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A suburban mother of two fantasizes about the downfall of an old friend whose wholesome lifestyle empire may or may not be built on a lie A high powered lawyer honeymooning with her husband is caught off guard by the appearance of the girl who tormented her in high school A shy Ivy League student learns the truth about a classmate’s seemingly enviable lifeCurtis Sittenfeld has established a reputation as a sharp chronicler of the modern age who humanizes her subjects even as she skewers them Now with this first collection of short fiction her “astonishing gift for creating characters that take up residence in readers’ heads” The Washington Post is showcased like never before Throughout the ten stories in You Think It I’ll Say It Sittenfeld upends assumptions about class relationships and gender roles in a nation that feels both adrift and viscerally dividedWith moving insight and uncanny precision Curtis Sittenfeld pinpoints the uestionable decisions missed connections and sometimes extraordinary coincidences that make up a life Indeed she writes what we’re all thinking—if only we could express it with the wit of a master satirist the storytelling gifts of an old fashioned raconteur and the vision of an American original

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    Solid collection Sittenfeld is an excellent writer These stories are all beautifully composed and they draw you in I am impressed by how engaged I felt with each set of characters in each stories There is a mean undercurrent in many of the stories Some might call it honesty The way her characters see others themselves is rarely charitable Nor does it need to be At a few points though I found myself thinking “is everyone in the world really so terrible?” So much here made me cringe in the best possible way People man Also these are white middle class people stories That’s not a bad thing These stories are really good But there is one story where people of color kind of serve as a backdrop against with the protagonist acts and it’s a bit awkward in that it reveals the whiteness of the collection in very distinct ways This is an observation than a judgment Prairie Wife is as amazing as ever I’ve read that story several times and it never gets old Look for it in BASS 2018 Which I am editing Shameless I am Anyway this is well worth reading

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    45 starsMany of us whether we'll admit it or not have made snap judgments about people Sometimes we judge people we might have met once or known a long time ago and are coming into contact with them again after a while Sometimes we believe something about a person we know well while other times it's people we don't know but we formulate an opinion based on something we hear them say or do The characters in Curtis Sittenfeld's first story collection You Think It I'll Say It are all guilty of judging others but the tension in the 10 stories occurs when those judgments are revealed to be incorrect either gradually or all at once The end result are thought provoking stories which leave their mark in your head and at times in your heartI enjoyed all of the stories in the collection although I felt eight of them were the strongest My favorites included The Prairie Wife in which an unappreciated housewife realizes a popular celebrity was a girl she was romantically involved with briefly during summer camp although the celebrity is now a married darling of conservatives; Gender Studies which follows a college professor's fling with her airport shuttle driver—for the wrong reason; Off the Record about a freelance writer lined up to interview an actress on the cusp of major fame someone she had connected with when interviewing them a few years earlier; The World Has Many Butterflies in which a man and a woman engage in a gossipy game every time they see each other but only one interprets that as the sign of something deeper; and Do Over about a reunion between two boarding school classmates who each have different interpretations of past eventsI've been a fan of Sittenfeld's since I read her debut novel Prep back in 2005 I found it so engaging and surprising and I've followed her work ever since That same talent is than evident in You Think It I'll Say It —these stories aren't outlandish or unrealistic and you could imagine the situations the characters face happening to you or hearing about them from people you know Her writing style is so breezy and approachable and there were times I didn't realize how dazzling her words were until after they passed me by kind of like a person wearing a cologne or perfume you suddenly catch the scent ofI know short stories aren't for everyone but this is one of those collections I think even non story lovers might enjoy Most of the stories feel like mini novels and there were at least a few I'd love to see developed into something expansive You Think It I'll Say It is a prime example of why I love stories and the incredible talent it takes to make a collection work Come on give it a shotNetGalley and Random House provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcom or check out my list of the best books I read in 2017 at

