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Days after he and a friend discover the victim of a werewolf Alex Stryker is attacked and bitten As his wounds heal his senses sharpen and his anxiety around strangers mounts he prepares for what he sees as a frightful transformation during the next full moonAnd what he may have to explain if his friends or his family ever find out what he is

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    I am a werewolf fanatic I love anything about werewolves In fact when I was a kid I loved werewolves so much that I fell in love with real wolves and now work at a wolf sanctuary on the weekends Trivia wolves love anything sweet so they love bananas and would have a total blast on HalloweenI really enjoyed this book This is the story of Alex who is a sentient werewolf His human side rules his lupine side In fact he is just as capable of playing chess with his friends as eating a bunny He can even speak Now how cool is that? Not many creatures with muzzles can speak EnglishThere is a plot Who bit him? Why? Are his friends and family in danger? That's it No weird twists and turns and secret werewolf societies We can concentrate on Alex and what he is feeling It's Teen Wolf on 4 legs and that's a good thing Love the show and read the book uickly I want a seuelThe problem I had with the book was his friends I could never figure out if they were afraid of him or annoyed at him for causing a glitch in their social lives Especially Catherine She's like “OMG you're a werewolf and this is just too weird for me and did I just break a nail?” The friends needed some character development They have the potential to make a fun human and werewolf pack versus Shane read it you'll understand it allI recommend this book a lot It was given to me free as a Goodread's Read 4 Review and I am gratefulthat I got the chance to read it I wish lots of future success to author Adam Gooledge

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    Something weird is going on in Alex’s town First a calf is found dead and mutilated the victim of some large animal attack Then while out filming with his friend Nathan Alex finds a young girl who also seems to have been attacked by a big animal Imagine Alex’s surprise when she implies that her attacker is male leaving Alex to wonder if she was attacked by a person using animals But before he can find out her body disappears from the hospital morgue It is only a few days later when Alex himself is attacked that the answers begin to come to light Alex is attacked by a werewolf And being attacked has turned him into one What will he become?First off let me say how much I loved that this was told from a young male perspective Recently I have read a whole slew of young adult paranormal books where the protagonist was female or where much of the story revolved around a possible love affair It was intriguing not to see that here This is a really uniue and fresh take on the werewolf world and it was refreshing to read it Alex is a really likable character sensitive and kind and not defined solely by his werewolf status It was so interesting to watch him cope with the changes his new werewolf status bring and watching him maintain his relationships with his friends and family really give the book a lot of its heart I was really surprised by everyone’s including Alex’s initial reactions to the events that unfold Everyone seems a lot understanding and unshaken than I would have expected which rings just a little off at times Also while the novel is really intriguing and really catches your attention it does move a little slowly at times Often we hear in depth details about Alex’s skateboarding than we do about his fears and thoughts on being a werewolf This is not a bad thing but it does slow the pacing down from time to timeOverall however I really enjoyed this and I cannot wait to hear from this world Adam Gulledge has a really distinct voice even though there were a few typos here and there throughout ; and I cannot wait to read from him

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    I want to thank the author for providing me with a review copy All the I'm sorry that I cannot give this book a higher rating I'm not enjoying this but I try to be as thorough as I can about the reasonsI decided to read this book because the premise sounded very intriguing I would have loved to read a story about a boy adapting to his wolf side I expected that the author had researched wolf behavior and included it instead of interpolating semi knowledge about dogs dogs are very different in some respects to wolves I know I'm probably especially nitpicky about this aspect because I'm a studied forester and notice the discrepancies If this were my only niggle I would have given this book starsHowever the good bits and there were some see below got lost in a sea of eating sleeping sniffing around eating some talking thinking eating some thinking and eating At some point I was so annoyed with all that eating and not doing anything that I groaned at the mention of food I did get that food was an important aspect yes There's no need to rub it in ; Also the story seems to end in the middle of There was no sense of a rounded story arc None of the initial problems were solved none of the uestions raised by the story at least partially answered except for one and not even a cliffhanger At the end of the book I felt as if someone had deleted half the book Since the end of this book is supposed to sell the next I consider this goal failed I'm not asking for the whole story to be over but I would have needed a sense of closureIn contrast with the few other books I rated poorly this one has potential though The basic idea is extremely intriguing although lacking some research the characters feel real although a little undecided and inactive and the initial problem could give the story the urgently needed sense of dangerI think that with a lot of revision and a good writing coach the author can turn this into something wonderful BTW I liked the cover uite a lot

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review In no way does this affect either my rating or my review I'm afraid that my first comment has to be on the cover It was on my mind throughout the entirety of the book The art is good; it's very well drawn However for the cover of this particular book it did not work I understand what both the author and the artist were trying to convey with the picture but it was not executed very well It looks like it belongs on the cover of a graphic novel In fact when I first looked at the book that's what I thought it was A different representation of Alex's Crossing the Threshold would have been appropriate for the message the author was trying to send As for the rest of the book I have to say that it was not my favorite I thought that trying to show Alex's transformation from human to werewolf and both the physical and prominent emotional effect that it was having on him was a bit overdone It took away from any other storyline that either was trying to be or could have been conveyed Because of the seemingly desperate need to prove that Alex still had humanity in him even though he was turning into a werewolf a monster made every other character seem like background noise I think that the message could have still been given while allowing for development of secondary characters I'm not sure if my interpretation of the book is what the author had in mind or not; I could very well have misread the whole thing This is merely my opinion and how I as a reader saw the book Don't get me wrong; the book wasn't bad I just think that it could have been so much

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    Personally I thought this book was absolutely stunning This book is everything I could've asked for when looking for a werewolf story of this fashion It has the perfect amount of mystery suspense and the transformation and character development is incredible This type of werewolf story suites me perfectly because I love the idea of Alex trying to learn how to control his power and his family and friends learning to cope with his new life I was disappointed however not to see the rest of the book posted here I've been cliff hangered I really hope you do post the rest of the story and the seuel as well I can't wait to see what happens to Alex on the next full moon and learn about Shane Hope to see it posted soon enough Again fabulous story and keep up the great work

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    The Title of my book was Werewolf Tale written by Adam Gulledge Its about a boy named Alex who one day while skating on his skateboard gets attacked and bitten by a werewolf He faces changes with his senses but his main concern is what if his family and friends find out and what if his family is in danger just like him

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    loved it so much it was so good please make wish had actual copy of the book though I have read some of it online and I just want

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    This book surprised me with how much I liked it Most werewolf books are either too far out there to be enjoyable or too much of a romance novel The way this book played out made it even enjoyableWaiting for the seuel

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    Lot of potentialIt just wanders thru the kids very dull life Got to be the most boringnon scary werewolf story that I have ever read I got halfway thru and started skimming

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I am giving this book 3 stars I hate giving 3 stars to a book after someone took the time to write it and have it published However there were a few things that kept it from being a 5 star book I think there might have been too much description about the skateboarding stuff I understand that Alex is a skateboarder but not everyone that reads this book will be I felt bogged down by all the details about tricks that I had no clue about I couldn't connect with Alex's friends at all They seemed kind of flat And once he revealed himself to them they seemed like they were always avoiding him or they were annoyed with him If you want to show them as good friends that accept what Alex has become through no fault of his own being annoyed all the time is not the way to do it The final reason for my 3 star rating was the ending It just ended It seemed like there should have been to the story There were too many unanswered uestions I really wanted to like this book There are lots of books out there that feature a teenage female werewolf as the main character But not many with teen or early twenty year old male werewolves I hope that the author writes a second book I really want to know what happens next to Alex and his friends