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The fear of cancer largely goes unmentioned in modern medicine While fear of cancer is as real as cancer itself there are few scientific studies that even address fear Fear emanates from uncertainty lack of control and lack of information Cancer patients need a game plan preferably before their doctor diagnoses cancer They need to know what causes cancer a topic that is rarely addressed and they need to know the typical overall survival for their stage of cancer not just the treatment related survival This is because treatment can lead to mortal conseuences that must be considered in survival data evaluated by the patientGenerally cancer patients feel vulnerable because most of the time doctors are doing all the work and the patient participates passively taking pain pills or anti nauseadiarrheal medication as their only involvement Freuently doctors make no recommendations to alter the diet limit sugar or iron intake that are growth factors for cancer or even to stop smoking Even the National Cancer Institutes recommendation to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day has been a failure It should not be relied upon for prevention or treatment Many patients can avoid being blindsided by a cancer diagnosis They should anticipate such a diagnosis if they are a smoker and in particular if they are of advanced age Despite prevalent concerns over environmental carcinogens even tobacco and alcohol use advanced age is the most prominent factor involved in the onset of cancer The prevalence of cancer rises greatly after age 50 Its striking to realize that cancer patients often elect to undergo treatment their own doctors would refuse Fewer health professionals would elect to undergo mild chemotherapy than their patients

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