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A young abandoned Hawaiian boy 'Ikauikalani living among the homeless in Ala Moana Park spends his days observing tourists swimming in the ocean and rummaging for loose change and garbage But 'Ikau can see the future in the movements of the clouds In a dream his deceased grandmother speaks to him find Mariah Wong a name that means nothing to him When a homeless man named Hawaiian is killed in the park 'Ikau is left with his journal which chronicles Hawaiian's journey from prison inmate to citizen of the world This sends 'Ikau on a journey of his own to find the mysterious Mariah Wong In the process he discovers the beauty of the Hawaiian landscape the power of his culture and the rich history of his own family

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    At times way too saccharine and way too fast and loose with the suspension of the readers disbelief this is nonetheless a compelling story of love redemption and eventual forgiveness It's just a shame because it seems like the book could've been something a lot better had the author taken some time to edit and re edit the story A sort of 'pay it forward' story the dialogue's a bit hokey but conversely some of the imagery and descriptions are magnificent

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    Written in the Sky tells the story of a young man named 'Ikau who's living at Ala Moana Beach park after the loss of his grandma and their home He's on a journey to find a mysterious woman named Mariah Wong Throughout this novel he shares of his encounter with different local gangs other homeless around Honolulu and also discovers for himself what life kindness and beauty are really aboutThis is a short but powerful story that taught me that above all kindness truly goes a long way in the scheme of life I sympathized over 'Ikau and the many trials he faced but it was such a learning experience to see how much he pressed on in his life without uestion I recommend this book to the local kids who don't see much hope or peace in their craziness of life 'Ikau is a great example who taught me to keep going in life because we'll never really know what we'll find if we don't

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    My new thing is when I travel not to buy trinkets and pointless crap of where i am but books by local authors about the area of which I am visiting I came home with a load of books from Hawaii but since I have been pretty much living at the library for the past year I haven't gotten around to reading them yetI picked the smallest one and carried around in my purse and last week I finally finished all my book from my latest uest to the library so I decided it was finally time to finish this oneWritten in the Sky is about a young kid whose grandmother dies and he is left out on the streets of Honolulu at Ala Moana Park He meets all kinds of people and is barely getting by on food and money but somehow from the people he meets he does He has dreams that his dead grandmother is trying to tell him something and he has a hard time trying to figure it out that she is telling him to go and visit a distant relative who is also dying but can tell him about his interesting hawaiian name and family history before she diesNormally I am not into books like this but put it in a location I love and I will gobble it up It was a simple and easy read Even easy to follow even if I am not explaining it well It wasn't the best book ever but it was easy and I love the location and setting and the people described which made it goodGrade C

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    good book love how the story played out and it was well inspired

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    Homelessness is a growing epidemic in Hawaii Written in the Sky by Matthew Kaopio draws you into the story of a 14 year old boy living in Ala Moana Beach Park'Ikau is a 14 year old boy who came to be homeless when his grandmother his only living relative died Not knowing what to do he took his few remaining possessions and started to live under a bridge at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu HI Throughout the story 'Ikau learns about the kindness of strangers and the sense of family that develops among mere strangers While dreaming 'Ikau is visited by his grandmother who is urging him to find a mysterious Mariah Wong The dreams disturb 'Ikau but he starts to find and follow other signs that lead him on journey where he meets Hawaiian another homeless man who gives him a journal with advice for how to survive 'Ikau pays forward this first kindness and a cycle of kind actions begins to take shape where a stranger does a kind act for 'Ikau and he pays it forward to the other homeless in Ala Moana Beach park My son was assigned this book for his Freshman English class I always try to read my children's assigned reading homework as well so that we can discuss the story and I can help with their homework if necessary This story was easily read for a teenager However I found the plot to waver too much For instance 'Ikau's grandmother urges him to find Mariah Wong But her interaction with 'Ikau is only for one chapter and only gives him in knowledge of his family history which is fine but as a mother of a teenage boy my hope was that this woman would become a mother figure for 'Ikau and take care of him Spoiler Alert That didn't happenI did find the random acts of kindness and how the characters would pay those acts forward very rewarding We all hope that we would take similar actions but too often try to avoid homeless people worried that they are mentally ill or criminals Some as this story shares are but not everyone who ends up homeless are afflicted with these issues Sometimes it's bad luck and unfortunate circumstancesOverall I enjoyed the book It is obviously a first work and was prepared without the assistance of a professional nationwide publishing house As someone who writes as well I applaud Kaopio's effort in producing a work that is shared with teens throughout Hawaii

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    The trouble with finding stories by writers outside our own circle is the same trouble with trying to watch something outside your algorithm in the Netflix feed It takes effort to reach past what you know because it is impossible to know what we don't know But what is always true is that others who come from different backgrounds and experiences than we do know different things than we do and asking them for directions on the path is the only way we can learn beyond what we know I went into a Barnes and Nobles bookstore in Honolulu Ala Moana Center and asked someone if there was a section on Native Hawaiian writers That depends the woman said And we disappeared around an end cap where she handed me a pile of books one by matthew kaopio called written in the sky It's a beautiful and complicated book written so economically a gripping modern day myth I felt compelled to read in a single sitting The book reminded me that the world is filled with bodhisattvas and at any time any one of us could be one a deeply rooted Hawaiian concept that kaopio and the main character Ikauikalani know as aloha

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    This sad and beautiful book of a young teen suddenly homeless after the death of his beloved grandmother provided a uniue glimpse into Hawaiian culture and the homeless community in and around Ala Moana Beach Park

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    Beautifully written a blend of spiritual and earthly lives The beginning is difficult to read with some violence in the homeless camp But as the story progresses the characters are humanized and find kindness and compassion

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    I read this because I hoped I could include it in my curriculum for a class of reluctant 10th grade readers Instead it sounds like something their younger siblings might have written I used to write short stories like this when I was about thirteen stories with a strong sense of place a clunky moral motivation awkward dialogue and plot twists I thought were surprising The writing is inconsistent; some sections offer gorgeous imagery or intriguing dream seuences and then the next page is filled with unrealistic conversations and it's not because of the dialect; it just feels poorly written or sappy sweet interactions that feel contrived I think it comes down to trying to do too much too uickly The end result is a book that feels rushed inconsistent and awkward

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    Matthew Kaopio's Written in the Sky is a compelling personal novel that tells the story of a homeless boy living in Ala Moana Beach Park The novel demonstrates the love of the boy post the death of his primary guardian his grandmother Over the course of the novel the boy develops many new relationships and has some experiences with bullying death and a lot of self reflection I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel for its ability to bring a personality to a homeless individual when many people may overlook this mass of people as simply less fortunate Kaopio's depiction of the boy's thoughts were also very intriguing and thought provoking to read aboutYALO