in his battles with Roy, when Walt was hell bent on tackling his next idea and his elder brother tried to get him to accept the limits of their often shaky finances Walt s no repeats mantra coined after film distributors requested that he make a sequel to the 3 Little Pigs short , You can t top pigs with pigs, kept appearing at moments like these The possibility of easy money to be made on the tried and true had no allure for him he wanted always to find the next big challenge such a far cry from what the company has moved to these days, in acquiring pre existing franchises and sequelling its films into direct to video hell That pioneering spirit is what set him apart A highly enjoyable book about a very unique individual. An in depth biography of Walt Disney that shows all sides of Disney, his vision for the future, and his love of storytelling.Recommended 12 because contrary to popular belief, people in the 20s 60s swore a lot and Disney was no exception. It was a very interesting book about Walt Disney, and it was pretty cool to learn about him. An in depth look at the man behind Mickey Mouse and Disneyland and how he reshaped the world of cartoon and entertainment.My Opinion The tale of Walt Disney through the eyes of Bob Thomas is reminiscent of a fairy tale There are humble beginnings, failures, heartbreak, dwarves, a castle, and evil villains But the protagonist manages to break free from the chains that tried to weigh him down and, finally, arises as a hero who makes everyone s dreams come true The main character, Walter Elias Disney, started off in humble circumstances in Chicago in 1901 His interest in art and cartoons started in his grammar school years and continued as he grew into an ambitious adult Despite his talent and drive, he seemed to fall down on his luck several times before he created Mickey Mouse and, later, successful movies Though he died before all of his dreams came to fruition, the legacy Disney left behind is one that no one will forget Every time someone watches Mary Poppins or takes their child to Disneyland, they are participating in the dream of a man who really changed the world of entertainment.Author Bob Thomas was able to get us into the head of Walt Disney through meeting minutes transcripts, notes, and interviews with those closest to him This book focused mostly on the aspects of Disney s life that influenced his profession, from his early beginnings as a cartoonist to his final days making plans for Walt Disney World This in depth look at Disney s life is very thorough, at times even a compelling read It may have lacked details as to much of Disney s personal life, though I m pretty sure Disney would have wanted it that way.The author did a great job at following Disney s life chronologically while still keeping life events that spanned several years together so they made sense I liked how he included small pieces in Disney s younger years that influenced his later ones Through dialogue and letters, I was able to get to know Disney s voice and personality and feel a connection to this great man.I have a new appreciation for cartoons and the extensive work that went into the very first ones I also now have a deeper love and awe for Disneyland I don t know if anyone could have come up with such a crazy idea at the time and made it a success My overall feel for Walt Disney could be summed up in these words taken from the book as Bob Thomas quoted Eric Sevareid from CBS Evening News after Disney passed away from lung cancer at age 65 He was an original Not just an American original, but an original Period He was a happy accident, one of the happiest this century has experienced And judging by the way it s behaving, in spite of all Disney tried to tell it about laughter, love, children, puppies, and sunrises, the century hardly deserved him He probably did to heal or at least soothe troubled human spirits than all the psychiatrists in the world There can t be many adults in the allegedly civilized parts of the globe who did not inhabit Disney s mind and imagination for at least for a few hours and feel better for the visitation It may be true, as somebody said, that while there is no highbrow in a lowbrow, there is some lowbrow in every highbrow But what Disney seemed to know was that while there is very little grown up in every child, there is a lot of child in every grown up To a child, this weary world is brand new, gift wrapped Disney tried to keep it that way for adults By the conventional wisdom, mighty mice, flying elephants, Snow White and Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Doc all these were fantasy, escapism from reality It s a question of whether they are any less real, any fantastic than intercontinental missiles, poisoned air, defoliated forests, and scrap iron on the moon This is the age of fantasy, however you look at it, but Disney s fantasy wasn t lethal People are saying we will never see his like again I m grateful to the author, Bob Thomas who just recently passed away Thomas gave me a than just a glimpse of this American original of a man He opened my eyes to the hero that was Disney There is something to be said about a man who has broadened my vision of the world through his amazing movies and yet still have me convinced that it is a small world after all. WALT DISNEYTwo words, which everyone knows, every once in a while we hear these two words which means so many things a legacy, many tears of joy, entertainment and lots of lots of time comes to our mind when we were happy, enjoying life to its fullest This is what Walter Elias Disney put down in his short life A legacy for entertainers to follow, to catch on, to develop for the cause of entertaining millions of people, children and adults I couldnt be obiective with this topic, cause like almost all of us I grew up on this genious mans fantasys, work and I recommend this book to all the people who feel the same way about this world.It was such a great pleasure to know the man and his crew behind these all time classics and all of their work As a self thaught artist myself..I remember when being like 10 years old, I tried to find sketches about the disney grafics also documentaries about him, about his company And this passion never stopped till now.I even have some behind the scenes montages on my old VCR at home about Disney telling at the end of the Snow White how they made it come true Even as a child I loved to watch it aaaaaall the time Magical moments Indeed.This book its so detailed I was such a shock when I first started to read it From the origins of the family till the bitter end of two brothers who made their wishes come true With a perfect end line in the final chapter Heartworming experience.All of the picture do tell their stories Be sure to check them out The autor Bob Thomas used all of his sources so well The story went cronologically and he tried to show Disneys every aspect as much as he could, being a young hard working family loving man, to the businessman who accomplished his dreams.Disney helped others to get into his fantasy world, for which we always be truly gratefull, for all times Beautifully written Very honest but never negative I really loved this Such a powerful book I always find it hard to create a well organised review with a biography or non fiction book Especially since I feel so passionately over this book and I think that will make it harder for me to create a well structured review However, I will give it my best shot This is the beautiful and powerful story of Walt Disney and it was worded beautifully with such enthusiasm The author Bob Thomas was a really good choice for a writer, he gave you enough detail about Walt s life but at the same time I feel like he didn t break into Walt s personal life which I actually thought was really great Especially into relation to Walt as it leaves some of the magic behind The book was structurally well written moving through Walt s life in a good chronological order It made it really easy to read and it was definitely not a chore to read through Which I normally struggle with when reading non fiction normally In terms of the time it has taken me to read I always wanted to read a Disney biography but I did have further motive, I picked this book up for my Disney extended project and found that it contained a lot of really interesting and useful information about Disney and his life i was able to learn so much from it and interpret it into my essay It is great for information and it will put you in such a Disney mood Take me to Disneyland please