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    Curtis Sittenfeld is TERRIFIC I LOVE THIS WOMANthis authorher work OhI’m not the only person nutty over this great womanauthor ‘many’ of you feel the same I fell in love with Curtis years ago 2005 with her first novel “PREP” Three years later Sittenfeld wrote “American Wife” and she blew me away It was also fantastic with a new level of maturity to boot I personally had a blast of fun reading “Eligible” A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice I read a few low reviews from readers missing their beloved charactersbut I loved the modernization updated story that took place in Cincinnati I’ve had a new ‘thing’ for Cincinnati every since reading “Eligible”I wish I could be part of a seminargroup where we discussed ALL BOOKS by Curtis Sittenfeld The icing on the cake would be if Curtis lead it When it comes to contemporary fiction great laughs insights punch’s of truth in my gut I don’t have to look much further than a Curtis Sittenfeld book “You Think It I’ll Say It”is A FABULOUS COLLECTION of short stories The title of the book is actually ‘not’ the title of one of the short stories rather it is a GAME played between two people Julie and Graham in the short story called “The World Has Many Butterflies” It’s a game I thought about as “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” why? I’ll let you figure that outBUT THIS IS ONE FRICKIN GREAT STORYwith an edge of caution“A Regular Couple” is another AWESOME STORY Actually my favorite of the bunchso much so I read it to Paul He laughed and enjoyed it as much as me Then when we went hiking this morning and I was tying my shoesI had a private laugh to myself you’ll have to read the story to enjoy the inside jokeThere’s a lot going on in the story including complete strangers were saying Maggie had betrayed feminism She had been a prosecutor on a televised case where a man is accused of raping a cocktail waitress there was not sufficient evidence against him but many people in the public felt he was guilty Sound familiar? There is much to ‘this’ story Jason and Maggie are on their honeymoon The year is 2008 Maggie sees an old nightmarish blonde woman Ashley Frye who attended her high school in Cleveland 1992who happens to be on her honeymoon too She is married to a guy named Ed Yippy do daJason Maggie Ashley and Ed are going to enjoy some couple bonding Oh boy things just start to get fun Maggie’s thoughts on the morning hike are“Below her daypack I could see her little butt encased in jogging shorts and her tan shapely legs which ended in gray wool socks and hiking boots Even though we were surrounded by birch trees and wildflowers and distance snow peaked mountains my attention was on Ashley— I detested myself for this and I also couldn’t help it” And if you like thatwait until they meet for dinner ALL THE STORIES ARE GREAT I loved everything about it and I highly recommend it everyone needs a few short stories and a little Curtis Sittenfeld now and thenThank You Netgalley Random House and Curtis Sittenfeld

