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A fascinating analysis of the psychology behind Wonder Woman For 75 years Wonder Woman has served as an inspiration to people everywhere Wonder Woman Psychology examines this powerful superhero—who was created by famous psychologist William Moulton Marston—through 20 essays This collection will analyzeMarston’s important role in the history of forensic psychologyHow Diana’s relationship with her mother and ian sisters shapes her to become a leader and the heroine called Wonder WomanThe ways differences in culture and gender can contribute to alienation but also to personal empowerment What roles emotion strengths virtues and culture shock play in heroic behavior

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    I am a lifelong comic book nerd and hardcore lover of all things Wonder Woman My daughter's bathroom is Wonder Woman themed Name a work written about WW and I've read it To say I was excited about getting a copy of this book would be a drastic understatement I read it in one sitting if that tells you how much I enjoyed it Most essay collections of this type tend to fall suarely in the I liked it point system When you put together a collection written by different people there tend to be discrepancies in the uality or enjoyment of each individual piece of work which tends to average out to about a 3 star in my experience In this collection however I did not find that to be the case The structure of the book was excellent with each section dedicated to a different area of psychology and how it can be applied to Wonder Woman Each of the authors was well versed in their chosen topic and each essay was meticulously researched I am no expert in psychology but the concepts were explained in such a way that they were easy to understand Plus not only do these people know their psychology they know their Wonder Woman canon That may seem like a small thing to expect to find in a book about psychology and Wonder Woman but I've read a lot of these types of books and have often been surprised how little the authors know about the pop culture part of their subject In addition I found the majority of the essays to be very well written with only a few being a bit dry though even the dry ones were still very enjoyable If I had to make a criticism it would be that I wish the editor had used panels from the Wonder Woman comics to flesh out the essays Each essay cites the comics extensively often citing specific issues or even specific panels Though there were a handful of panels included in the book I wish there had been There were plenty of opportunities for them to be inserted and they were wasted Overall if you are a comic book fan in general and a Wonder Woman fan in particular this book belongs in your library Sometimes individual books in the pop psychology series become so popular they inspire a seuel I sincerely hope that's the case with Wonder WomanI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    45 StarsI won this book in a giveaway and then sat on it for months I was never really a huge fan of Wonder Woman and never remembered entering the giveaway in the first place Recently I started watching the newer DC movies including Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot Having gone into it with such low expectations I was admittedly taken aback by how good the movie was and how well portrayed the characters were I will give that movie full credit for getting me to finally pick up this book to get a better understanding of WWThis book discusses the creator of the original WW William Moulton Marston and his view of women which was so completely ahead of his time Convinced that the world needed women to be the dominant sex and that they indeed already were he created WW to show how he viewed a world with women at the helm Creating WW to be both strong and sensitive both a warrior and a maternal figure I was blown away by the true depth that Marston gave WW Having played an important role in the creation of forensic psychology Marston understood human behavior than a lot of people in his time Which really gave him the ability to create a realistic individual who just happens to be a woman and show that everyone both man and woman are much alike than some want to admit Reading this book definitely solidified my appreciation of WW and I can’t thank the authors and contributors enough for that WW is truly an inspirational role model to everyone; manwoman youngold richpoor and her character holds up exceptionally well to the test of time I would highly recommend this read to anyone who holds an interest in psychology andor in the DC character Wonder Woman

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    I absolutely love these books They are so fun to learn about the character and what makes them them even as fictional characters This book focused so much on Wonder Woman's creation her creator and his deeply held feminist beliefs You learn he helped create the lie detector test he believed strongly in a future matriarch and women were perfectly capable of surviving and thriving in charge I loved the look at why Wonder Woman does what she does her search for truth her beginnings and continued story She is legendary and will always be legendary She's a role model first for women next for everybody I love learning about the inner workings of heroes