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    You Think It I'll Say It is fairly typical of short story collections in that there were a couple of stand out stories but most of them hovered around okaynot bad None were terrible at leastEveryone raves about the first story Gender Studies and it's hard to argue with the hype on this one I thought that story was fantastic It made me sit up and take notice It made me really eager to read the rest of the offerings in the collection It's so uiet and strange and sad I can't uite pinpoint what it is about it exactly but it is extremely effective It is just a brief encounter between two very different strangers but it left me feeling shakenThe Prairie Wife was another highlight The narrator of the story follows the successful blog of a woman she knew as a teenager believing her shiny perfect life to be a lie and a marketing tool One aspect of it is very well played but I don't want to give it away As well as that though I just liked the idea that maybe it is possible for people to change; maybe that's not being fake but honestMost of the stories are about fairly uiet encounters between white upper middle class people A few of these are excellent full of poignant insights on human nature but a lot sort of falter after their set up and go nowhere Vox Clamantis in Deserto for one seems just like a bizarre series of events and I didn't really get the point of it Bad Latch was a weak story that left me wondering so what?Some are halfway between excellent and meh The World Has Many Butterflies started very strong another doomed encounter tinged with bittersweetness but ended on what seemed like a metaphor yet didn't uite work The final story explores an interesting scenario too but isn't uite as strong as I think it could have beenThat's the problem with short story collections it's rare to find one where I enjoy all or even most of the stories Still if you like character driven stories I would highly recommend grabbing a library copy of this so you can check out Gender Studies and The Prairie Wife Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    I’m relieved to have aged out of that sense that my primary obligation is to be pretty relieved to work at a job that allows me to feel useful Did I used to think being pretty was my primary obligation because I was in some way delusional? Or was it that I’d absorbed the messages I was meant to absorb with the same diligence with which I’d studied?Curtis Sittenfeld’s You Think It I’ll Say It is a collection for the grown woman for the woman who still thinks back on her “youth” and college years with fondness but also with a sense of wonder – is that who I was? Is this who I have become? This is a smart collection—one that explores the natural irony in our everyday lives There’s a lot of wistful nostalgia and contemplation in this collection on the feat—the very fact and act—of being pretty what it means to be “pretty” and how that affects us as adult women “I once heard that smart women want to be told they’re pretty and pretty women want to be told they’re smart And the most depressing part is that I think I agree” An upper middle class woman ponders the boredom and mundane uality of her routine life only to seek out a thrill that may or may not have already been there from the start “The World Has Many Butterflies” A college student at her dad’s Alma Mater who’s idolized the school for most of her life also starts to idolize one of her college friends—only to find that the friend is just an average flawed individual like everybody else “Vox Clamantis in Deserto”A young political intern with OCD snaps while volunteering at a shelter for poor urban families “Volunteers Are Shining Stars” And a woman contemplates her near hate like jealousy for the reality lifestyle star who was her first lesbian experience way back when “The Prairie Wife” Here would be a great place to say that “Plausible Deniability” “Off the Record” and “A Regular Couple” were my other favorites I wasn’t particularly fond of “Gender Studies” in which a woman misplaces her license and ends up having a sexual encounter with the taxi driver she believes has found the license I first read this one in The New Yorker in the fall of 2016 There were speculations and allusions from other bloggers that maybe Sittenfeld was offering political commentary on a nation’s identity lost I say in my dramatic voice due to the imminent election of Trump but I didn’t see it I just took that story at face value and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t a favorite eitherThese are just a few of the narratives you’ll find here in this 10 story collection There were so many times that a story would start and I’d fear it was going down the route of “Everyday Yuppie” and I cringed BUT EVERY time Sittenfeld pulled the story back from the brink with a twist of irony and humor After the third or fourth story I just relaxed into the read and went with it knowing that the place I’d end up in the end wasn’t where I thought I was going in the beginning I know I’m not alone when I say that I LOVE being able to trust an author to trust a narrator like that It allows for a phenomenally smooth read and for the reader to have time to become one with the characters no matter how short the stories are This collection ran a gamut of stories that wasn’t necessarily wide but did manage to convey a delightful spectrum of sentiments emotions and lessons “Bad Latch” was by far one of my favorite stories hilariously Yuppie and otherworldly—these sheltered middle class moms who spend their days at infant swimming lessons and pregnancy yoga—then the story morphed into something so much special and resonating “It wasn’t that I looked down on parents who put their kids in daycare it wasn’t that I disapproved of them or at least if I did disapprove I knew enough to be embarrassed by my disapprovalNevertheless on Sadie’s first day at Green Valley Children’s Center I didn’t even make it out the front door before I burst into tears I hadn’t felt that bad about some of the things that women having babies when I didwere supposed to feel bad about—an epidural formula—but the collapse of my carefully crafted childcare setup seemed like a failure of a different magnitudeIn You Think It I’ll Say It Curtis Sittenfeld’s distinctive writing style is in full form It’s casual and conversational witty and makes for an easy entertaining read I also gave her a strong 4 stars for her novel Eligible for this same reason I blew through about 60% of this collection in one sitting so well did it flow and move me along with the characters and their ironic contemplative situations Not only that but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sittenfeld is a true master of showing her reader rather than telling her reader I got to know so much about her characters simply by watching them in their everyday lives and she as the writer trusted her reader enough to let us figure out what she was trying to say Each story is set in a different city all either during or referencing the 1990s which I thought was a FANTASTIC device creating a kind of survey of American—well upperish middle class white American—life That survey aspect was a real gem because each story in this collection set up a different dilemma rooted in the same basic uestion—the uestion of Who am I how did I get here and am I okay with it? None of these stories takes an overly grandiose view of life No one is living in a sci fi fantasy world of improbable circumstances and star ships These stories all happen right here on Earth literally of course but importantly figuratively And for me that’s always a breath of fresh air A strong 4 stars FOLLOW ME HEREGoodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Get a Copy of My Book | Book Editing Author Coaching Submit Your Book to Me

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    35 stars rounded upShort stories are the tapas of the book menu Small plates when I like big portions So I was really conflicted about reading this I like Curtis Sittenfeld but I hate the fact that a short story typically ends just as I’m getting invested in a character There does seem to be a theme here involving communication appearances and first impressions What do we say? What do we stay silent about? Or what do we think we know about someone vs what is real In each of these stories the narrator misjudges someone Sittenfeld tackles some interesting subjects Adult crushes texting affairs belatedly realized sexism Almost all the stories involve the interaction between men and women All the stories are interesting some really grabbed me like The World Has Many Butterflies and Plausible Deniability They’re all really well written She does a great job building up the tension between characters And there’s always a point to be made But damn it in the end it comes down to I want A five minute YouTube clip isn’t enough I want a full length movie Nothing against you Curtis this is just not my style Please please please write a full length novel next time My thanks to netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of this book

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    Terrific collection of ten short stories with a very contemporary vibe The stories explore gender bias and identity political bias midlife angst social awkwardness the culture of celebrity social media obsessiveness and competitiveness ambivalence about motherhood and mental illness Lest this sound unappetizing who wants to be hammered over the head with all THAT stuff? these stories are gentle subtle and expertly crafted Sittenfeld's writing is sublime; her perception is uncanny And the humor it's there but it's not biting and mean it's softhearted and knowingI loved all of stories Sittenfeld brought me up short on one of them and cleverly exposed a bias of my own and made me laugh at myself If you read this collection I am referring to The Prairie Wife story I made an assumption I shouldn't have I bow to her astuteness in setting me up for the fall I'm sure I won't be the only oneI'd only read two of Sittenfeld's works prior to this Eligible meh and Sisterland loved I have yet to get to Prep and American Wife but I will definitely be reading those I highly recommend this to those who love perfectly crafted sort stories and gentle social commentary A 45 for me