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    In light of the box office smash hit Wonder Woman we wanted to know exactly why she is the hero we need in 2017 Travis Langley weighs in on why Wonder Woman's pursuit of truth and belief in humanity made her the perfect hero This book is the perfect tool to keep up with popular culture To hear from Langley check out our radio show Viewpoints Link HERE

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    IF there were a title to my review it would be WOW I was so excited by this book I wanted to be back in the classroom either teaching a woman's study class or theories of psychology or diversity I wanted to be able to discuss the essays with others to get their perspectives and feedback The book covers so many areas in a well structured format; from parenting feminism empowerment role models theories of personality development Freud Bandura Rogers attachment Piaget etc as illustrated by Wonder Woman and the characters in the comic book series A GREAT book that I won from GoodReads

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    Every so often an author will come out with a book that explains a subject we would not otherwise pick up because we know the subject will be boring or dull and makes it easy to learn something This is such a book The author has did a wonderful job at explaining psychological terms and theories thru the use of Wonder Woman as her subject I actually learned something from this book Who knew the creator of Wonder Woman was a psychologist? Not me

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    It was so much fun to go through this journey of human psychology with Wonder Woman as the ultimate travel companion There is a lot about the creation and creator of the Wonder Woman character which I found fascinating as well as a look at the various writers and contributors throughout her history If you're at all interested in human behavior and a fan of Wonder Woman I think you'll enjoy this one

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    This collection of psychology essays focusing on Wonder Woman was a lot of fun to read It gives you a lot of things to think about while reading Wonder Woman comics One essay that I really enjoyed is the one about parasocial relationships or relationships with fictional characters That essay helped me to look at my comic reading in a new way Overall if you have an interest in Wonder Woman this is worth picking up

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    Very interesting book

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    Wonder Woman Psychology; Lassoing the Truth takes an in depth look into what makes the world's most powerful female superhero tick The Princess was created by psychologist William Moulton Marston under the pen name of Charles Moulton It was Martson's wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston who suggested he make the comic about a woman Editors Travis Langley and Mara Wood do a phenomenal job covering portions of Marston's personal history and theories as well as educating readers on the psychology of Wonder Woman; a morally healthy characterWonder Woman Psychology is packed with many A list of contributors beginning with the writer of the foreword Trina Robbins the first woman artistwriter to work on the Wonder Woman comics In addition to Robbins the book also includes a short interview by entertainment journalist Jenna Busch of Susan Eisenberg who voiced Wonder Woman in the Justice League animated series The peppering of panels from the comics serve to highlight many of the key analyses and I especially liked the timeline of entertainment firsts For example many people may not realize that Wonder Woman's first live action performance was by Cathy Lee Crosby in a 1974 television movie and not Lynda Carter in the widely popular 1975 television series One of the most fascinating chapters is a portion of a memoir written by Elizabeth Holloway Marston entitled The Tale of a Manx Cat According to the editors this piece has never before appeared in print In it EH Marston details her youth provides glimpses of her courtship with WM Marston and ends shortly after the birth of the couple's first childAs a lifelong Wonder Woman fan I learned than I expected from this book For instance I was engrossed by the chapter in which Wood discusses Marston's DISC theory which has been recognized for its importance in the history of psychology Marston's theory which stands for Dominance Inducement Submission and Compliance is explained via examples from Wonder Woman's own history which makes it easy to understand and engaging Another highlight for me was the chapter by Mike Madrid and Rebecca M Langley dealing with Parenting Issues in Paradise I found the discussion on the attachment theory to be very insightful to both Wonder Woman's psyche and my ownThe wide array of contributors who range from comic book historians martial artists therapists and PhDs in psychology among other professions makes this non fiction book about a fictional character very appealing Each essay sheds light on the complexities of Wonder Woman's character while also euating her issues with themes and topics that are relevant in the real worldWonder Woman Psychology Lassoing the Truth is thought provoking and educational but delivered in a format that acknowledges the character's enduring entertainment value and celebrates her well deserved return to prominence in a traditionally male dominated field A must read for fans of Wonder Woman both old and new