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    I received this book for free through LibraryThing’s Early ReviewersThis collection of short stories was so amazing I’ve only ever read Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel Prep I read that a long time ago like around 10 years ago but I do remember that I enjoyed it I’ve never read any of her short stories so I did not know what to expect I was blown away by how good ALL the stories were Usually with short story collections there will be some stories I liked and some that I didn’t But with this collection I can honestly say that I liked them all I was trying to decide which one was my favorite but after much debating I just couldn’t pick one Subject wise all the stories were very current A lot of them dealt with motherhood and marriage I really liked how the book came full circle The very first story mentioned the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump and the last story mentioned the election of Donald Trump That connection gave the book a sense of closure which you don’t really see in short story collectionsCurtis Sittenfeld’s writing style is phenomenal She writes with such an ease that makes it all seem so effortless She is truly a talented writer Overall if you are looking for a uality short story collection then definitely pick this book up

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    This was a really nice surprise Literary short stories are not something I tend to reach for but I loved this and I want to thank my fellow reviewerLarry so much for recommending this collection and for constantly reviewing books that don’t seem like my thing but end up being my thing?All these stories are about incorrect perception of those around you if yourself of a situation And they are so much fun This collection had an average rating of 40 for me which is a result of an exact split five three star stories and five five star stories Let me explain myself I think pretty much any story in this book could be rounded up or down to a four They are all of high writing uality with a touch of ironic humor and plenty of sarcasm I had personal favorites but every one of these feels very strong and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed no matter what → Gender Studies ← ★★★☆☆About a gender studies professor and her one night relationship with a Trump supporting taxi driver in 2016 This is about how women can feel connected to men who don’t share their sensibilities or way of looking at the world Loved the inner monologue just overall mixed on what it’s trying to convey or the point? → The World Has Many Butterflies ← ★★★☆☆Follows a woman named Julie who becomes obsessed with a man named Greg because he makes her feel like herself Sort of obvious in messaging and not particularly memorable but I enjoyed it all the same → Vox Clamantis in Deserto ← ★★★★★Follows a woman who decides to be like a girl she sees named Rae An interesting story about how we can be strongly impacted by someone else but not impact them at all → Bad Latch ← ★★★★★Follows a woman at a pregnancy group and her observations about Gretchen a woman who seems engineered to make other new mothers feel bad about themselves It’s essentially about the guilt felt by new mothers who ask for help Also I honestly found this hilarious? → Plausible Deniability ← ★★★☆☆Follows a man emailing a woman music notes and also his relationship with his brother This was certainly not bad and plays with the same kind of romantic vs innocent perception as the earlier The World Has Many Butterflies but was kind of forgettable for me? Points for some twists but overall not a fave → A Regular Couple ← ★★★★★Follows a woman named Maggie who has just defended a man accused of rape in court her far less successful husband Jason and her nightmare from high school Ashley Frye This story is about power dynamics between people primarily Again a really interesting story – every one of the characters is hard to know what to make of → Off the Record ← ★★★☆☆This follows an interviewer named Nina on her last interview with a woman named Kelsey she met five years before I honestly felt nothing for this; it didn’t feel like it was trying to say much and → The Prairie Wife ← ★★★★★Follows a woman obsessing over her first girl date This one is nice because it plays with your expectations a lot – all these stories are about incorrect perception of those around you but this one plays with audience expectations as well which is not true of every one → Volunteers are Shining Stars ← ★★★☆☆A woman and a new volunteer who appears I thought this one was honestly kind of odd? It plays with a narrator who frames her actions in different light than we’d expect which is something I always enjoy but it honestly just didn’t do much for me → Do Over ← ★★★★★Follows two high schoolers looking back on events of their school days This was so weird but I adored it? Both of the two leads feel very real and are both likable and hatable depending on the page all in all despite being a little variant in how much I loved the stories I thought this book was overall uite a solid read with some excellent stories Would highly recommend to fans of literary short stories or slice of life ✨ Arc received from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review Jan 22Blog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

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    I stumbled on this collection of short stories on a communal bookshelf at work and without much thinking I started reading it I didn’t enjoy the first story much at all however I pretty much adored the rest Each story was just so real and relatable I felt like I could have been any one of the protagonists having the thoughts they were having This was my favourite read of 2018